Last week we posted about the announcement of 2K Drive, and it'd seem that 2K has the marketing drip cycle firing on all cylinders with the release of the first of (presumably) many developer diary YouTube videos. This one in particular details a few different game modes, including a speed run mode that takes place on the salt flats.

It'll be interesting to see how 2K Drive differentiates itself from the other heavy hitters on the App Store in the racing game aisle, which we'll presumably see more and more of as more episodes of these developer diaries are released.

  • DannyWalkman

    Not sure about it, driving from cockpit seemed kinda weird.

    • marc0313

      That's MOST sims, dude.

    • Leo281993

      I love cockpit view. I refuse to play any racing game that doesn't have a cockpit view.

  • Mirkwood

    I feel like there are way too many of these realistic racing sims on the App Store already.

    • Rothgarr

      The only ones that come to mind are Real Racing and GT Racing...

  • BulkSlash

    I believe 2K Drive differentiates itself from the other heavy hitters by not being F2P, it's going to be "premium priced" (their words) so hopefully that means the latter portion of the game won't be subtly tuned to not give you enough cash and require you to keep putting real money in.

    • whitestatic

      Was going to post pretty much this before I saw your comment. Other than being a quality title, differentiation is easy: implement a premium price model and remove currency obstacles that get in the way of gameplay.

  • GSport

    I can't wait! Looks AMAZING!!!!

  • yetanotherapp

    I know they said it was going to be a premium title, hopefully following in the footsteps of X-com but the way they were talking about car ownership made it sound like it was along the lines of F2P. Please please please 2K, don't ruin what looks to be a quality title, don't make the same mistakes as EA!

  • JJE McManus

    An entire week with tons and tons on racing games. Bliss!
    Everywhere is scented with fumes of kerosine laced fuel and Bondo.
    Perhaps I should have heeded those ventilation warnings.
    Yes, 2K you've excited me. But I feel the same way about Christmas wrapping paper too.

  • fransoccer

    Finally a well game made for customization! I've been wanting to switch rims in RR3 for so long and you get to test drive every car so it's fair enough knowing what you're gonna buy and mini games!? Thank you 2k.... Thank you!!!

  • tranceforma

    Looks so good. The two types of in game currency worries me though....

  • CkX82

    I now has a boner 😀

  • worldcitizen1919

    Looks good only waiting to see the iap model. The last thing we want is freemium with TIMERS.

  • GPS

    Sadly I think the word Premium is their aim for how people will think of this game, I have a feeling this will be freemium. Time will tell I guess

  • chief78

    I like the varied modes, but yes, NO F2P PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!

  • Taclys

    They've announced it's a premium game, so what's up with the duel currency I'm seeing towards the end on the 'customize' section? I'm sincerely hoping that stars and coins aren't free currency, and IAP currency.

    Who knows though, maybe one of them is a ranking system. I'm still super optimistic.

  • John 2K

    Hey there! We noticed you have questions about 2K Drive.

    Feel free to reach out to us on our 2K Drive Facebook page:

    • B3nlok

      Looks mediocre. Nothing wrong with that given the price point you are aiming for. Still, knowing your background i wish you could improve the graphics i little bit. I can see that zune PGR game looking a bit better and its a 2009 mobile game. Perhaps you could port that to ios...