Especially on our podcast, the "What if's" of Apple disrupting the game console market with games and apps on the Apple TV the same way they've taken over the smartphone scene is discussed on the reg'... But, it's always in a "That'd be really neat" context where no one is ever really sure if it's ever going to happen. Unintentionally or not, it'd seem that Sony has fired some shots across Apple's proverbial bow with the PlayStation Vita TV. Check out the just-released trailer:

In essence, it's a Vita with no screen, plugged in to your TV, that can play all the Vita games and do all sorts of other magical stuff inside of the PlayStation ecosystem. It's actually sort of crazy just how much this tiny console represents what we've been talking about what we want out of the Apple TV, so much so that it'll be interesting to see how and if Apple responds.

Initially launching in Japan at the same $100 price point of the Apple TV, plans for the device in other regions of the world seem mysterious at best right now. Either way, this is going to be one hell of an interesting console cycle coming up- Especially with devices like these in the wild.

  • Smokey956


    • jewawaricew

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      I am so buying this. I already have a VITA and PS+, so being able to play those awesome games on TV is going to be great!

      • alex98909

        stfu with ur retarded advertisement

  • MistaBoz

    Don't most people just play whatever next gen console at home??? It would be neat to play apps that aren't available on consoles... We'll see what happens after tomorrow...

  • Bool Zero

    Apple needs to get cracking... I would want for nothing more than to use my Apple TV to game on sans the "here or there" sometimes good, sometimes not AirPlay!

  • Jzracin

    This is awesome so i play my vita games with my ps3 controller Hells yea but why couldn't Sony just make a sync cable that put everything on the big screen like the psp i guess with building this little box is just another way to get 100 dollars out of us

    • themostunclean

      It appears to come with its own controller.

      And I think it's targeted more to people who don't already have a Vita. I don't and the VERY low price point of $100 makes me think I might just have to pick one up.

      • daniel schroeder

        The ~$100 price does not include a controller. They are selling a slightly more expensive package that does, however.

  • zergslayer69

    This vita TV plays *almost* all games, or I should say most games depending if the game requires the touchscreen/rear touch panel. It's an "almost there" device. Hope they figure out a work around. Would be a shame if this just turns out to be a very expensive indie/psp/psx "emulator" with minimal vita game support.

    • 1337brian

      That's what I'm wondering about myself. A lot of the vitas big selling point was based on it's new "innovative" touch controls. BUT for $100 it's sounding better than the OUYA at the same price!

  • Scot D

    Looks like I'm picking up a vita. A proper game console at $100? yeah, thats an easy one.

  • TJF588

    Freaky-deaky. I'd be stoked to play some PSP games without the A/V cord (though Crisis Core & Birth by Sleep are still out of that question), and I guess there's less need for a PS2 Classic of Persona 4. Let's see how much storage it has or needs, and if those proprietary Vita memory cards play into it.

    • brickwalker0

      Unfortunately, the Vita memory cards are required for this too. For all intents and purposes, think of this as exactly like the Vita except no screen (touchscreen and back touchpad) but with a HDMI port. Everything else is the same.

  • spawn12345

    I dont know wth apple is doing!
    Make an app store with the apple tv and it would print money for them. Wth are they waiting for?

  • Biowhere


  • Brett

    It can't play all the vita games. Some big ones like Uncharted are already listed as un-compatible. Fragmentation!!

    • Falsoman

      Well yeah, I don't think anyone should expect all games to be compatible, considering there is not exactly a way to make Touchscreen and Rear Touchpad games compatible without updates to each game individually.

      • Brett

        But this is exactly the reason it hasn't happened with an apple tv yet. Apple doesn't want to make one move that fragments the iOS ecosystem

      • darkcrayon

        It wouldn't fragment the ecosystem in any detrimental way- it would have a separate app store with separate titles- just (presumably) a lot of the same developers making apps. Think Mac app store compared to iOS app store. I don't think they would cram the apps into the iOS app store and have users have to look at each app for Apple TV compatibility.

      • Brett

        But it is fragmenting the existing Vita ecosystem. Developers will not be much less likely to use any of the Vita specific features (touch, cameras, possibly motion control) because they won't work on Vita TV.

      • Der-Kleine

        Not every game has to be designed for the Vita TV. Some games only make sense on a portable device, so devs will continue to make games that only work on the handheld. I think the big change will be that the bigger games stop trying to use the front- and rear touch in some weird way and instead just use them for extra buttons.

      • Onikage725

        Agreed. I'm not looking at a compatibility list, but I would assume Persona 4 Golden, Disgaea, my fighting games. Etc would work fine. Sure, I can think of some titles that wouldn't work, but most games aren't built around the gimmics

      • Onikage725

        Also, it's conceivable that this wont be a problem after PS4 launches. All they'd have to do is work in support for the DualShock 4, which more input options.

  • ODMay

    I'll give Sony props for that but one thing about it is the vita don't have but a few good games tbh.

    • Bliquid

      Tbh, the "Vita has no games" is becoming a very bad internet meme.
      There's plenty good to awesome games to play.
      And more on the horizon.
      All in all, i'm pretty happy with my Vita, and these news make me even more happy since it can potentially double Vita software sales, making more developers likely to hop in.
      As for Apple, i agree with many here: this is exactly what the big A should have done.

      • ODMay

        Feeling offended much? Tbh I didn't say the "Vita has no games" and my comment you replied to is just my opinion of what I think about the vita.

      • Bliquid

        Didn't feel offended at all.
        I also don't think my words were harsh or anything.
        Just wanted to point out the difference between facts and taste.
        Facts are that there are lots of good games on Vita.
        Taste is that none of them appeals YOU.
        Saying it has few games is just, well, wrong.

