749911_larger868-HACK [$4.99] is: a risky pricing-experiment, a rogue-like, a tightly-designed machine, a Michael Brough game, and an onion…

I forgot smart, really fun, super challenging, and dangerously addictive – in the best way possible.

868-HACK is a rogue-like, where you – turn for turn, with your enemies – move about 8 cyber-sectors attempting to hack siphons. To be successful, you’ll need abilities. To gain abilities, you’ll need resources. Ultimately, strategic planning and decision making – move by move – will determine how long you’ll survive and where your name will rest on the leaderboards.

The layers that peel off the mechanics - once 868 has settle in - begin to reveal such a simple premise to be a complex onion. I began strategizing my steps instead of instinctively moving, because every step and choice matters. One misstep WILL mean “game over.”

This is one of the most challenging rogue-likes I’ve ever played, and requires your time, patience, and gradual understanding to fully grasp. Give 868-HACK that, though, and it becomes a glowing approach to a genre that often packs in more for gains, instead of simplifying without loss.

With little to no description about what his game *really* is, an art direction that – to some – may be a bit TOO retro, and a risky asking price: Brough makes an important statement about what we expect our iOS gaming experiences to be. Not all touch games are unworthy gaming experiences.


After playing 868-HACK, I was ecstatic with my purchase. The game is incredibly fun, unique, endlessly-playable, brilliantly designed, and worth way more than what it’s asking for. Michael obviously poured godly amounts of time into designing this game; time that, in the end, pays off on the player's end.

Brilliant game mechanics are rare these days. Even more so, are those mechanics that reveal underlying mechanics as you progressively get better at playing the game. Getting better at 868-HACK is the carrot on the stick, and once you have had a small nibble you’ll find yourself running, to the edge of the earth, for one more bite.

868-HACK is for everyone who loves to tell themselves, “Just one more try”, and realize 2 more hours have passed. It’s that kind of gripping game experience that makes you forget all else exists at that moment. It’s nothing flashy, just great mechanics and an excellent approach to simplified design that harkens back to the best classic arcade games. Reminds me how much more important great game mechanics are, and how badly we need more of it on the platform.

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  • Maniacfive

    I saw this on the top lists and was intrigued. But then read the description and saw the art and have it no further thought.

    Having read this review, actually it seems right up my street. I'd second the notion that its a bold experiment in app description, artwork and price!

  • Royce

    This game is exceptional. I have not been able to stop playing it since the day it came out.

    • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

      And why -- b/c of everything in the review? Or something unmentioned?
      If a game is exceptional, it'd be great to say "...because X".

      • Royce

        Brilliant gameplay mechanics, endless replayabilty, and more. If you want more in depth analysis of mechanics see the forum thread. This game is incredibly deep and impossible to summarize in a comment.

  • wassupbiloxi

    Easily game of the year for me.

  • Qualitybeats

    I'm so happy to see the early comments agreeing with my score. It gives me more hope for a better iOS future.

  • lepke

    "Retro" graphics and art has come to be the new word for underdeveloped since the resurrection of indie gaming a few years back now. If they took the time to care and I will use that word, care about their presentation, art and gamers for an otherwise great game? more people might give it a chance and even enjoy playing it more. As for now, I am one of those that will not, shame if they care.

    Liked reading the review 🙂

    • Qualitybeats

      In Michael Brough's defense: all his games have a similar lo-fi art style. Gives his works an identity. I can see why some wont care much for the art, though.

      • lepke

        I hear you but I don't accept it, to me it is lazy and sloppy, "retro" can still be a style that is achieved with top end graphics and presentation. It does sound great and I believe the review and the reviewer not to mention opinions such as yours, but I still can't get myself to spend money on it the way it is presented (and many great games compete for our money at this point.)

        Maybe someone will rip-off the gameplay later, slap on a great presentation and become a top seller game for me and others not daring to take the plunge to enjoy.

      • Scot D

        You seem like part of the problem and represent the mass casual game player. Most casual game players are graphic whores and forget that great games are made with rock solid mechanics and purposeful game play. There are plenty of god awful games that look pretty.

