627741_largerBelieve it or not, Halfbrick made games before Fruit Ninja [$1.99] blew up to the point that it was so huge it was scoring movie tie-in deals. Age of Zombies [$0.99] is the ancient (by today's standards) dual stick shooter by Halfbrick that recently got updated with iPhone 5 support.

It's a lot of fun, and it's pretty cute that the game is old enough that they needed to include a tutorial that includes the basics of how a dual stick shooter works. Ahhh... How times have changed.

Check it out:

If you haven't yet, now is as good of a time as any to download Age of Zombies. If you've deleted the game since its original release in 2010, maybe it's time to give it another shot as it has aged surprisingly well.

  • Jetjet

    Very cute and addictive game although I've never finished it but is there an end ?

    • Rivalsan

      Yes, it has an ending. I beat it probably within the first week or so that it was released. Interestingly enough, Barry cussed in the original version. I think that might have been stripped out later, though, because quite a few people complained about the bad language in iTunes reviews.

      • brickwalker0

        Yup, it did get edited. I originally played it as a PS mini on my PS3 and i believe the swearing is still in that one.

  • gameman

    Age of zombies was one of the first games I got on my iPod 3 years ago and I loved it, one of the best games

  • lancheta

    And it looks like Barry Steakfries is shooting it up in that game, am I right?

  • GiHubb

    Thanks to the Halfbrick's name, this game got a lot more credit than it deserved. When compared to Solomon's Keep for example, SK got a lot less attention but is by far a superior dual stick game and in my opinion still stands the age of time.

    • Jetjet

      I agree : SK is my favourite dual stick shooter on ios. Unfortunately the second game, Solomon Boneyard was more cult and it would be an instanbuy if a third Solomon game with a lot of contents would come here !

      • alex98909

        SK was easy and short, didnt like my 1$ investment which is are

      • Brown Cow

        Explain to me what a "$1 investment" is...

      • GiHubb

        Easy and short? It had tons of replayability with random RPG elements that allowed for a lot of experimentation and different attacks that changed the game in each play through. After beating the game you could also progress to a higher difficulty setting. The amount of content and play time I got out of the meager $1 asking price is ridiculous. I think it's free now as well btw.

      • greatnoob

        SK is NOT an iOS game, it was actually a Flash game back in 2006/(7?) and they just took that game and ported it to iOS! Best game though in all honesty since it's considered a classic in my book!

  • anabolicMike

    I have it on my android tablet. Good times. Love the zombie T-Rex haha.

  • dancj

    According to AppShopper it came out 6 months after Fruit Ninja - which fits more with my memory.

    • Jetjet

      But it was created before on another support

      • dancj

        Ah - that explains it.

  • Th3R3n3gad3

    What happened to the anniversary edition of this game?

    • Jetjet

      I was thinking the same thing ! Seems to be pulled out of appstore !

  • putermcgee

    I thought the Anniversary Edition was the update to add retina assets... which was their justification behind releasing a whole new app. But now the regular version has retina and the Anniversary Edition was pulled? That's pretty lame.

  • Louis Ace

    Remember playing this on my PSP...