      • ODMay

        Few good games* 🙂

      • bilboa

        Depends on your definition of "lots". There are far fewer games for for the Vita than for iOS devices or most consoles. I've been tempted to get a Vita, but every time I look into what games are available in any of the genres of games I enjoy, there are usually literally just a few choices, good or bad. Some genres I like are racing games, strategy games, hack n slash Diablo-likes, physics puzzles, some RPGs. In most of those categories there are literally only 3 or 4 choices, compared to dozens on other platforms. I think that justifies saying there aren't a lot of games for the Vita by most people's definition of "lots". The only real reason I'm tempted by a Vita is because the lack of physical controls on the iPad hurts the fun of some games. If the new iOS controllers work out, I predict dedicated portable gaming devices like the Vita will become a niche gadget.

      • Terwilke

        Love my vita I have stopped playing my iphone except for my ff games and have been destroying enemies on disgaea

  • Falsoman

    I am so buying this. I already have a VITA and PS+, so being able to play those awesome games on TV is going to be great!

  • oxmuzzle

    Is remote play like airplay for ps4 games? Like your ps4 is upstairs and you can hook up a psv TV downstairs and stream the game to another TV?

    • Der-Kleine

      That's exactly what it is.

      • oxmuzzle

        That's totally worth it alone for the $99.

  • Karzay

    Poor Ouya...

  • Protoman

    I better grab an Ouya before they tank.

    • Protoman

      So many mini consoles these days.

  • Lamar Taylor

    Count me in once this device comes to the US.

  • admo

    "Price point", really?

    • roguewaver

      A meaningless term if you merely intended to say the price of something, but a "price point" is about a pricing threshold, not just an arbitrary number. Price points of $20, $50, $100, $200, $300 all exist as categories of products that determines how they are marketed. It's a simple enough, yet very real concept. Something that is $100 is a much easier and more justifiable purchase for most people than something more. Even $150 makes people stay on the fence who would have been able to rationalize away $100. Something sold at the $20 price point is specifically classed into a much more accessible category - impulse buys. Something that is $27 will get much less impulse buys. Price points and how we treat them are burned into the Western Psyche.

      Balking at what (you've implied, though not spoken these exact words) 'useless market-speak drivel' doesn't make you any less of consumer/sheep or any more of an individual. It just makes you sound uneducated.

      So yes - 'price point' - really.

  • iammane

    I'm a little confused. If I had a vita, I wouldn't need this? And I mean, the remote play from ps4 to vita TV is kind of cool, but... Remote play to free up the TV makes more sense. I can't imagine vita TV could stream ps4 from another room. Maybe, I dunno...

    Just not seeing it 🙁 but I don't think I'm the audience for this anyway...

    • expresident

      They said this $100 device does allow you to stream PS4 games to another TV. There is a video out showing it.

  • Dorfdad

    SO many people miss what this is going to do in the future. For many like myself this is an essential add-on to the PS4 for second room play (something I wanted STEAM to do for ages) and in the future when they enable Gaikia streaming services this will stream the full catalog of PS3 games to it as well! Ala Onlive Micro-Console.. Right now it will play vita games, portable games, and indie titles for $99. Im buying 2 day one! No more HDMI wire messes for me!!

    • iammane

      Ahhhh ok this makes more sense now forgot about Gaikai lol

  • iPadCary

    Jezzum Crow ....
    The level of corporate espionage is absolutely breathtakingly astonishing!
    Here we have a Vita: a compact NO ONE is buying.
    Suddenly, out of nowhere, Sony announces VitaTV.
    This on the heels of another big gaming company's news:
    Nintendo's 2DS.
    Now with the console's holiday season releases just around the corner,
    why are Nintendo & Sony doing this at this precise time?
    I'll tell you why they're doing it.
    Because, somehow, some way, they both know that Apple will announce
    on September 10th the AppleTV's ability to download & play iOS games
    with a TV and these 2 unexpected & EXTREMELY timely announcements
    [2DS & VitaTV] are both companys' attempts to dilute/distract from that.
    Like I say: how they're able to spy on Apple especially after Tim said
    they're "doubling down on secrecy"
    I guess thier competition is also doubling down on bribes.

    • RunningWild

      Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita and iOS - all very different markets. I highly doubt this coincides with the Apple keynote but ill give you points for your theory.

      • iPadCary


  • Pj4u

    Looks interesting!

  • lepke

    Vita at this point could do anything and it would still be crap, because it has no games. Lets face it.

  • chief78

    Yeah so nothing from Sept 10th. I own a Vita and have mixed feelings about this. I will prob get a PS4, so I can see this being a nifty device down the road, but in what will be its initial offering, not too excited. IF Sony comes to their senses and not only offers much larger memory options but also at a much cheaper price point, not only will more people finally get on board with Vita, but they will have everything at a reasonable price point and not have to pick and choose what to put on the vita etc while still trying to manage the disgusting memory limits.

    My belief is that this is Sony's way to get more people trying their product in hopes to make money off their ridiculously large backlog of games on the PS store. Problem is, a lot of those games no one cares about, so they'd need to overhaul their offerings too. We'll see, I really hope this catapults vita hardware and software sales to get a larger install base.

    I will say there's enough great titles out there and with Killzone, seriously finally a game worth buying a vita for. If they give ps3 controller support (or ps4), I would consider buying this just to play that game on the big screen. Those on the fence may want to check this out, but the OLED screen is beautiful on vita and offers a great experience alone....I guess that's why I'm conflicted still with this product.....