satoru-iwata-ninSince early last decade, Microsoft and Sony have been the companies who have consistently tried to outdo each other in the console world with bigger, better and faster hardware with all the latest technology. Meanwhile, Nintendo sort of went in their own direction, sacrificing hardware specs in favor of cheaper pricing and innovation like motion controls. It worked out well for them with the original Wii, but hasn't quite taken off how they'd hoped with the newer Wii U. I think it's safe to say though that Nintendo is content marching to their own drummer in the console world.

In fact, Nintendo has always sort of stood above the rest in the video game world, from their stable of iconic characters to their literal "Nintendo Seal of Quality" that they used to require after deeming a game worthy of being on their console. First-party Nintendo software and hardware has always felt a notch above what rival companies offered over the past 30 years.

Often people ask why Nintendo, with the lukewarm reception to the Wii U and a Nintendo 3DS handheld system which struggled out of the gate upon release but has slowly gained a lot of traction, wouldn't just put their beloved franchises on other platforms–like, say, the App Store–and just sit back and watch the millions roll in. It seems like a no-brainer that would please shareholders and gamers the world over, so why don't they do it?

hardware_3dsxlWell, they've answered that many times already. Back in 2011, with the 3DS launch not going so great, and despite pressure from investors to put first-party titles on other platforms, Nintendo was pretty clear that they were more interested in the long-term of Nintendo and its own products rather than cashing in on short-term profits from porting games to other systems.

Even two years removed from those statements, Nintendo's stance hasn't changed. In an interview with CVG (via Daring Fireball), Nintendo President Satoru Iwata again answers why we won't ever see Nintendo's properties on non-Nintendo platforms. Short-term profits aren't worth sacrificing Nintendo's long-term image for.

In addition, and also as stated by Iwata back in 2011, Nintendo recognizes the benefit of having first-party software development and hardware development under the same roof, as the two can stimulate each other and create experiences that harmonize in a way that other game companies can't match. As Daring Fireball points out, controlling both the hardware and software sides of things in an effort to offer an unparalleled experience is similar to the modus operandi of another popular tech company: Apple.

Just as it wouldn't make much sense for Apple to rush out and license iOS for other mobile devices or OS X for any desktop computer, I just can't ever see Nintendo doing the same with Mario or Zelda unless they were in dire, dire financial circumstances. And even then I'm not too sure, they might rather go under than relinquish control of their babies. Nintendo is a proud company, after all.


At any rate, even though the Wii U's prospects look bleak at the moment, the 3DS has made a triumphant turnaround and Nintendo is in no way hurting financially. With the mounds and mounds of Wii and DS cash they're currently sitting on, they'll be in business for a long, long time regardless of if the Wii U ends up bouncing back or not.

Be sure to give the entire interview a read at the source link below as there's some great insights from Iwata regarding his iconic video game company. However, if you're an iOS gamer still holding out hope for some Nintendo games on your iPhone, the message from Big N to not get your hopes up is as loud and clear as it ever was.

[CVG via Daring Fireball]

  • Rusothil

    They're sooooooo eff'd

    • gryphonofmight

      no, they'll be fine. The Wii U has several games coming this year that are system sellers. It will do fine

      • toxiccheese

        Lets hope the wiiU starts to do better because right now the original wii is even outselling it!

      • gryphonofmight

        Wonderful 101, sonic lost world, Mario and sonic at the Olympics, donkey kong tropical freeze,mario 3d world, Zelda wind waker hd, scribblenauts unmasked and that's just exclusives coming this year. They will drive sales up. Pikmin 3 alone boosted sales and its not a big franchise.

      • Smartbomb

        They don't have masses of exclusives, but the quality high with what's been announced so far. It's a shame when a torrent of doom/gloom/endisnigh "news" articles proclaim impending death of a console, I don't think ninty have done themselves many favours with their sub par advertising regarding the Wii U but I feel it's a bit premature to write the console off just yet. I'm quite hyped for some of those exclusives you've mentioned, and I'm even quite torn between getting CoD ghosts for it rather than my PS3. The game pad is quite remarkable and the Off-TV functionality is much more impressive than I imagined.

