scroogeslootI never could have imagined that I'd be writing this sentence, but here goes. A new 3rd-person shooter based on the classic Disney series DuckTales has popped up in the Canadian App Store. Yep, a 3rd-person shooter with DuckTales characters. It's called DuckTales: Scrooges Loot, and as Gamezebo found out when they took the Canadian version for a spin, it's actually not half-bad.

Players are trying to help Scrooge McDuck recover his stolen gold, which conveniently appears in piles that players can approach and collect from. Once you reach the maximum carryable amount, you'll try to transport it safely back to your team's helicopter. If the other team kills you (or incapacitates you -- with kid-friendly weapons like bubble guns and tennis rackets, I don't think Disney is going for the word "kill"), you’ll drop your gold for your opponent to collect. And as you’ve probably guessed, the team with the most gold wins.

Capcom and Disney conspired to make my head explode with excitement when they announced that the original NES DuckTales game was getting remade with modern visuals and released on just about all the major current platforms. Notably absent however was plans for an iOS release of DuckTales Remastered. Would I have preferred that to a somewhat strange free-to-play 3rd-person shooter? Umm, hell yeah I would have. However, I'll reserve judgement for after I actually give DuckTales: Scrooge's Loot a spin for myself, which I'm going to do right now.


If you're in Canada or have access to a Canadian App Store account then feel free to give it a try for yourself with the link below, and we'll keep an eye out for plans of an expanded release of DuckTales: Scrooge's Loot or–should my dreams come true–any word of if DuckTales Remastered will ever find its way to iOS in the future.


Canadian App Store Link: DuckTales: Scrooge's Loot, Free (Universal)

  • Bool Zero

    Wish it was the remake that's out on PSN... Now that I would buy to relive some teen year gaming memories!

    • TJF588

      It's not out yet (up for pre-purchase), but rather sure it's multiplatform with XBLA & Steam (though dunno if it's Steamplay).

      • Bool Zero

        Good to know since I play more on my 360 than my PC or PS3! I initially saw the prepurchase trailer on my PS3 so I assumed it was only going to be on that system! My bad!

      • manaman

        It's going to be on Wii U as well.

  • lux fox

    Doze crazy app fairies

  • Tim

    DuckTales WOO-OOO!

    • caaalrb

      Not pony tails or cotton tails but Duck Tales!

  • whitestatic


  • qsk1

    Looks battle bears royale to me.

  • tso5818

    Would be a awesome game if it wasn't free. The wait times are lame.

    • Erik Moller

      you only wait if you don't pay

      • tso5818

        I played it. Was level 4 and it sucks.

      • tso5818

        Never mind, read your weird post wrong. Please put commas.

  • DoctorDoom80

    Maybe if enough people request Remastered on iOS they'll port it?

  • ratsinheat

    Finally a game mentioned that a Christian can buy and enjoy!

    • Johnny101

      What, Ducks with AK's are Christian?

    • themostunclean

      I apologize in advance if you were joking sarcastically.

      It's an idiotic frame of mind to think that something has to be saccharine and childish in order to be Christian. There are plenty of games mentioned on TA that are wholesome and appropriate for people of faith and children. I'm pretty sure Mikey Shorts isn't practicing black arts, shooting heroin or whacking babies with automatic weapons. Was Mikey's Halloween edition was a bit to pagan for your sensibilities?

      • themostunclean

        Oh wait. You've done this crap before. I remember your BS and the ridiculous explanation you gave for your username in the TA "Haunted Hollow" article comments section.

        You weren't being sarcastic, you're just a troll. Or an idiot. More likely both.

  • owenx25


  • godofodd

    Looks like it's blocking sign in at the moment. I'm wondering if the was launched by mistake.

  • Jake7905

    Uncle Scrooge has enough loot, he doesn't need ours too. What's next, a freemium game starring the Romney's with Uncle Mitt?

  • curtisrshideler

    This looks like a terrible idea? Is the remastered DT too powerful to run on the latest iOS devices?! Shoot, I'd rather play the classic NES version than this on my iPhone.