segalogoToday Sega is announcing several titles they have slated for release this winter, and during a recent trip to San Francisco I was able to sit down with representatives from the company and check out early versions of a few of them. If you're a fan of the Blue Blur, both Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing: Transformed are set for release before the end of the year, with Rhythm Thief and Demon Tribe both set for the more vague winter timeframe.


Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - This past May, Sonic fans were treated to an extraordinary free update to the original iOS version of Sonic The Hedgehog [Free]. As has been hinted at since, a similar treatment is being given to its sequel Sonic The Hedgehog 2 [Free]. You can expect all the same enhancements from the remade original, like fantastic touch controls and a rock solid framerate.

Sonic 2 - Mobile - Screen 03

Sonic 2 - Mobile - Screen 02 Sonic 2 - Mobile - Screen 01

What's possibly more exciting than the enhancements we know about are those which we don't. The first Sonic The Hedgehog remake was chock full of awesome secrets, and I'm fairly certain we'll see the same from the sequel. I tried out an early build and can confirm that this remaster is just as polished as the first, so I'm more than a little excited to get my hands on it when it launches next month.



Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing: Transformed - With no real Mario Kart substitutes on the App Store, his '90s nemesis Sonic has come through with his own spin on kart racing along with a full cast of Sega characters. Like the first Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing [$3.99], the iOS version of Transformed will be a pared down version of the console game which hit late last year.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - iOS - Screen 02

Transformed on iOS will feature a brand new World Tour mode designed for gaming on the go, and will include multiplayer both locally and online for up to 4 players. I tried out an early version of Transformed on the iPad and it seems right in line with 2011's iOS release in terms of handling and feel. A boost in visuals and a huge cast of Sega characters should make this latest iteration another great mobile kart racer, so be on the lookout for Transformed to hit the App Store this December.



Rhythm Thief & The Paris Caper - This adaptation of the 2012 Nintendo 3DS title is something like a rhythm game combined with Warioware. Rhythm Thief takes place across iconic locations in Paris as you play rhythm-based mini-games in an effort to unravel the mystery behind your father's disappearance.

Rhythm Thief Screenshot 1 Rhythm Thief Screenshot 2

This was another title I had a chance to try out, albeit in an early state, and I was really interested in what I saw. Rhythm Thief has a ton of personality, and the mini-games are fast-paced and challenging. The whole game is rather wacky, but in a good way. With 50 missions, 20 different songs, and several variations of game modes Rhythm Thief should have a lot to offer when it launches early next year.



Demon Tribe - Unfortunately, this is one title that I wasn't able to get my hands on, which is a bummer because it sounds very cool. Demon Tribe is described as a MOBA, card collection action-RPG. Why the heck does everything have card collecting in it nowadays? Anyway, the goal in Demon Tribe is to build up a team of fighters and upgrade them by catching demons and fusing their powers. You can also use "Demon Summoning" abilities which will actually turn your team into demons, whom you'll then use to continue fighting off other demons. There's an Xzibit joke in here somewhere I'm sure.

DemonTribe_Battle_1 DemonTribe_Battle_2

Demon Tribe will feature real-time online multiplayer for up to six players, either cooperatively or competitively in 3v3 team battles. There will also be a whole system for Clans with an entire ranking and rewards system. If you're not the online type, Demon Tribe will still feature a lengthy single-player campaign. Demon Tribe will be free-to-play, so we'll have to collectively cross our fingers and hope that's implemented in a friendly way, but based on everything else it sounds like a pretty interesting title. Look for it to hit this winter as well.

  • RunningWild

    Sonic 2 remastered? Oh hell yes.

    • MkRwilliams

      Let me hear you say HELL YEAH!

      • Kane

        Hey guys... Stone Cold Steve Austin says "Give me a Hell Yea"

      • MkRwilliams

        Wrestling...when it WAS cool (in my opinion)

      • anabolicMike

        Nah I liked WCW back in the day. Nwo Wolfpac, the tazer and the gang beatings. That was so much fun!

  • PresidentZer0

    I am sorry but only 4 players multiplayer for a racing game....? Are we still in 2007 or what?

    • Tim Spencer

      Game Center only allows online matchmaking with 4 players.

  • PresidentZer0

    " I tried out an early version of Transformed on the iPad and it seems right in line with 2011's iOS release in terms of handling"... That's a bad thing, right? The controls and feel weren't not that good on all star racing

    • MkRwilliams

      Dear PresidentZer0... I just looked through all of these comments on these reviews, and man! PHEWWW!! Youre name is everywhere in these comment boxes!! πŸ˜€ It seems legit πŸ™‚

      • PresidentZer0

        I am sorry that I show such interest πŸ™‚

      • MkRwilliams

        Its alright bro!... I like people like you... DETERMINED AND INTERESTED πŸ™‚

      • PresidentZer0

        Well.... Tank You then.

  • Nekku

    I don't want a remastered Sonic or Sonic All Star Racing...what i rly want is a port of Shenmue! Pleeeeaaaaase!

    • PresidentZer0

      This would be awesome!

    • Kane

      Shenmue? if that even gets mentioned i'll kill my pet goldfish in excitement

      • tinkie277

        ..... and I will cheer!

      • MkRwilliams

        Ohh my jizzle XD

  • cobbyco

    If anyone is wondering, I will be doing another thread compiling all the secrets of Sonic 2 remastered just like I did with Sonic 1 (though I suspect the cheats will basically be the same).