        You fail to see the mobile platform for what it is. The mobile platform is not and should not mimic the PC and console industry in presentation. The mobile platform excels when games are stripped down to the game play and not wasting time on complex and unnecessary UI's. Get a PS Vita.

        You haven't even played the game, but you make a judgment because it doesn't look pretty enough? You might be better off playing one of the many EA games.

      • lepke

        How you misjudge me, I don't even give EA a single dollar in the last few years out of respect for gaming. I hope that developers are not as quick to write mine and similar opinions off as a "graphics *blip" as you have, that is a mistake that at the very least will affect their bottom line. I don't demand much unless asking for the ability to tell 30 years apart in technology and the difference between art and copied/paste public domain is too much to ask for, in fact, problem with mobile gaming has more to do with your ilk whom accept anything because it is not PC or consoles. Lets lower the standard then, even if my iOS device is above most consoles in technology today...

      • mikeg1234

        Wait, you are worried about someone misjudging you? Yet here you are misjudging the developer by stating he is lazy and did a copy-n-paste with public domain art...

      • lepke

        That remains to be seen.

      • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

        Oooh, that's gotta hurt.
        KARMA's a bitch.

      • Scot D

        Non of that made any sense... It read as a ramble of nonsense...

      • wassupbiloxi

        Yeah, can we have a moratorium on calling people who like retro graphics "lazy" and on calling people who dislike them "graphics whores"? It is absolutely okay to write off a game when it doesn't suit your style, because there is no moral imperative to buy a game just because the gameplay is good. Gameplay isn't everything either, and everyone is entitled to their own preferences.

        My problem with lepke's original comment is that he suggests Brough's graphical choices aren't intentional, but I absolutely don't begrudge him the right to ignore games that he finds unpleasant to look at.

      • nettacki

        Gameplay IS everything. I mean, you're playing a GAME, right?

      • lepke

        That is simply not true at all.

      • Scot D

        You seem to have misunderstood what I wrote. I did not say "everyone" who dislikes retro graphics are graphic whores. I was saying most casual game players look for value in a games graphics and not the actual core of the game that makes it fun. You can't put a pretty paint job on a piece of crap and expect to get raving reviews, yet so many go by how pretty the paint is.

        Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, that should go without saying. Unless you live under some sort of dictatorship? Just the same, I can express my thoughts on the subject and the elements that I believe make good games...which is game play. Put a shiny coat of paint on solid core mechanics and you got yourself a winner. Michael Brough did just that.

      • wassupbiloxi

        Nah, I think I understood you. You're saying that people valuing graphics over gameplay is a bad thing, right? I'm saying that your definition of "fun" is not universal, and for some people it is more related to aesthetics than mechanical underpinnings.

        Look, I love 868-HACK along with the rest of Brough's work, but he is doing fine. He definitely doesn't need you to denigrate enormous segments of the game-playing community on his behalf. If my grandmother loves a Bejeweled clone because its style captures her imagination more than a sparser rendition, then the gaming world is richer for including her in it. By all means, express your opinion, but don't pretend that yours is the real way of looking at games while any other angle is inauthentic.

      • Scot D

        Nope, wrong again, and on so many levels! First off, I did not claim I was speaking for anyone. Second, pretty visuals are nothing without game play. If you don't agree with that, than that's your opinion. But next time you play a pretty game with no engagement or game play, maybe than you will understand. Oh and your grandma isn't the only one who likes Bejeweled. You know why? Because of the game play; along with the shiny blocks I suppose. Sorry man but if Bejeweled was just a bunch of shiny turds dropping from the sky, all the same color, and nothing to match, there wouldn't be any game play.

      • lepke

        He didn't say gameplay doesn't matter, neither did I, hopefully that will sink in.

    • 61050

      seriously though, retro = lazy. period. the reason these games looked this way 20+ years ago is because there was no choice. im not even saying that everything has to be bleeding edge graphically that only the fastest machines can render, but if super mario world for the snes blows your game out of the water, graphics-wise, then you are doing it wrong.