        Bought a Vita to play next gen games when out and about (or whilst lazing in bed), then got an iPad mini to play IOS games much the same way. It's not until you actually lie in the comfort of your bed playing a few online matches of Black Ops II that you realise in some ways the Wii U is more relevant to portable gaming than it appears. Sure the gamepad can't stray too far from the console, but if like me, you tend to use your portable consoles mostly at home, it's kinda relevatory.

        They lost me with the Wii, but I couldn't be happier with my white Wii U and 3DS consoles, quite nicely complements the more serious black vita/PS3/iPad mini collection I have. Their hardware is fun and certainly part of the company's charm, it just wouldn't feel right to see mario bros or pikmin sitting on a home screen surrounded by countless throwaway indie games and freemium apps. Their games belong on their hardware IMHO.

      • Chris Brady

        The issue is that projected sales put them under their 9 million console sales, I forget by how much, but it's a big number under. They need a Wii level event to recuperate to satisfy their shareholders. However, Nintendo has more than enough money to survive a GameCube level melt down, which seems to happening.

        And as long as Iwata mans the helm believing that Zelda and Mario are 'precious resources' as opposed to game franchises, they'll keep doing this sort of silly stuff, as they bury their heads in the sand disbelieving that they behind the times.

        Game franchises need to improved on, or put to rest for a while, otherwise players will get game fatigue. Or end up like... You know what? Call of Duty gets blamed and insulted for this, and yet Nintendo did it first, but they get a pass for regurgitating the same game over and over again. The Big N has been doing it for almost twenty years, but no one takes them to task for it.

        I don't get it.

      • Smartbomb

        Off topic, but I loved the GameCube... Good times 🙂 favourite console I ever owned.

      • Hoggy110

        Nintendo may repeat the same game stories over and over game, but it gets repeated every 3-5 years, unlike COD which is every year, and Nintendo uses this time to think of a way to do the same thing in a brand new unique way (excluding the New Super Mario Bros. series which in my opinion should be retired for now) whilst COD makes a brand new take on the same story (stop terrorist from destroying (insert american city here) in the same environments as before) and adds one or two new feature towards the multiplayer, it changes nothing regarding graphics, and it sells as a brand new game. If I actually cared enough, I could think up a brand new COD game on the spot. However, Nintendo has proven to surprise with the levels and game mechanics with the Mario series, and with the new Legend Of Zelda game, Eiji Aonuma has admitted he is sick of the Zelda formula now and they are going to make this Zelda game different from the others. Metroid Prime was also radically different from any Metroid game beforehand

      • homosaur

        Metroid Prime was also developed outside Nintendo.

      • MidianGTX

        The problem is those articles almost always coincide with a new announcement from yet another developer dropping support for the system. It's not like they're unfounded.

      • ikari_paul

        Just imagine mario galaxy3, proper zelda u, metroid prime 4, etc... And smah bros u,... im not too worried about nintendo. Theyll do fine

      • gryphonofmight

        smash bros u is coming next year along with Mario kart u, bayonetta 2, the new xeno game and new Yoshi's story and more will be announced at the TGS conference like they always do. Next year will be even more awesome for Wii U

      • 21tigermike

        You're right, that should save them from being wiped out by iPad, iPad mini, etc.

      • MidianGTX

        It really depends on what your definition of "fine" is. Will they go bankrupt? No. Will they create a memorable gaming system? No.

      • iPadCary

        Oh, really now .... And, pray, just what are these "system sellers" you have in mind, hmm? Yet ANOTHER Mario 2 1/2D platformer? Zelda rehash? The Wonderful 100??? Not only do these bore Nintendo fans, but they are A] a looong ways off & B] nobody will be busting down Best Buy's doors to get a WiiU just to be abke to play this slop. Be realistic, why don'tcha?

