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Be the Bad Guy in ‘Smash Bandits,’ the Upcoming Sequel to Last Year’s Awesome ‘Smash Cops’

sblogoEarly last year Hutch Games released and iOS game called Smash Cops ($4.99), followed later that year by a free-to-play redux called Smash Cops Heat (Free), that utilized a very novel control mechanic made just for the touchscreen. Smash Cops was a game about blazing around a city in a cop car chasing down evading criminals, and then subduing and arresting them by repeatedly smashing into them with your car. It’s a fun premise just on paper, but what made Smash Cops come to life for me was how you controlled the car: by literally “pushing" it around the city using your finger.

We thought the original Smash Cops was pretty great in our review, especially with the fun “pushing" mechanic, but overall the game felt a bit short and the world you drove around in felt a bit limited. Well, Hutch is looking to address those complaints in their upcoming sequel Smash Bandits.

As you could probably guess from the title, Smash Bandits is basically the opposite of Smash Cops. Here you’re playing as the bad guys trying to outrun the cops who are in hot pursuit. You’ll have a selection of different cars to escape in, but that’s not all–as you’re driving around you’ll also have opportunities to switch things up and hop into a boat or a tank and continue on your rampage. The coolest part is that this all takes place in one huge, procedurally generated, highly destructible world. Check out how impressive Smash Bandits is looking in the debut trailer.

In addition to the above, Smash Bandits will have upgradeable items for your vehicles, several licensed cars, and a Challenge mode against friends. The game is just about ready to go, aiming for release sometime this month, so be sure it’s on your TouchArcade (Free) Watch List to keep tabs on things and check out the original Smash Cops or its free cousin Smash Cops Heat if you haven’t previously to get a small taste of what will be in store when Smash Bandits launches in the very near future.