412160_largerI love doing Freebie Alerts because I know it gives a whole new audience of people a chance to check out a cool game that they otherwise might not have been interested in. In the case of the just-price-dropped Zombie Highway [Free], this is easily one of the better freebies as of late.

Zombie Highway originally launched back in August 2010, nearly three years ago to the day from today. It started out as an incredibly basic endless game where you steer your vehicle down a never-ending highway while zombies leap from the sides of the road and onto your car. As they rock back and forth trying to get you to tip over, presumably so they can dine on your delectable brain matter, you could blast away at them using an assortment of weapons or, in an even cooler fashion you could sideswipe the many broken down vehicles that littered the highway to scrape those undead buggers right off.

To me, the scraping mechanic was what made Zombie Highway such a compelling game, though that's not to shortchange how awesome a feeling it is to blast the head off a zombie with a shotgun, either.

As with many iOS games, Zombie Highway was initially pretty simplistic, but has received tons and tons of updates over the past three years which have really fleshed out the entire experience. It's hard to put into words, but there's just something fun about it that has always kept me coming back.

Zombie Highway hasn't been free in well over a year, and only one other time before that, so if you've slipped on picking up the game previously now is an ideal time to do so, as its spinoff title Zombie Highway: Driver's Ed, which we took for a test drive in a TA Plays over the weekend, is set to launch next Thursday and this will give you a chance to warm up first.

  • ImJPaul

    Saw Zombie highway and thought drivers Ed came out. Now immensely disappointed.

    • Panzerbush

      Maybe now you can work on making complete sentences!

      • Bliquid

        I laughed, thank you.

  • EscortGamer

    I really like the Driver's Ed. Really cool game. I cannot wait to put my hands upon it!

  • Jake7905

    This is one of those early iPhone classics that I couldn't bring myself to pay for (not my usual type of game) but will happily download and try for free.

    And if I like it, I'll 'tip' the developers by buying the new game next week.

  • wiseguy

    Time Surfer is also free today. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

  • blakedaking

    I will pass based on the video, even if it is free.