      • ackmondual

        iOS only had Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, and some AAA titles that are already on PS and XB. Xbox keeps releasing Halo. Plenty of franchises on Sony that keep coming back. Heck, they're all doomed :p

    • Hoggy110

      May I invite you to the logic side of the world?

      •Nintendo has enough money that they could write off the Wii U as a failure and then make an entirely new system without any problems

      •The 3DS was the highest selling games console in NA for May and June

      •The Wii U will have at least 27 exclusive game on it's system when the holiday season comes around, which is more than the entirety of the so-far confirmed total of all games releasing for PS4 and Xbone, and don't forget all of the Wii exclusive games and the virtual console

      •The Wii U is the cheapest of the 3 new consoles

      •People are actually willing to purchase this game. Many people went to the Wii U demo stations at Best Buy when E3 was in and many people bought the console on the spot right after they demoed it

      •Nintendo doesn't care about graphics, they care about making amazing gaming experiences. They want to make bright and colourful games, not gritty realistic games. Games like Super Mario Galaxy and The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword are going to be remembered long into the future for their graphics whilst Call of Battlefield: Modern Company 3 are not going to hold up

      Face it or not, if Nintendo play's their cards right (and improves that marketing), the Wii U could easily take the holiday system and become a serious competitor in this generation, and the 3DS has already massacred the Vita.

      And finally, Pokemon X & Y and Super Smash Bros.

      • hourglass

        The sales of iPads and other iOS devices outstrip console sales any day. They're missing out on billions of dollars. Why can't they just port their older games to iOS? That would make them a lot of money while keeping their own sales intact.

      • Hoggy110

        Because it is horrendously easily to pirate stuff on the app store compared to the virtual console, where Nintendo stands to gain a considerably more amount of profit

      • 21tigermike

        You're talking about Jailbroken iOS devices? In 2013? Kind of a niche market, no?

      • Hoggy110

        Do you remember the article last month which said that with an apple service (which was later removed) which someone used for a GBA emulator? How about the apps on the app store which have gotten coverage on here for being emulators? Also, apps can be installed onto iDevices through iFunBox, so people can illegally download games and play them using that. People will do that if Nintendo releases apps onto the app store

      • tinkie277

        But it was also really easy to pirate on a wii, maybe just as easy.... Not a valid argument.... Nintendo wouldn't be able to release games on iOS unless like Sega did, they come out of the hardware market.

      • xx99

        More than that, if they lose software exclusivity, there are tons of people who wouldn't buy Nintendo hardware if they could play Pokémon, Mario, and Zelda on their Android and iOS devices. Like the TA article states, the software exclusivity creates a relationship between the software and hardware so they both make each other better.

      • 21tigermike

        That's exactly what Nintendo has declared publicly. Of course their strategy is to boost sales of their hardware through exclusivity. The question here is, should they abandon that strategy?

      • Adrian Werner

        Billions? Billions of dollars are what the whole Appstore makes. By not developing on iOS Nintendo is missing dozens, maybe hundreds of millions a year. Not enough to offset the loss hardware sales they would get by dropping exclusivity.

        Bassicaly look at this way, one Pokemon release on 3DS makes more money for Nintendo than All Angry Birds combined have made for Rovio. The scales are just completely different.

      • azkyckr

        Nintendo is focusing in "gaming experience", they have their own path and not following the mainstream. Many games developed for other consoles are "history" or in my own words "nuff play", yet the ones developed by Nintendo are still being played, the "replay value" are very high (currently playing GC Zelda Wind Waker)

        Yes, I would love to have a Nintendo game in my iPad/iPhone. It took more than a decade for gamefreak to enter the iOS system AND it is just reference guide, so I dont think that a game will happen.

