584735_largerWow, I hope that aspiring crafters have blocked off some vacation days, because not only has Terraria arrived on the App Store but PixBits' highly-anticipated redux of their phenomenal 2D crafting game Junk Jack, called Junk Jack X [$4.99], has just surprise landed on the App Store as well. We just posted yesterday that Junk Jack X was "very close" and PixBits was just getting ready to ship the game off to Apple for approval, with launch likely coming in the next few weeks.

Well those tricky PixBits folks seem to have known all along that the game had already been approved, and my guess is they were specifically waiting for Terraria to pop-up so that they could flip the release switch themselves and go toe-to-toe with the competition. I have to say, I respect that, and that means that PixBits really believes that their product can stand up to its rivals. Given how awesome the first Junk Jack was, I don't blame them.


So there you go. Both Junk Jack X and Terraria are both now available for our iOS devices. Ideally you've got a ten spot lying around and can just snag them both, and then lose hours upon hours exploring worlds and crafting cool stuff. I know that's what my plan for the night is. Be sure to give our forums a look for early impressions of Junk Jack X, and we'll of course have more coverage of the game up on the site in the next few days so keep an eye out for that.

  • Robert Suarez

    I asked if it would be out this week:


    "Article says couple weeks"

    ...called it!

  • shadax

    I asked if it would be out this week:


    "The article says a couple weeks"

    Welp... Called it!


    Oh, god, I can only buy one at this price. WHICH ONE??? This is going to drive me crazy all night, I presume...

    • pdSlooper

      I feel your pain. D:

    • Zaraf

      Junk Jack,X is a new game while Terraria is a port. Seems an easy choice to me.

      • http://ask.fm/MidianGTX MidianGTX

        Yeah, the port of the game we definitely know is absolutely incredible. Still tempted on JJX though, but more of a risk.

    • alex98909

      id pick terraria but im using 25pp so free games

      • FraggleJP

        Uncool, bro. Uncool.

      • Endscrypt

        Your the kinda dude we don't want in our community! Take you digital code thieving ass elsewhere idiot.

    • daniel5457

      Just get them both.

    • JJE McManus

      Woke up this morning
      (At the risk of sounding like a blues song)
      and found both of these gems had dropped.
      Fastest $10 I ever spent outside of a horse track.
      Jack is back with a look and feel that is better than ever. I can't wait to find someone to goof around in multiplayer.
      Terraria feels like v1.0 but don't let that deter you. Controls, combat, inventory; everything is a bit slow to respond. Nothing that can't be fixed in an update tho and nothing to warn you off buying if you know what you are getting into.
      Now if you will excuse me I gots some holes what need diggin.

  • pixel_girl


    • Peter

      Why wouldn't you? It's a new game, work has been done to create it.

      • countermind

        Unfortunately work is a four letter word that people ignore and think things happen without effort.

      • RangerInfantry

        I like the way you think sir


    Huh? Wrong link on the Junk Jack X comments in the app...

  • sawyer4325

    I can't wait to get back from work and play this tomorrow!!!

  • cwearly1

    Those sneaky Devs, I can't believe JJX is our right now!!!

  • VirtualBoyFreak

    Wow! This sure is good news. I'm much more excited for Junk Jack X than for Terraria 🙂

  • Taclys

    Which is better: Junk Jack X or Tereria? I'm only going to buy 1 tonight. Thanks!

    • pdSlooper

      They both *just* came out. Flip a coin.

    • cwearly1

      Personally, JJX!!

    • WarMachine

      Terraria hands down is going to have waaaay more content. I mean think about it this game came our for PC and consoles whereas Junk Jack came out for the mobile platform in mind. However with that said I'm getting Junk Jack X because I already have Terreria on my laptop. Honestly though, both would be a better buy than Minecraft for the iOS.

      • Nekku

        Just by reading the descriptions of both games it seems like that JJX has much more content than Terraria. More craftable items, more monsters, more equipable items, multiplayer, more biomes, farming, completely different worlds to explore...did i miss something?
        Maybe Terraria will get huge content updates in the future, but JJX will get them too and i guess on a more frequently basis.
        Maybe i'm wrong, tho.

  • JohnTS

    Epic win!

  • Danny Perski

    This game looks so much better than Terraria.

  • Diaboliq

    I don't know why ppl are so crazy over these crafting games, are there any point to them? Vs u fight stuff in JJX?

    • cwearly1

      Have you ever actualy palyed these games?

    • WarMachine

      Terraria is adventure first and crafting second. There are actual bosses in this game and you have to beat them if you want to get better materials for armor and what not. Junk jack X I'm not too sure but this one is supposed to have quests and what not.

  • themostunclean

    Damnit!!!! I bought Terraria the second it dropped and now I have no mad money left for this!!

    I wanted JJX so much more! Oh we'll, I can skip the morning Red Bulls for the next couple of days I guess.

    • keke

      no money? seriously? they're like $5 each. my daily lunch costs more. How will you people survive in the real world?

    • flashbackflip

      Dude, really? You drink RedBull every morning??!

      If so i'd think about saving money for soon-needed medical assistance and not for games if i were you...

      • themostunclean

        I never said every morning, only mornings when I work and have class. That would be the next couple of days.

