smashbanditsHey Singapore, if you have always felt jealous that Canada, Australia and New Zealand got all the soft-launch love, then this one is for you. Last week we debuted the first trailer for Smash Bandits, the sequel to Hutch Games' popular cops-and-robbers top-down combat racer Smash Cops [$4.99], and today the game has soft-launched in the Singapore App Store. Why soft-launch in a smaller market? Well, the game is free-to-play, and Hutch will likely be looking to test their systems and make some adjustments before releasing Smash Bandits into the wild worldwide.

That's great news if you have a Singapore App Store account, but if you don't and you missed out on Smash Cops the first time around, I still have some good news for you. For a limited time the original game has dropped its price to free, down from $4.99. That's a pretty awesome deal, as we really liked Smash Cops in our review when it launched last year.

Hutch had originally planned to launch Smash Bandits sometime this month, so this might be a short soft-launch period. We'll let you know when a full worldwide release happens, but in the meantime you can grab Smash Bandits from the link below if you're in Singapore or you can read up on early impressions from players in our forums. Also don't miss out on grabbing the first Smash Cops while it's currently zero dollars.

Singapore App Store Link: Smash Bandits, Free (Universal)



  • Louis Ace

    It had to be freemium...

  • RamazAdelphos

    I guess I'll pick it up why not

  • Donny K76

    I love the original Smash Cops. Hopefully, Smash Bandits will be well received and hit the American app store soon.

  • Deonaldi

    .... I want it

  • slammajamma28

    Got Smash Cops for free quite a while back. It was quite good

  • somedumbgamer

    Think ill delete this now

  • HatfulOfHollow

    It's been on the Singapore charts since last week.

    • B30

      That's right, tried it last week and deleted it, just another freemium timer cr(app), could be cool if it would be a premium title.

  • hi323

    No ipod 4 support why???

  • RunningWild

    Why the hell did you sell out Hutch? I won't touch this with a 12 foot iClownpole!