      • Smartbomb

        Apart from the "massacred vita"... What he said. +1

      • Hoggy110

        Yeah...poor choice of words with the Vita crowd on the forums

      • shadax

        Working at GameStop in the past, the Wii and WiiFit were unbelievably hot holiday items. I'm talking calls day in and day out looking for those two items. I can see it happening again with the Wii U and Pokemon games this holiday season.

      • Hoggy110

        With the release of Wii Fit U by the end of the year, if Nintendo advertises that around, we should expect stuff like that with Wii Fit U and the Wii U

      • themostunclean

        Nintendo is indeed in trouble. Fans want to deny it but even a cursory amount of research shows the truth. All of the facts you site were provided by Nintendo which if course is only going to report good news.

        Basic Google search confirms THESE facts.

        -Nintendo has seen a steady loss of consumer support and market share over the past two decades.
        -They've lost tons of revenue in mobile gaming- 3DS vs Vita is irrelevant since they're both being trounced by iOS.
        -Investor confidence in Nintendo is corroding rapidly and they've lost the support of a number of large developers.
        -The PS4 is only $50 more than the WiiU and is more feature rich and powerful (doesn't come with a gimmick for a controller though).

        You're right about one thing, it's not all about the graphics. What it's about is N not being competitive in the console market anymore because they waited too long to enter the HD era and fell out if the loop in the console development cycle. The new MS and Sony consoles are superior in every way, the WiiU is outdated after less than a year.

      • Smartbomb

        Basic google searches and facts are not two entities that sit well together in my mind. I would consider myself a fan of gaming rather than a sole company so it's not something I need to deny to myself.

        There is a hint of apple fanboyism in your post whether intended or not, which for me detracts from what you're trying to get across. As a regular consumer outside of the inner company circles I have relatively few actual facts about the companies future and current standings, yet I feel swamped by opinion thanks to google and the plethora of news articles and vultures circling an apparently dead console.

      • yaboyrasp

        Apple fanboyism? He only said that they are losing money in the mobile market. He doesn't even mention apple in his whole post lol

      • Smartbomb

        Read again 😉

      • themostunclean

        I only mention that iOS is dominating in mobile game markets, which it is. Google also gets some credit too. Point was, mobile is no longer a prime money-maker for N.

        As far as fanboyism. I think you should take a look at how vehemently you're defending Nintendo before calling anyone a fanboy. It's undeniable that they are on the downswing and unless something groundbreaking comes along, they won't stay afloat in the console market. Unfortunately this is also a trend with many traditional Japanese gaming companies (there are many newer, independent Japanese companies doing great things).

      • Smartbomb

        Perhaps I misunderstood your strong tone? I cannot see anything in my post vehemently defending Nintendo, just trying to wrap my head around where a basic google search provides an impartial yet accurate grasp of facts. Current opinion, perspective or popular views yes, facts... Not so much.

        If I wasn't clear, I'll say it again, I'm a fan of gaming in general, not a sole company. Which is probably why I have three different Nintendo consoles, two different Sony consoles and a handful of apple devices, one of which dedicated solely to iOS gaming. Couldn't be further from the truth if you interpret anything I've written as blind love for ninty, they make their own share of daft mistakes; in my eyes they've been terribly complacent in regards to advertising their new baby... Not helping themselves there, no sir.

      • Hoggy110

        Ok, it's time to do a Phoenix Wright and do some objections

        "Nintendo has seen a steady loss of customer support and market share over the past two decades" - If Nintendo has lost customer support and market share, then could you please explain to me
        A)How the Nintendo DS is just 1.07 million from becoming tied with the PS2 as the highest selling console of all time at 155 million units sold?
        B)How the Nintendo Wii has sold over 100 million units, making it the 4th highest selling console of all time, the highest selling Nintendo home console of all time and the highest selling home console of last generation?
        And C)How the Nintendo 3DS has been the best-selling console for the last two months?
        I don't know about you, but that seems like a massive customer support base to me, and let's not forget that when Microsoft and Sony decided to tap into the largely Nintendo owned casual market with the PS Move and Kinect, they failed compared to them

