502995_largerDeveloper Pik Pok is at it again with another quirky game for the Adult Swim line, and this time in Giant Boulder of Death [Free], you play as a giant rock hell-bent on avenging his dead wife. Yep, it sounds like an Adult Swim Game alright.

Despite the fact that it plays like an endless runner, Giant Boulder of Death has a touch of Katamari Damacy to it, which is especially evident in the art style. As you roll down the mountain facing increasingly difficult areas and units, you'll have the opportunity to tackle challenges, such as "roll up [x] amount of trees," and so on. If you happen to hit a large multiplier along the way, you'll trigger an "Invinciboulder" power-up that lets you smash everything in sight as an invunerable, unstoppable force for a limited time.

And really, that's it. There are a few upgrades you can get to increase your jump height and other similar stats, and there are boosts to equip for each run, but the crux of the game involves rolling down the mountain over and over until you uninstall the game. It might be a bit simplistic, but it's fun notheless.

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Most of the structures and characters are pronounced enough to the point where you won't have to hunt for them, and I found the pastel art style to be pretty endearing over the course of a few runs. Pik Pok's trademark sense of humor is also injected throughout, which will keep you going for a few more runs than you otherwise would have.

Outside of potentially reaching the point of boredom that comes standard with nearly all endless runners, the major problem with Giant Boulder of Death is the IAP system. To be blunt, it's extremely pricey, and everything is overpriced. If you want anything, basically, be prepared to go on at least 10 if not more runs to buy even the most basic of upgrades. Should you die during a run and want to continue, be prepared to shell out some real cash for diamonds to do so.

Even though I was frequently aggravated by the inability to purchase practically anything from the over-priced IAP economy, I still had a blast just rolling my boulder time and time again down the omninous, yet colorful mountaintop.

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  • gszauer

    To be fair, gems are actually scattered in the world. One of the few games where you can get premium currency just by playing. Buuuut, i find that the powerups you spend money on don't always work. Which makes this a very unpleasant experience for me (Sucks when the coin magnet is not working for three runs in a row)

  • Jeremicci

    Completely addicted...but some of the upgrades don't work.

    • RoundPiplup

      That's because the upgrades below the "boulder" upgrades are the "spin bonuses" upgrades. I rather upgrade my boulder more than the spin bonuses.

      • Jeremicci

        So the 20 thousand coins I spent for 'coin magnet' only works during a spin?
        That's something we should be told, not have to figure out.

      • PikPok

        It's one of those things it's quite hard to communicate in a compact way. We are thinking about how to best do this though.

  • SumoSplash

    An endless boulder roll with lopsided IAP is rated equal to Minigore 2 and higher than Limbo.


    • nini

      Still on about that? Look, there's a big internet out there with many other sites that'll tell you exactly what you want to hear regardless of merit, you might find more joy if you go look.

      • riChchestMat

        I think the Limbo thing was this site's "640k should be enough for anybody". It will take a long time to live it down.

      • SumoSplash

        Pointing out injustices gives me plenty of joy, but thanks for the advice.

  • BillyOceansBlues

    the core of this game is incredibly fun. probably the most aggressive iap push i've ever seen in a game though. if they just had like a $1.99 coin doubler (like maximo, for instance) i bet they would rake in a lot more than their current insultingly high price structure.

  • readysetboom

    Agreed. I downloaded this day 1. I barely saw any progress after 30 mins of playing and deleted it. There are better games on the market which reward a player for their time. The first few upgrades are key in free to play games. They should entice a player to keep playing and make them want to see what the next upgrade will allow them to do. Having a weak currency system squashes this and turns away some would be paying fans.

  • Jeremicci

    Yep. I spent way too much on coin magnet. Now it's at 80% and it still does nothing.

  • http://mikelightman.com/blog mikelite

    Totally agree. This game is a blast, but the IAP system is greedy beyond belief. And it's littered with crap - spins, gems, jump aheads, pop up ads, coins, goals, blah blah blah. But, gatdamnit, I cannot stop playing it.

    • RoundPiplup

      Yeah that was kind of like what I was thinking.

      I was gonna go get double coins when I realized it costed more than I expected, like some greedy games. It's not a good idea for people making IAP's too pricy for a "not that much" exchange. I'm not gonna buy any of the IAP of this game unless if I find it fair enough. If not, then I would just tell Adult Swim to blame themselves for their expensive IAP.
      Well rather then that, I'm in the 5th page in the "Gallery O' Victims" Challenge Book. I played most of them and completed most of the challenges. Just to tell you, every page you unlock will extend your maximum multiply limit and, however, show you 2 more red units. It gets harder Everytime you get closer to the last page! I wonder what's the last page through...

