If it's been a while since you've played Real Racing 3 [Free], it may be worth revisiting following last night's update. EA has added oodles of new cars and content to the game since its original release, and the latest includes a roster of red-hot Ferrari super cars, a new track (Spain's Circuit de Catalunya), and what sounds like a virtual pet-like addition where players hire crew members.


Aside from that, there's a host of tweaks and improvements like adjustments to AI and the ability to customize your HUD. If you haven't played it yet, you really should check out Real Racing 3. Yeah, it's free to play, but it's a really cool racing game. If you need additional convincing, check out our review, as well as our guide on actually playing the game for free.

  • Franko

    Yea, another update to milk some more money from players. Greedy EA farts never stops.

  • Boris Nguetie

    just look at how often they update it. would've been freakin' awesome if not for freemium crap!!!

  • Ingwersen

    To all succesfull independant devs: Please, for the love of God, don't sell out... And if you need to, don't freaking sell out to EA!

  • LordOfLetterbox

    This game is great and the developers are great..I have spent about 50 hours playing RR3 and haven't spent a dime so don't give me that freemium BS because that's all your saying is BS and it proves that you didn't attempt to play the game.

    • McCREE

      It's a tainted experience, whether you want to admit it or not. Have you played RR2? THAT was a great game. If FM gave the effort it did with RR3 and packaged it like its predecessor, we would have a genre-defining, award winning title. All we have now is a watered down cash grab in a premium costume. Glad you're enjoying yourself and you managed to do that for free. Most of us would have been happy to pay $20 for the experience we were all expecting but didn't get.

      • LordOfLetterbox

        Yes I bought and owned both RR 1 and RR2 and while they was both good games in their own right neither are on the level go quality RR3 is. Most people who play the game only stick around long enough to own 1 or 2 cars and that's the problem. I think I own some where around 10 or 12 cars in my garage and I am loaded down with RR currency also as previously stated never spent a dime on the game. So I can actually spends hours playing without ever being forced to stop. I am sick of the relentless assault on every free to play games on these comments. It's the way of iOS gaming with of course a few exceptions. There is a reason more and more developers are turning premium games into free to play and it's because most you people saying they want premium games never actually buy them and the money makes sense to go free to play.

      • McCREE

        I agree that RR3 is more polished than its predecessors. That's what I am saying...if they took this game, removed the F2P model and packaged it like RR2, it would be considerably better. I played for a while. I had plenty of cars, many of them fully upgraded. When I finally got sick of the monotonous grind, I had loads of money and plenty of whatever that other currency was. Sure, the game is playable without IAP. It's possible to thrive without IAP. But the IAP dominated the experience for me. The structure of the game was based around extracting money from the player. If the focus was the *game*, in the purest sense of the word, and not the money, it would have been a considerably more enjoyable experience. Racing games are almost by definition, a grind. When it feels like the grind has no reward at the end, it's a pitiful experience. While you might argue there is, in fact, a reward, I disagree. I think being able to circumvent the game and go straight to the carrot destroys my perception of the carrot, and, for that matter, my desire to chase it.

      • ianlogsdon

        I will say as you get further into the game some cars are gold only purchases, which are a real pain in the ass, as the highest level upgrades on cars are also gold only and you start running out

    • Sebastian Paul

      So, did you ever play real multiplayer in RR3? I mean the kind where someone a few hundred miles from you - or sitting next to you in the same room - is celebrating his first place or cursing like a sailor if he won, the exact moment the race finished for you?

      No you didn't, because they removed real multiplayer from the game series and instead gave the world Time Shifted Multiplayer, aka glorified races against the AI.

      And not because real multiplayer was hard to implement or not fun - because real multiplayer didn't fit the gameplay they intended for RR3.
      But "gameplay" means monetization here!

      Can't make people pay real money for repairing cars after each race when they play multiplayer with friends in the same room - because the WTF-ness of that situation ("Wait a sec, have to repair the car.. aw crap, no money, gimme a minute to buy gold") would make everyone realize how FUBAR'd that series has become after being sold to EA.

      • LordOfLetterbox

        RR 1 and RR 2 multiplayer wasn't very good and that's why it was cut..you can go around with rose colored glasses all you want and think of nostalgic fun you had on the multiplayer but the fact of the matter it was a poorly balanced multiplayer game. If it's was so good why isn't it still highly ranked in the touch arcade charts and iTunes Charts? Why is RR3 far and away doing much better than either of the earlier games? I have a hunch that none of you all moaning about RR 3 still play the first two anyway. By being free to play the developers are actually reaching a much wider audience than what RR1 and RR2 ever did and I bet it made a ton more money as well or they would still be supporting it.