        "They've lost tons of revenue in mobile gaming - 3DS vs. Vita is irrelevant since they're both being trounced by iOS" - You seem to be conveniently forgetting that most iOS purchasers are not major gamers like us people here. They mainly use it for the intended use (music device, phone, mini-computer), but if they actually decide to game, they go for Candy Crush Saga/Angry Birds/Jetpack Joyride/Temple Run/Minecraft. However, the people who purchase 3DS's and Vita's use it for gaming, and we can see stuff like that through Super Mario 3D Land, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Uncharted: Golden Abyss selling millions

        "Investor confidence in Nintendo is corroding rapidly and they've lost the support of a number of large developers" - Is it the right time to point out that the third-party support from publishers such as EA, Activision and Bethesda were poor on the Wii, and that still sold 100 million. If you are paying attention to Ubisoft, it really is their fault for assuming that a mature rated zombie game would sell millions on a launching Nintendo console. If they kept Rayman Legends at launch on the Wii U, then we probably wouldn't be concerned about the Wii U not selling. If Nintendo is losing third party support, it really isn't losing a lot. Investors also have nothing to worry about with the impending first party games. That's another thing, people are going to purchase the Nintendo consoles for the first-party support. It has happened so often in the future that it is pretty much certain to happen, and it is going to happen in the next 5 months with the amount of exclusive games. And I shall repeat, the Wii U will have more games on it than the PS4 and Xbone at the holiday season

        "The PS4 is only $50 more than the Wii U and is more feature rich and powerful (doesn't come with a gimmick for a controller though) - Ok then. I think it's time for a reminder lesson. Nintendo does not care about making the best graphics, they care about making the best games. Sony may have the SCE studios, Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch Studios and Guerrilla Games on their side, but Nintendo has the EAD studios, the SPD Studios, Retro Studios, HAL Laboratory, Intelligent Systems and Monolith Soft on their side. That is more developers exclusive to Nintendo. More people care about the Nintendo game as well if you look at the sales. You also claim that the PS4 has more features. Aside from recording videos on the console and special paid features, there is nothing unique about it, and the video recording thing is only going to be really used by 11 year olds who think they can be the next PewDiePie. Also, you claim the Wii U tablet controller to be a gimmick. If it is just a gimmick, then how come Sony is doing the exact same thing as the Wii U with the PS4 and PS Vita (which would cost $650rrp if the PS Vita doesn't drop and Sony doesn't release a combo, which is $300 more than the Wii U deluxe) and Microsoft is doing the exact same thing with Smart Glass? Lets have a little history lesson and look at some of Nintendo's "gimmicks"
        •Rumble (Star Fox 64, 1997)
        •Front-light on handhelds (Game Boy Advance SP, 2003)
        •Touch Screens (Nintendo DS, 2004)
        •Motion-controls (Nintendo Wii, 2006)
        •Handheld gaming (Game and Watch, 1981)
        All of them are successful and have been copied by Sony and Microsoft

        May I recommend going back and looking more carefully before making incorrect claims?

      • Smartbomb

        I liked this post 😀

      • Hoggy110

        I spent over an hour writing that, so thanks 🙂

      • themostunclean

        I appreciate the civil reply but I think you just did more to support my argument than refute it. You mainly list things that Nintendo and developers should have done, not what they're actually doing well. There have just been a laundry list of mismanagements and poor judgements on Nintendo's part over the last 5 years. Without some major changes then they just have no future in consoles.

        The remaining vigor left to their brand is only due to the loyalty and love people have for their characters which just isn't enough. I used to love Nintendo but they lost me with the Wii and shoddy handling if their IPs. Other M was the last straw:(

      • themostunclean

        Sorry. Replied to the wrong comment 🙁

        Do appreciate your reply as well.