      • wassupbiloxi

        I generally find the minimal retro style better for strategy games like this. One of the reasons I haven't gotten into 100 Rogues or its ilk is that the ornateness makes it actually harder to pack as much information on the screen.

      • lepke

        I find it harder to see and look at a game when it has 8bit graphics, I like high def, clean UI and good art, but I guess some are different.

      • wassupbiloxi

        Exactly! Some are different. I think there's room for both kinds of styles on the app store. I write off games all the time for not meeting my graphical style, and it's totally fine for you to do the same. I just think it's shortsighted to equate intentional aesthetic choices with laziness.

      • lepke

        Reason I call the art lazy is because every single thing in the game can be found in public domain, but maybe I am wrong about that however I challenge anyone to tell the difference...

        Obviously it must be a good game, I don't try to take that away from it and I do not question the review either, this is an argument only about its presentation.

        Hypothetical review, gameplay 5/5 sounds presentation1/5 but overall score can still be 5.

        But like I said earlier, maybe someone will rip-off the gameplay and make a beautiful presentation down the road and we can both be happy.

      • wassupbiloxi

        Re: "every single thing in the game can be found in public domain", I really don't think that's true of any of the graphics besides the smiley face and maybe the font? But, like, that's the sort of claim you have to prove, I think. It's fine if you think they're ugly, but I don't see why you have to assert that Brough didn't draw them himself.

      • lepke

        I could be wrong on that, most likely I am wrong on that, but when you can't tell the difference it is bad - that is my assertion. Anyway, think I argued my point on the game's presentation to death now. Still good game and good review 😉

      • con4224

        you make it sound as if 'public domain' == 'ugly' which simply is not true

      • lepke

        You make it sound as public domain=work.

      • con4224

        you can create ugly UI though investing lot of work, and you can create good UI with little work and intelligent use of open resources, so I simply don't see your point

      • BaltimoreDave

        as i said, a fool

      • BaltimoreDave

        your a fool if you think " every single thing in the game can be found in public domain". Just a fool.

      • Royce


      • rewyan

        I think it's usually easy to tell when "retro" is simply laziness and low-budget, vs when it's to help with the simplicity of the game. Maybe retro is a good thing in a game like this, although the color scheme could have been a little nicer. I do think it has these graphics for money purposes, but it fits well enough.

      • abodi

        This game was likely made by 1 man, what if he can't draw for nuts but can make an amazing game via gameplay. That makes him lazy?

      • lepke

        You can figure it out, I have faith in you.

      • BaltimoreDave

        There are different style of art that take skill to create. God forbid if all games looked a like.That is not lazy. That you think its is silly. I bet you couldn't create a better "lazy" game if you dared to try. I for one love seeing retro style graphics and appreciate the skill and aesthetic. It's dad to see how many people get their panties in a bunch if a game doesn't fit their preconceived notions of who games should look.

      • lepke

        If cant or don't do something you are not allowed to critique it, I hope you stay firm to that belief whenever you watch a movie, listen to a song or play games or something, please hold the same standard you set for me for yourself and the rest of the world.

        My argument is also if you have missed it... That the game does "look" the same as every other game (just 30 years in the past.)

        With today's technology I can promise you, it doesn't take skill to create this art or assets etc. gameplay however I give benefit of doubt trusting the reviewer with the game as his twitter handle picture- that it takes a great amount of skill. No doubt, even the needed polish of the most basic game mechanics in games takes skill.

        As for the unnecessary following argument of yours, I will simply state that, speaking for myself, I wouldn't be a member of any game community if there is no diversity and it is a place to discuss and critique my beloved interest.

      • Jean-Claude Cottier

        I agree with you, the art is awful. I get that some people really like this game but come on, that's not retro (retro can be extremely pretty), that's just ugly.

    • Adams Immersive

      I disagree: not only do I respect it as an artform that is NOT in fact easy to do and takes a LOT of care, but I also personally like it a lot (sometimes--like this one). I can certainly understand why a given visual style isn't to everyone's taste. Another style might sell to you and not to me. And it's certainly possible to do bad, lazy retro art, just as it's possible to do bad, lazy 3D art full of bloom and particles. And retro is quite a broad category, from glowing vectors to CRTs to blocky pixels.

