Yesterday we told you about Square Enix's plans for a mobile-exclusive iteration of their Final Fantasy series called Final Fantasy Agito. Set in the same realm as the PSP title Final Fantasy Type-0 from a couple of years ago, Final Fantasy Agito retells the story of Type-0 from the perspective of new characters which you create and control. It also utilizes some very interesting real-time ideas that have you building up your team during the single player campaign over the course of 10 days, and then taking them online to battle against tough bosses alongside other players and their teams. Today Square Enix has released a brief teaser for Final Fantasy Agito, and it looks really impressive.

Sadly, there's no word on if Final Fantasy Agito will be heading outside of Japan. Type-0 was a critical hit but it also never reached our Western shores, but I'm still holding out hope for Agito. It's also worth pointing out that Square Enix has designed Final Fantasy Agito to be free-to-play, with the entire game able to be completed without spending a dime but at the expense of a depleting energy mechanic. I'm really interested to see how that turns out too. If we get word that Final Fantasy Agito is heading to the US we'll be sure to let you know.


  • tzuptzop

    looks really good
    hope will be out outside japan too

  • Wizard_Mike

    Well, at least we know it's going to look pretty.

  • Locanis

    Honestly..not that hyped for it to hit the western world at all. If SquareEnix has anything to say about their track record, it is that they either release premium games at a premium price.. Or freemium games with completely rediculous IAP monetizing bull*#%! pricing.

    Final Fantasy: All The Bravest and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy are the kind of thing I'm talking about. Hell, All The Bravest even had the gall to ask for an entry price, then pander to the audience to buy your favorite series characters, revival hourglasses, etc. after the fact. Not to mention give no control over what character you get when you spend money on them, like a giant monetized roulette scheme. All based around the most single dimentional gameplay ever seen. It just screamed "throw money at this cheap cash-cow because we're SquareEnix and you must!"

    I didn't, and won't with this if it becomes as bad as I fear. Feels like fan service around a money making machine again. Perhaps I'm judging too early in advance, but SquareEnix has earned the distrust with their "free" or "cheap" releases of recent.

    • PallaZ

      You definitely hit it!

    • alex98909

      then go play ps3 games and stop crying

      • Lucavious

        Getting a little upset over a forum comment, aren't you? It's a legitimate concern. No need to take it personally.

      • Protoman

        He works for Squenix.

  • ImJPaul

    If this doesn't come to the us I will poop on somebody Japanese.

    • xzeldax3

      I doubt that will help

  • Silent Rocco

    Finally not just another 2D re-release. I need something for my Chaos Rings fix 🙂

  • Rivalsan

    Those graphics look WAY better than I was prepared for!

    • ihd1234567890

      Phenomenal. I cant believe how far we have come in gaming. It looks like final fantasy 11 or 12 graphics on a freakin device. Square enix really opened my eyes this time on the final limits we can push our devices now. These games aren't baby anymore. No temple run, no jetpack joyride, no wasting time games. Real console quality games will hit the App Store sooner or later and i will be there.

      • Morgan01

        The graphics appear very similar to Avabel Online, a Japanese MMO released for various mobile devices several months back.

      • HansSatori

        Lol.. it looks like psp gfx its afterall a remake of the psp game.

  • ashbyc

    When do I pay 🙂

    Looks awesome!!!

  • Mirkwood

    I'm in

  • Psac42

    I would pay $9.99 for that and not have to worry about IAP. Sad.

  • defunct32

    Let's not get too excited until a Western release has been confirmed.

  • Br0n5t3r


  • Tien Nguyen

    Please, SquareEnix, GO GLOBALIZED!!

  • Protoman

    Looks like it did on the graphical improvement...weak.

    • pkmaximum

      When did PSP quality graphics become "weak." PSP graphics are quite polished and games like God of War Ghost of Sparta will continuously age well.