      • http://mikelightman.com/blog mikelite

        me too. I was totally gonna get the double coins, assuming it was $1.99. But $5? For reals? And you're not even buying the full version, they still pummel you with crap. Adult Swim should make me want to spend real money, not make it so outside the "feels too expensive" range.

      • Jeremicci

        $1.99 was my number too.

    • Cwhals

      A pop-up ad every like 8 runs? Is it that big of a deal?

      • http://mikelightman.com/blog mikelite

        It's annoying yeah. It's another roadblock between me & the game. Another thing I have to hit no to. I'd rather pay 99¢ or even $1.99 to have a cleaner version without all the crap.

      • Nate

        Where did you get the idea that the ads only come "every like 8 runs"? I get one nearly every single game I play.

  • PresidentZer0

    Tilt controls suck!

    • gszauer

      Change them. It's in the options, they have three control schemes.

  • Jake7905

    Fun concept, but the constant Facebook requests are a constant annoyance.

    • Jeremicci

      They trick you into hitting them too.
      They get your fingers used to pressing a certain place at a certain time, and then all of a sudden they put a Facebook button there, or trick you into spending your coins when you didn't want to.

      Greedy bastards.
      I know Freemium is where the $ is at for game studios, but I'd much rather just pay $3 for the game.

      • Jake7905

        I agree, it's always better to be able to buy a game

      • Jake7905

        Yeah, I agree, it's always better buying a game for a premium price and not having to deal with the free-to-play format.

  • Luigi_Mario

    Should lose a star for the ultra-annoying music and yodeling.

    • http://mikelightman.com/blog mikelite

      no way, that's the theme & personality of the game.

    • Jef Crisis

      gaaaaame ovaaaaaaaaa game ooovaaaaaaa I love it.

  • rewyan

    This game is something creative, interesting, unique, and addicting, I absolutely recommend that anyone tries it,

  • Jerutix

    "...but the crux of the game involves rolling down the mountain over and over until you uninstall the game."

    Hahahaha. That's exactly what I did. Really enjoyed it the first 20 or so runs, then played a few lackluster runs before uninstalling. Definitely a good game for what it is, though.

  • lepke

    Everything gets 4+ basically

  • InkyTheGhost

    If you're interested in this, then you're probably better off getting Indiana Stone.

    • http://mikelightman.com/blog mikelite

      nice game in it's own right, but it doesn't have the same personality or charm

  • raviadso

    You know that spin power ups only work hen you win them in the slot machine,

  • https://www.facebook.com/DigitalDistillery Scot D

    Maybe I have the best version ever but I don't think I've ever seen an ad...

    • Jeremicci

      I'm surprised they don't offer an IAP to remove ads for only $29.99

  • Jef Crisis

    I've spent absolutely no money on this and just collected coins and gems in game. it's brilliant. really just brilliant. can't get enough of it. even with the adverts, which I just close without looking at, and get on with rolling down that mountain. Die! Die! Die! Evil Wife Killers!

  • makitango

    [adult swim games] is sadly going fown the roads. About a year ago, all their games were fine and very much fun to play. Now, they embrace the worst kind of the IAP model.

    • Jeremicci

      To be fair they are in this to make money, and as a game playing whole, we've spoken with our wallets. Freemium games make more money than $2 games.

    • makitango

      i am so with you on this. i would have gladly paid 3-5 bucks for a "premium" (used to be standard, actually) version, without double currencies and payable cheats. i miss the old days.

  • Jeremicci

    My frustration/love-affair with this game has me about to cheat on it with 'Indiana Stone'.
    How do they compare?
    Anyone recommend it?

    • Jeremicci

      Couldn't wait
      Installing now
      I guess it's battle of the over tha shoulder boulder rollers...

  • PikPok

    Note that the upgrades you purchase are only in effect when you roll the get the relevant boosts.

  • Nate

    Have to join in the consensus here ... great game overall, and based on game design alone a worthy addition to PikPok's track record, but the IAPs are so grossly overpriced as to be almost insulting to the educated consumer. Thumbs down to $5 coin doublers and paying $2 for a few continues.

  • DasBilligeAlien

    What saddens me the most is that Adult Swin support this blattant ripp of the great game Rock of Ages by AceTeam (xbox, ps3, pc).

Giant Boulder of Death Reviewed by Chris Carter on . Rating: 3.5