      Don't confuse a difference in personal taste and style with "laziness"--it's too simple, and unfair. Buy the games you like the look of instead, though--that's fair!

      • lepke

        To be known for being bad does not make it good all of the sudden because someone is consistently bad. Perhaps he makes great games but is a terrible artist, then please collaborate or hire someone that can do it, with that price tag he can afford to not be lazy and sloppy.

      • ibebyi

        You're sort of an asshole aren't you

      • lepke

        No comment.

      • con4224

        no, just the common troll, nothing special

      • lepke

        Nice trolling there.

      • con4224

        you insult devs by calling them lazy and sloppy, based on no facts, and you try to provoke emotional responses by repeatedly suggesting someone doing a rip-off (another offense against the devs). you don't seem to do this for the good of a constructive discussion. that's called trolling. have fun ;p

      • lepke

        You are the only one trolling here, my opinion and argument is not a troll and most replies, good or bad, are also not trolls, you however add nothing to the discussion. Good day sir.

      • BaltimoreDave


      • lepke

        "Fool, troll, your fool"

        - thanks for making this a better community.

      • BaltimoreDave

        Im sorry, you thought you added something here didn't you? Like wisdom or historical perspective? Maybe a critical eye for art? really?

        You didn't. You did exactly the opposite You are a foolish troll. You show your ignorance of game design and art with your every post, but it doesn't stop you from insulting developers simply for not doing this as you think they should have, never mind they have a happy audience for that style of gaming even if isn't your cup of tea.

      • lepke

        You can't be serious, you really require a disclaimer every time someone expresses their opinion... In a comments section, of a review, of a game...

      • David

        Criticism and opinion is fine, but when you use pejorative language and make baseless accusations, you'll be called a troll.

      • lepke

        Well, that wasn't my intention 🙁

        I suppose I could have called it "TOO retro" instead, I just wanted to chime in on how I and many others perceive the use of "retro" to what I would simply call bad or cheap. It also doesn't help with games like minecraft and others that was intended to get better graphics, art, textures and in general assets but in the end didn't due to not "having to" since they already made their money (that is criticism of a game I do love and play for the record.)

        It could be and I stressed that, it is all by artistic choice and even if able to chose to, went with this presentation. Then take my opinion as a personal dislike of this "style" for the reasons I mentioned, disagree, feel free to argue further about this subject in general, or not.

        I didn't buy this game due to my dislike of its presentation, mainly, as I said to the creator on twitter as well with my apologies for offending him, it is my criticism and some people appreciate critique, sometimes even if just to learn why someone did not want to buy their product. He is free to do whatever he want with that or simply do nothing at all. I also wish him luck with his next project.

        Now, can we have a "let's play video" of this game by TA 🙂 (or any "lets play," I enjoy them.)

      • Deihlanos

        Orrrrr, it might just be that this is the style that he personally likes. It's kinda like any of Jeff Minter's games; play ANYTHING of his for more than a few minutes, and you can see exactly why he goes with the style he does, and where he gets his inspiration.

        "Retro" does not always equal laziness. Hell, in *most* cases it doesnt equal laziness. It is the developer's honest choice in most situations.

        There was a time when I thought this way myself, but now we're at a point where game graphics have advanced TREMENDOUSLY in terms of where they can go and what they can do, and honestly? It does nothing for me anymore. I've seen WAY too many games that were phenomenally awful in terms of the IMPORTANT stuff.... the gameplay.... while having the "wonderful" graphics. Particularly on consoles, which are by far the worst offender for that. And I've seen so many "high end" games now (on an ultra-high-end monster of a gaming rig PC) that graphics have utterly lost their ability to impress me. Once that happened, it occurred to me that the gameplay really is the important part.... not the graphics.... and I've found so many more games that I love as a result of that realization.

        This is one of them.

      • Baracus

        Sense spoken in this thread at last 🙂
        Totally spot on post.