  • zergslayer69

    Woo! So happy I picked up sonic 2 during the last sale. Also that sonic all stars looks like a huge graphical upgrade from the first ios version. Looks like I'll be buying for the THIRD time for ios (vita, pc, now this)

  • newjorg

    SEGA has become a sad shadow of its old self, a lazy holding company relying on an ageing library and awful "next gen" sequels (Lost Worlds), but somehow still manages to get away with it, with editors getting excited about a port of a 16-bit game having a "rocksolid framerate" on a device which is a thousand times more powerful. Sad.

    • goku262002

      Wow and you kiss your mother with that mouth.

      If you had any sense to what you were saying at all, theres a reason why were excited about these remastered ports.

    • Hoggy110

      Sonic Lost World is an "awful next-gen sequel"...have you actually played the game? Or are you just reading the Gamespot and IGN reviews?

    • SumoSplash

      I couldn't agree more. This is coming from a person who owned a Master System and 45 games. My allegiance to them goes back almost 30 years, back when some forum members weren't even born yet, when they and Nintendo ruled the world. However, nothing they do now is even close to that titanic dominance of yesteryear. Reincarnating old games isn't something that excites me whatsoever. They should be working on trying to find their old magic to develop new Sonic games that played as well or better than what they did then. Sonic 4 Episode 2 was a mess and was inferior to past efforts in just about every single way. How it's possible to go backwards here is simply a mystery to me, but they seem to achieve it in spades.

      • TJF588

        Man, how 'bout a new Minster World title? On that note, I've really neglected finishing Minster
        World IV...

  • Kane

    Streets of Rage 1,2,3.. make it happen SEGA, make it 'effin happen!

    • SuperDanX

      Er, it's already happened.

      • Kane

        Okay, what meant was... Give SoR 1,2,3 the same treatment as Sonic 1,2 & CD. Because right now, they're terrible ports.

      • goku262002

        It all depends if SEGA wants to use Christian "The Taxman" Whitehead and his Retro Engine for stuff outside of the Sonic remasters.

        But SoR is highly demanded amonst the fanbase, so its possible after SEGA is done with the Sonic remasters.

      • Kane

        I was reading an interview with Chrisian and his RDSK. He said it made for 2D side scrollers specifically. So I can only hope SEGA give him the green light to start work on it after Sonic remasters πŸ™‚ His RDSK is perfect for SoR!!

  • BulkSlash

    This is excellent news! I've had the Sonic 2 app installed and waiting for the update ever since I played the first remake.

    They should try and release it on 26th November as that's closest to the original release date and is also a Tuesday, so we can have Sonic 2sday all over again! πŸ˜‰

    • sonicfan1729

      I was hoping they would, but sadly not. I wonder if it will be this month? there's only 2 days left.

  • senkoujin

    The bigger question is: Where the hell is Phantasy Star Online 2es???

  • defunct32

    Demon Tribe sounds something like what ATLUS would create, I'm very intetested.

  • Jason Flor Flook

    I was hoping for them improving the shining force that is out, and a release of shining force 2, plus some Phantasy games. I guess rpg games just aren't in the cards.

  • oddyoh

    iOS 7 gamepad support, I would hope?

    • Ciaran O'Brien

      Whitehead said on Twitter a few weeks back that he has made versions of Sonic CD and Sonic 1 (and so presumably Sonic 2) with iOS 7 gamepad support built in. He says he'll release that update once he can test the games with a actual gamepad, so hopefully if we see gamepads at the iPad event tomorrow an update will be quick to follow.

      And the other games? I hope so.

      • oddyoh

        Thanks for the info, I'm excited for retrogaming on iOS physical buttons!

  • Ciaran O'Brien

    Sonic 2 - Retro Forums
    Jason: "I certainly hope the animations are smoother for them. Didn't some of the older mobile versions (pre-iPhone) have extra frames for the special stages?"

    The Taxman: "I'm pretty limited in what I can mention about Sonic 2 right now, but when the Press Release says that the game runs widescreen at 60fps, that applies to all aspects of the game... wink wink, nudge nudge."

  • PresidentZer0

    They don't have to use it..

    • Tim Spencer

      I'm curious, what would you use instead?

  • mrmarmite

    As much as this is all awesome, I would really like Eternal Champions, Fighting Vipers, Sonic Fighters, Fighters Megamix and the Various other Virtua Fighter games.....oh, and I'd sell my kidneys, first born and grandparents for a NiGHTS game!

  • cdick001

    Demon tribe is not a new game, it's just port for Japanese ver which release earlier this year.

  • TJF588

    Well, I feel better about having held out on Rhythm Thief so far. Hopefully it'll run well on a 4th Gen iPod Touch. If not, I'm sure it'll be on a nice sale before long, whenever I could afford to upgrade.

  • Lazer Kat

    I loved all of the Sonic titles. They were some of my fondest childhood gaming experiences. So when one releases for iOS I ALWAYS buy it, However, I always regret the purchase. Idk why. They are done well enough, but for some reason I just don't think they translate well to mobile.

    I always d/l it hoping for the best. Install it. Open it. Play it for 15 minutes. Forget it exists. Remember it 3 months later, repeat.

  • Phantom R

    Aw yeah can't wait for Rhythm Thief!

  • sonic10158

    Now all we need is a S3&K remaster (Until then, Sonic 3 Complete is what I'll use :P)

  • sonicfan1729

    There's only 2 days left in November and Sonic 2 remastered still hasn't come out yet. πŸ™

  • sonicfan1729

    It's the last day of November and Sonic 2 remastered still hasn't come out yet! So much for coming out in November!

  • wdhayes

    Hey when is then sonic all star racing transformer coming out and how much will it be for?