Color Monkey’s New Trivia Game ‘Sortle – Get Your Facts Straight!’ Hits the App Store

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615054_largerIf you recall about a month ago we took a brief look at the newest game from developer Color Monkey, makers of the awesome pinball game Revenge of the Rob-O-Bot ($2.99). Today that game, called Sortle – Get your facts straight! (Free), is now available for the very affordable price of free.

Sortle is a trivia game, but not really like any trivia game that I’ve ever seen before. Its focus is more on sorting things based on various types of relevancy, so to use an example from the App Store description, “You might not know exactly how old the pyramids are, but you probably know they were built before World War II and after all the dinosaurs died? But is it older than all the other Wonders of the World or not?"

It’s this sort of non-specificity about Sortle that seems really attractive to me. I’m bad at knowing specific dates, names, and other hard facts, but I have a pretty decent amount of general useless knowledge bouncing around in my head. Sortle seems like the type of game that will let me put that useless knowledge to good use. You’ll go in rounds putting various things in order to the best of your ability, and then you can battle against a friend or the AI who must do the same to see who is the king of sorting random stuff.

As I mentioned, Sortle is free so it should be pretty easy to just download and try yourself if you’re at all interested in the concept or are typically a fan of trivia-type games. There’s also a discussion breaking out in our forums, so be sure to hit that up for even more impressions and to challenge other players in the online multiplayer. I’ll be sitting down with Sortle myself as well to “sort out" my feelings about it, and contemplating why I’ve wasted my whole life learning useless knowledge and making bad jokes in release posts.

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