        But good graphics do still slightly impress me haha. 😉

        This is a rock solid little game tho. I mean like really, really good. Shame people will miss out just coz of how it looks then 🙁

    • Mr.Critic

      I sense a TouchArcade "What do you think" will soon be discussing this...

    • Galenmereth

      Have you even considered the simple fact that the more detailed the artwork the more time it requires to make? For a small developer - and even more so a one-man team - that means that you either have to postpone launching the game even further, carrying with it a financial risk to boot, or you have to sacrifice other areas like gameplay.

      Retro-style graphics are popular amongst smaller devs because with today's tools it usually requires less time. Additionally nostalgia gives your art an "advantage" in simplicity.

      Before you judge someone of being lazy, perhaps you should look into how difficult it is to make good gameplay and design, and how hard it is to create a game to begin with. It requires a lot of man hours for even simple concepts; to call this man lazy for opting for an art-style you don't agree with is downright cruel, and narrow-minded.

      • lepke

        I have considered more art, graphics=more work, hence why I call it "lazy" in this case. Please read what I say ok.

      • Goggles789

        I'm sorry, but where's the time constraint? Gaming has no deadline. Sure, there are better times during the year to release something, but what ever happened to the art of the "craft." Take as much time as you need to, so the end result is as high quality as possible.

      • David

        Where's the time constraint? Human lifespan. More time making graphics means less time designing new games.

      • lepke

        You make it sound as thus games cannot have art and a great presentation unless they spend the entirety of a human lifespan working on it. But devs prove you wrong again and again on a daily basis of course. So points is he either a, does not care, b, is lazy, c, cannot afford to hire, d, cannot find anyone to collaborate with, e, he loves using sprites etc from pacman galaxy invaders and genuinely thinks that public domain has the best art out there to represent his work, or be inspired by.

        Maybe it is the last option because if it is one of the others... Then we have to call it "bad" presentation and to critique something is against the law!

        Or as the reviewer put it, "TOO retro..."

        You are free to like it of course, but I and many others wont even bother to pick up a game that we find to be ugly, lazy, poor and all we know about the gameplay is that it is "brilliant". Maybe it is because far too often we have been fooled in the past. Also gaming is an expensive hobby, I do not see the price tag justified.

      • Galenmereth

        It is a reply like this that make others name you a "troll"; you argue your cause based on your preference, yet when presented with good reasons for why "retro" doesn't necessarily mean lazy, you attack the argument with baseless conjecture.

        You disliking the artstyle is fine, and valid. But stating "retro = lazy" is silly and baseless.

      • mikeg1234

        Don't feed the troll. 🙂 Seriously, to call a developer that you don't even know: lazy, is childish and immature and lazy. Unfortunately, he won't stop until folks stop responding to him. Then he can go live in his own world where he obviously knows everything, is always right, and speaks for the masses.

      • lepke

        "Retro does not equal lazy by default."

        - No argument here.

        "This game is retro style"

        - No argument here.

        "Retro as a style can be beautiful and great"

        - No argument here.

        "By being or calling it retro it would excuse you from having a bad presentation-" It doesn't, it does matter and you are not then all of the sudden excused from critique because of it, that is my argument, sure it is subjective, sure not every one agrees but just as they hold a difference of opinion I will stick to this and offered the community and dev a reason as to why I and others will not or might not pick up his game, one of possibly many reasons of course. I also made an observation that unfortunately holds true or is the very least perceived as to be true by many in a very saturated indie gaming market.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Nugget/1519009043 Mike Nugget

      @ lepke - Everyone's a critic. Your need to be heard when nobody wants to hear you is what give you your identity. We're talking about the same amount of money that you probably paid for your lunch today. Did you go write up a insightful review how you didn't like your meatball sub from subway as if it were some great travesty of the sandwich world and then continue to defend your opinion as if you providing the gospel of lunchtime nirvana? What did you do today that was worth six bucks?

