Freebie Alert: Strategic Avoidance Game ‘Pivvot’ Goes Free

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If you are a fan of really cool games and not paying for them, well, then this is for you. Whitaker Trebella’s latest iOS release Pivvot ($2.99) has just gone free as Apple’s featured free App of the Week. This is normally the part of the post where I’d explain what it is you do in Pivvot, but it’s one of those games that’s pretty hard to describe. It’s probably best for all of us if you just check out the trailer below, but the developer’s description of “strategic avoidance game" definitely fits like a glove.

Pivvot is one of those iOS games that uses many familiar ideas but feels truly unique, much like Trebella’s previous game Polymer ($2.99). I can only hope that this freebie opens up the experience to a much wider audience, as it really is a cool little game. Give it a download, and if you’re feeling appreciative for the freebie, pick up Polymer or at least give the lite version a spin.

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