        God, commenters on this site have become so critical. Relax and mind you're own business.

  • Mister Bump

    You win JJ devs! Terriaria is cool an all, but lets face it; been there, done that!

    • cwearly1


  • brydude111

    Luckily, I can get both!! Hopefully two great games!!

  • tpianca

    I really hope TA can provide us not only with reviews of both, but a full head-to-head comparison of both AND Blockheads! please!

  • Popsux

    JJX vs Terreria 1-0. I'm definantly getting JJX!

    • Tyler Piderit

      I was curious about this. So its Terraria 1.0 to start for iOS and they will add more as they go. Junk Jack it is for now :). Terraria 1.0 was waaaaaaaaaay overplayed for me on PC.

  • naberhaus

    Snagged them both! A great night indeed! Craft on!

  • Ar

    I don't think it's good for me,so I won't buy it.How about buy a new book? It's useful for us.

    • Ben Norvell

      Wait what?

      • tootiegooch

        He means the book will help him decide which to buy (crowd goes, "ohhhhhhh")...

    • themostunclean

      A statement on literacy? How ironic.

      • Ar

        I'm Chinese . Do you know what game this is?And my English is not good enough.I am a student.A junior middle school student。

      • Atangerine

        ...then what are you doing here

      • Ar

        I will chat with you and make some friends to improve my English。

  • mkmoore86

    What is the difference between this and the original Junk Jack? Is this a true sequel or a remake? I thought I had heard that it was more of an enhanced version of the original.

    • Bparker

      It includes everything from the old Junk jack and all of that has been revamped but they also added a slew of new features like worlds to travel to and ton of crafting notes, etc.

  • FledgeFish

    Does anyone know what the iap are like?

    • Ben Norvell

      It's 5 bucks so I can't imagine that they are that bad

    • http://www.tap-start.com/ Mirkwood

      There has been no sign of any apparent IAP in either game

      • themostunclean

        Incorrect. There is IAP in JJX but its only to cheat and unlock alternate planets without getting to them honestly through adventure mode by crafting gates. There's also a special golden logo item you can buy which is basically a donation to show your support (and as they say "show everyone how cool you are"). Lastly, there's IAP for the full crafting book, once again- only for lazy gamers who want to cheat or don't feel like waiting for the wiki to be updated.

        So there is indeed IAP in JJX but its solely of the "completely optional to show your support or how bad you suck at this game" variety.

      • FledgeFish

        Sweet. Just picked it up along with terraria

      • http://ask.fm/MidianGTX MidianGTX

        You uh... you missed out all the hats and the alternative main menu background. The store has a "next" arrow you might not have noticed.

  • drkhrse


  • DemoEvolved

    Jjx easy win but they could have gone for the throat by pricing for a dollar less

  • Bool Zero

    Buying both this and Terraria... Both are my favorite games!

  • kimeh

    Is this game compatible with ipod touch 4th generation? The description on the appstore only says that its compatible with ipod touch iphone and ipad but it doesn't say any generation

    • themostunclean

      That usually means yes.

      On the forum the dev says it supports iPhone 3GS so you and iPad 1 owners are definitely good to go. They have always been focused on supporting every device possible with their games.

      • Protoman

        I wouldn't be so sure. They made JJX instead of just updating JJ because systems such as the water would not work on older versions of iOS. Hence the huge thread on their forums last year about if people would be willing to pay for a new JJ for things like water. I'd check before buying if you have an older device.

      • themostunclean

        As I said, the devs personally confirmed functionality on older devices on the forum. Anything that can run iOS 5 and above can run JJX.

  • anabolicMike

    JjX is way better

  • Reignmaker

    Planned on getting Terraria tonight and settled on Junk Jack X after researching the two of them. Probably can't go wrong with either one, but multiplayer and a steady track record for updates won me over to Junk Jack.

    Please add Game Center achievements and leaderboards please.

  • Dammster

    A lite version of any game would be a big advantage for it. I loved Terraria but I am afraid of the controls on touch device - waiting for review or better yet, videos.

  • Benegesserit

    They eat. You know the money you spent on food. The value of food, a necessity >>>>>>>>> a video game.

    • yippers

      How did anyone afford $60 console games if we can't find a second $5 nowadays?

  • kaZangy

    This game or Terraria? I can't decide!

  • KenRosenburg

    Looks like JJX edges out Terreria with its controls. I'll play Terreria on PS3 if I feel compelled.

    • http://ask.fm/MidianGTX MidianGTX

      Oh I wouldn't pick a console version over PC. iOS gets and edge for being portable, but otherwise you really want a better control scheme than a PS3 controller.

  • phonecats

    passing on both.

    growtopia FTW.

    MMO > single player / bluetooth multi

    • Protoman

      Never could get with the aesthetic quality of growtopia. The multi is pretty boss you say? May have to check that out again. Thx

    • themostunclean

      Multiplayer is online too, not just Bluetooth. How exactly did you come to that conclusion?

      • phonecats

        I never said multiplayer was just bluetooth.

        How exactly did you come to that potato?

  • themostunclean

    I said mad money, dude. I set aside a specific amount each week for stuff I don't need. The rest is called savings, it's how you survive in the real world. That and packing a lunch instead of buying it every day.