      • Sebastian Paul

        RR1 and RR2 multiplayer wasn't perfect - but those games were developed without the financial support of Electronic Arts.

        And about RR3 being ranked higher in iTunes sales charts: You really wanna say that McDonald's hamburgers are obviously better than for example the twice as expensive burgers from Jim Block (which you won't know) because they are selling more of them?

      • McCREE

        You said it best. Money. The entire game is about money. I appreciate a company needing to make money. I get it. Completely. I don't need a lecture on economics or some halfwitted attempt to explain how businesses function to understand where this conversational train will go. That being said, the entire game drips with a greedy ooze that I just can't respect. I think it's embarrassing for all parties involved, including me, for downloading it in the first place. I should have known better. But like I said before, I'm glad you've found some enjoyment out of the title. I think it's a joke. A scar on the industry. But that's just me.

      • LordOfLetterbox

        Of course it's about money...what do you think all the people that put there time and effect into creating the game just did for the love and fun of making a game? No their not, most have kids and life's that their trying to raise and fund because they make games as a profession. Contrary to what you think 90% of apps your find in the AppStore are there because they want to make money creating entertainment.

      • McCREE

        Yeah. I even covered myself from this argument in my post, but you went there anyway. Go figure.

      • And_75

        Lol. This is why I very rarely comment on forums nowadays. Your post made it clear that you are well aware of the money aspect. Still he just wanted to make his point and try to appear smarter than you. The world is full of idiots, and you are obviously well aware of it too. You saw it coming and it came around even if you covered yourself pretty well. Anyways. I agree 100% with your original comment.

      • Baracus

        Ok I get it, his username is an acronym for LOL. Maybe he thinks lol is his name and everyone is talking about him rather than laughing at him 😐

  • Jzracin

    Thank all the pirates out there who steal games everyday from developers, thats where freemium came from developers had to find a way to pay for all the hard work they were doing so they they said well we will just give them the game and make it so hard to unlock stuff that they have to spend real money to enjoy the game

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Pirates aren't even an issue anymore as much as it is people who flat out refuse to spend even 99Β’ on games and have no problem publicly boasting that they will wait an eternity for a game to go free.

      • nonstickron

        Don't hate the player, hate the game. In other words, if they didn't KNOW games were going to go free at some point they wouldn't be waiting for it. I think game prices have been trending higher lately, .99 is the new free, so maybe that will change. But I know that personally, I've spent hundreds on iPhone games over the years and have a rediculous backlog, most of which I've not spent 10 minutes with. So yes I'm buying less games lately, but I'm also spending more...for the big ones. Even so, I still wait for those to go on sale. Gotta be thrifty with my allocated monthly gaming budget.

  • johnf83

    Lol I think LORD OF LETTERBOX is employed by EA lol

    • Leo281993

      If there's one thing that pisses me off its jackasses that actually support f2p.

    • LordOfLetterbox

      Absolutely not...check my past post. I have been as hard of EA as anyone else. For example I was very vocally against the Ultima game by Mythic and thought their F2P mechanics that was a broken mess when I tried to play it. But when EA published games like PvZ 2 and RR3 gets those mechanics a lot more fairly implemented I have no problem speaking fairly about those.

    • Holcman

      Everyone, just please shut up. He's not supporting FTP, he's just saying that it's going to be there no matter what, and we might as well not argue about it. There are the annoying people who complain and complain about a game being FTP and then hating on people who say it's alright. Then, there are those annoying people who say that only free games are good and won't buy anything not free. I prefer to stay in the middle: FTP is a reality, if a FTP game is alright, them I'll play it. If a costly game is good, then I'll also play it. There are bad FTP games and bad premium games, though bad FTP is better because you don't have to pay anything before finding out how bad it is. Also, there's no point in hating on specific game developers. Even if, say, EA, has a bad reputation, I really don't care. If they produce a good game, I'm going to play it, not just say, "It's from EA, they scarred me for life and ruined the gaming industry, I'm not getting anything from them." If it's a good game, just play it, and if it's bad, toss it. No need to cause a fuss.

  • Zipsy

    The model for RR3 is to pay about $20 per month figuring that new cars will keep you paying. I am at level 118 with 43 cars and it impossible to progress further without paying a lot.

  • Devok

    It's simple, don't like the game don't download it! Not much point in winging about if its freeium or not, there are plenty of other great games out there "Asphault 8"is a fantastic game as well, in comparison with rr3, their IAP is a lot better.