  • Bliquid

    Excellent review of what it seems to be an excellent game.
    I honestly didn't give it 2 cents when i saw it on the side bar of TA app.
    On a side note, i noticed that lately a lot of games are priced more than the usual.
    I'm not complaining, on the contrary i'm glad to see developers aknowledging their efforts in not making mobile games, but full fledged videogames.
    In times like these, though, i think that professional reviewers have a greater responsibility towards readers.
    In a nutshell, keep up the good work and thanks.

    Weeee'll beeeee watchiiing youuuuu...

    • Qualitybeats

      🙂 I like you!
      Thanks for reading.

  • Adams Immersive

    I loved Zaga-33, the micro-roguelike. Now for something bigger!

  • Mindcrime

    The writers here might want to consider defining terms such as "rogue-like" and "schmups" for more casual gamers who have no frame of reference or context for such terms.

    • Scot D

      Shmup is Shoot 'em ups.

      Rogue-like usually means you have one life (permanent death) in a RPG style game with randomized levels or game play.

      • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

        I'd like Rogue-like to include all the other cool stuff of roguelikes too, like races, classes, very involved inventory management, lots of things to do, and unidentified inventory headaches (scrolls, rings, potions, weapons, armor, etc).

        I mean, that stuff is what makes rogue-likes so darned COOL, no?

      • Scot D

        Lol yeah that depends on execution I suppose. My experience with roguelikes has been hit and miss. Sometimes I find myself playing one and wishing it was just a normal RPG. But I still have many to try on my wishlist.

    • pdSlooper


  • Scot D

    Good review, I agree with this completely!

    • Qualitybeats


  • ngajoe

    I, for one, like retro graphics and sound -- especially when they are well done. Great lo-fi presentation invites the imagination to come alive and dares the player to judge the game on its more technical merits.

    Also, this game in particular is awesomesauce.

  • flashbackflip

    Do you call this a REVIEW??

    Not a single word about mechanics and gameplay apart from 'brilliant'?

    Are you lazy or just incompetent, TA?

    • Qualitybeats

      Lets discuss this off TA. Tweet me: @qualitybeats84

    • Dubdubdubdub

      Flashbackflip doesn't word it very nicely, but I do agree. I'd love to be convinced to buy this game, since the reviewer likes it so much. But what is it about the way it plays that makes it so good? I want to know about some mechanics! 'Onion' is not enough.

      • miguelteixeira

        It's more about how you realise the depth of the strategy and the mechanics you keep learn the more you play. You have to have some faith but the longer the runs you will be able make, the more you will appreciate it as a game.

      • Qualitybeats

        It's not tactile. It's how it reveals itself as you continually learn what's actually going on I the game. Its almost a disservice to the game to over explain it. The reveal is a very redeeming quality.

      • echo_pdx

        Good answer! You've sold me.

      • flashbackflip

        Yeah.. My wording was harsh and i'm ALMOST sorry, but not really, coz lately i see TA evolving more into 'display' or 'advertising' entity rather than deep and thoughtful resource which add value to the players..

        This is the trend i see slowly unfolding for the past 2-3 years..

        TA app is still on my ipad only because they still PICK UP interesting games and have good forums, but reading their so-called 'reviews' getting more and more painful as well as useless

  • http://www.minecraftjuegos.com/ Minecraft Juegos

    Glad to visit your blog. Thanks for this great post that you share to us.

  • Illuminerdy

    Can we get a TA Plays? I would to see it in action before I pull the trigger.

  • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

    Damn. I wasn't that enthused about this game or review (need to see a video) but this @toucharcade-b82451d8cd4093f519c0ae1e0547cb97:disqus troll commentary has me wanting to buy the game just to stick him. (Wait a sec, IS lepke the developer?!?!?!)
    Bottom line -- gameplay makes a game great. Graphics can make a game pleasant, pretty, etc -- but they can't really make a game great. I've noticed that old-school graphics can have some hefty punch, while new graphics are often awkward and cliche.
    Have had a few really neat games recently -- Retro Racing, Dungeonism, Bit Dungeon, Knights of Pen & Paper, and will forever love Dungeon Raid.

    re: This app & it's art -- the dev is being bold and taking risks. Props to them for doing it AND having people love the game.
    If you want to play something derivative yet w/great graphics, a 2gig game on your iOS device, go ahead. But don't spew all over something which might be great but my look unfamiliar to you.
    (Reminds me of an art teacher in art school who said, "Grafitti isn't art." At that point, they lost all their authority/legitimacy in my book. Same w/you, lepke -- you are just digging yourself a deeper hole.)

