When we got tipped off on this earlier, I admit I wrote it off as too ridiculous to be real. The screenshot looked like a bad photoshop, and, well, just the very thought of a cross promotion between Toyota and EA to use the Corolla of all things as a power up in Tetris Blitz [Free] seems like one of those things that people who really hate EA throw out as some kind of nightmare scenario in a forum post that you read and think, "Wow, that dude is really crazy." Well, folks, welcome to the brave new world of Tetris Blitz.

When you spin the power up prize wheel in the latest version of Tetris Blitz you can "win" a Toyota power-up. Once equipped, it works like a typical power-up in game in that you get some sparkly blocks that when cleared invoke the power-up effect. What happens when you clear the Toyota blocks? Well, a Corolla zooms across your screen and clears a few lines worth of blocks.

These are 100% real screenshots, taken by me, just now, in Tetris Blitz. I had to do them across two power-ups to get the whole animation, but, here you go:

corolla1 appfeatured corolla3

Better yet, once you finish your game, you'll get the Toyota Elevate finisher, which clears out some more blocks and blasts you with even more Toyota advertisements:

finisher1 finisher2

Sure, you can strip ads out of the game with a $3.99 IAP, which presumably strips out this silliness, but, wow. Free to play iterations of Tetris have been consistently ridiculed across the internet, but this whole Corolla tie-in really pushes things in an entirely new direction of weird. Product placement advertisements aren't a new thing in video games, but at least they typically make sense. Mountain Dew, Doritos, and Halo, for instance. That's a logical grouping of products. The Toyota Corolla and Tetris? Well, alright?

  • Timshundo


  • Bruce Morrison

    It's so shameful, I almost like it. The absurdity makes it not as bad as other marketing/promotions.

    • pdSlooper

      I agree, BUT the absurdity is only apparent because it's one of the
      only advertisements of its kind. We can compare it to the norm. Even new gamers, for whom this is their first games, will quickly discover this isn't normal. However, were this to become commonplace, the absurdity will be lost on many people.

      • darkcheetah

        You mean like when EA had the Volt promotion in Sim City. Trust me this will become the norm, for EA at least.

    • B30

      This update brings new IAP: a Toyota Corolla for $ 16.265

  • Benegesserit

    What products would make more sense to tie into Tetris?

    • The Caped Jackass


    • Brown Cow


    • gpjuno


    • ActiveY
    • hourglass

      I vote for the Pontiac Asstek.

    • Karzay


    • ngajoe


    • Th3R3n3gad3

      A turd.

    • C. Stubb


    • FuZion

      I don't think it's so much of what they tie, but 'how' they tie in products.

      This is plain weird.

  • whitestatic

    Please complete the horrible idea trifecta and make this IAP.

  • RichRuzz

    Lmaoo this made my way. 😀

    • RichRuzz

      Really iPhone? I said day not way... -_-

  • Rivalsan

    This post was so hilarious that I had to email it out to my homies!

    • basil

      Me and my bros all drive carollas

  • hourglass

    All EA wants is your money. Even in 'free' games.

  • xnbomb

    Corolla. Boxy, but good?

  • mr_bez

    "Mountain Dew, Doritos, and Halo, for instance. That's a logical grouping of products. The Toyota Corolla and Tetris? Well, alright?"

    Yeah! Gamers don't need cars. They don't even go outside - they just stay indoors eating tortilla chips and drinking soda.

    At least I assume that was your point, but I'm a little confused.

    • Adams Immersive

      I think the point is that people actually do snack while playing Halo. They don't drive while playing Tetris. (Well, nobody who has lived to tell the tale...)

      • mr_bez

        They advertise cars on TV too. I don't think anyone's ever suggested that that's odd because you can't drive and watch TV at the same time.

        Still, this is one seriously bizarre tie-in. Not quite as bad as the gaming nadir that was the Coke Zone/PlayStation All Stars crossover though, if only because it seems more knowing.

      • iAmTheWalrus

        I think it's pretty odd because it's usually kids and younger people in general that play video games (not that adults don't play vidya). I don't think an elementary through college student is going to see this ad and think "Oh yeah, I should buy that car" and actually do so. It's poor audience targeting.

      • C. Stubb

        Silly walrus, "Tetris" is for old people!

      • darkcheetah

        For real.

  • Ingwersen

    Guess my tactfull EA bashing was too much, I apoligize. I'll retrwat to just saying "ungh!" Then....

  • Earth Vs. Me

    Can you lease one through an IAP?

  • araczynski

    Meh, better implementation than all those stupid little ads for crap you've never heard of that might as well be Virus installers.

  • diaskeaus

    Ryan Air.

  • daniel schroeder

    The Elevate power-up is basically a bunch of polyrazzmatazz and bonus points. While Inversion gives you points based on how well you clear your board at the end, this one seems to base it on a set value and your current multiplier.

    Also, while this power-up has been around a little bit, I noticed yesterday that the game is now pushing out local push notifications about things other than free spins.

  • rewyan

    This is..... well..... EA

  • Stoneysilence

    Anybody know if buying the game at the $4 price removes this power up or does it stay?

  • Stephen Smith

    The best part is the site mocking it has a page-spanning "TOY DEFENSE 2 PLAY NOW" ad covering the top, left and right sides of the page. The only thing funnier than the terrible Corolla ad is the irony!

  • Martymcsly

    EA obviously knows what they're doing, by making it so obnoxious it compels reputable gaming sites such as TouchArcade to report on it. Net result, they have put the Corolla on the radars of both self respecting gamers and the type of muppets who play candy crush!

    • flashbackflip

      Yep. Seems like strategy

  • flashbackflip

    Corolla is weird, but not as weird as limiting play field by stupid 'frame'..

    Why not to make it fullscreen?!

    • Sik

      Because they need space for the HUD?

  • AltecApollyon

    "Hey hun, I was playing Tetris on my iPhone at work today... And saw the new Corolla, I'm convinced! Let's get one!"

  • http://www.matthewpetty.com/ Matthew Petty

    I'm pretty certain that a black Lexus sedan was an advanced end-of-level boss in Raiden or one of those other vertical arcade shmups. This would have been about 1990. The doors opened and loads of bullets came out.