    • Scot D

      Finally, someone who understands great games! Thanks for your input! Those are some of my favorite iOS games too.

    • lepke

      I didn't say graffiti isn't art, I said there is good graffiti and bad graffiti, this is bad graffiti (WARNING MY OPINION.)

      Perhaps when you scribbled your name on the desk your teacher said that isn't art?

  • Thirdrail1

    I don't have any problem with retro graphics, but I'm not paying anyone $6 for a Rogue-like. That's like paying someone $6 for their cover of Wild Thing. However good it is, there are literally hundreds of free alternatives available, many of which are just as lovingly crafted, and polished, and well thought out.

    • wassupbiloxi

      But there are hundreds of free alternatives to every game, so isn't that an argument against paying for things in general? I don't see what's special about roguelikes, and this is barely a roguelike.

    • con4224

      the review is not so great wrt describing what this game actually is. seems it uses 'roguelike' as equivalent to 'permadeath' maybe also un combination with 'turnbased', which i think is not what most people understand under that term. this game at least has not much game mechanics in common with what i would call 'roguelike' which are dungeoncrawler with permadeath

  • Chq

    Yeah- 6$ is too much.

  • http://www.kortesalo.com/ i-kari


    I'll take pixel art over illustrator/vector art any. given. day.

    But then again, I'm an old fart.

    • lepke

      I will steal your disclaimer for future posts of mine on TA lol

  • Protoman

    I love how lepke's last post about not arguing that retro doesn't equate to lazy negates the very first post he wrote. What a moron. What a lazy moron.

    • lepke

      Comments like yours make me question the intelligence of this game's fan base.

      • Protoman

        Why because I pointed out the moronic inconsistency in your own posts. Grow up moron. I never even said I liked the game. I just don't like lazy morons. Read your posts asshat, my summery of your ineptitude is spot on. Sorry your too fucking stupid to be consistent in what you post.

      • lepke

        The only thing you pointed out is your own inability to comprehend words and their meaning. Shame you didn't like the game though, I hear it is quite good all be it lazy in its presentation. But perhaps you are not stupid, just too lazy to read to the end of my last post you refer to, that was the part that would explain it all to even the dumbest of of people.

      • darkcheetah

        Quigley McShiggledins! Indeed.

      • NickyNichols

        Just want to interject for a moment and point out that it is summary, not summery. Smart guy.

      • darkcheetah

        I'd like to point out the fact that all of you are knobs. Nootch!

      • Protoman

        Yet with all your infinite editorial ability you missed the fact I used "your" in place of "you're". Stellar job.

  • Chq

    ..still waiting for the price-reduction. 😛

    • Papa Deuce

      I too will purchase at $2.99...... I just feel like I have bought way too many games that I didn't enjoy even at 2 bucks.... Six bucks is too much too risk on " maybe " enjoying it, or maybe not.

  • http://www.ebog.me/ Ebog

    This game is really fun. It intrigued me and made ​​me addicted, can not be separated

  • armilla

    This game is awesome and absolutely worth the price - it'll definitely make my top 5 for this year.

  • ceptri

    I'm sorry, but I think this game is just garbage. The enemies are simply far too random and your character never improves over time (sure you get more spells but you never have more than you three hit points). There are many cases where you scan a block and that will randomly determine whether your going to live or die regardless of your actions after that point. This game is the equivalent of playing "how many times can I get heads in a row when flipping a coin". There is almost no strategy at all in this game. The fact that it is reviewed so highly really makes me question the quality of the other reviews here.

    • Chq

      Casual player!

  • FlavorDave

    This game. I don't get it. Out of respect for all on here, I'm not going to slam it, but I just don't see what the hype is all about.

868-HACK Reviewed by Jeffrey deMelo on . Rating: 5