      • Hoggy110

        Simple mistake and thanks 🙂

      • homosaur

        Front lighting on handhelds was not a gimmick, GBA owners were screaming about the lack of it on the original GBA. There were several companies that did well for about a year and a half exclusively making internal GBA lights to fix the broken originals. It was a dramatic oversight on Nintendo's part in thinking backlighting would be worse than not due to decreased battery life.

      • pdSlooper

        They experimented with motion controls waaay before the Wii -- recall the Power Glove? They also had the less embarrassing Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble (2000), Yoshi Topsy-Turvy (2004), and WarioWare: Twisted (2004). (I realize that YTT is generally considered mediocre, but *I* liked it).

        In Japan, they experimented even more with portables... I bought a wholesale lot of Japanese GB games and wound up with an official, white flash cart that apparently sold for 2500 yen and could have games written to it at a Nintendo kiosk for 800 yen a write.

        I also got a Mobile Adapter GB (just the card: a good summary on it over at Bulbapedia), but it looks like Hudson was the company that pioneered online Game Boy play.

        That's said mostly for the sake of interest. IMO it's not really important which company came up with what first, or who copied whom. The evolution of hardware and game design takes an industry.

      • Phoen1x1

        Yes the comment on them having a steady loss of customer support is beyond laughable when you consider the Wii and the DS/3DS line of consoles. Laughable..not that I think Nintendo has made great choices, by always under-powering their newest consoles they have lost a lot of hard core gamers and also have had to always go on the defense when 3rd party developers bail on the system. All they needed to do was put the right CPU in the Wii U and everyone would have had to shut up. But nope they cheaped out on that part and they now have to once again hear how their system will not get a good majority of the best 3rd party games that the XBONE and PS4 will have in droves.

      • Winston_from_the_Ministry

        "They've lost tons of revenue in mobile gaming"


        How much money do mobile game publishers make? FA compared to Nintendo.

      • Phoen1x1

        Graphics aren't the problem GAMING wise. Heck some of the best games from the 360 and PS3 were the Live Arcade and PSN releases and the Wii U easily has better graphics than all of those games. What the real problem is IMO getting real good 3rd party games onto the system due to the CPU speed issue. The GPU and memory are fine, but the CPU is not up to par with the other machines. Still I love the WII U just for Nintendo titles alone.

    • shadax

      Not at all. Nintendo is a huge name with lots of money coming from their products and franchises. They're protecting their name and reputation for dedicating to their own platforms.

      In fact, going mobile would appear they are selling out by pulling bucks from selling to a completely different market.

      Mario and the gang have a special place on Nintendo only consoles. I'd absolutely love to have them licensed to apple/google/Microsoft, but just the sound of that statement would be the downfall of Nintendo's legacy.

      Good move, Nintendo.

    • 61050

      seriously though, how dare a company forgo profits because they are passionate and proud of what they have created and have a oft-spoken goal of developing their own brand from within regardless of financial outcome.

      my favorite part about this is the amount of people who whine about iaps but then slag nintendo down for not selling out.

  • JCman7

    Nintendo is fine look how well Animal Crossing is doing. It's their unique IP that sells their system that is definitely why it would hurt them more in the long run by bringing these games to mobile.

  • BlueFalcN

    I'd kill to see a Pokemon emerald or firered game ported onto the AppStore by Nintendo. Knowing apple and Nintendo, I know this wont happen. But still, would be badass.

    • shadax

      My gaming fantasy:

      Super Mario RPG pocket.

      In fact, if they could at least bring it to 3DS I'd be soooooo happy.

      • Smartbomb

        Haven't played them myself but does Paper mario sticker star or Mario and luigi dream team go some way to fulfilling the portable mario RPG void? The latter is on my list of games to get...

    • 21tigermike

      If Nintendo doesn't want to make these games there are literally thousands of developers that will be more than happy to make ripoffs of Zelda, Mario, etc on iOS. Thanks for coming, Nintendo.

      • Smartbomb

        You can keep your rip offs, given the choice I'll opt for and support the genuine article.

        Though I must admit survival craft has filled a glaring void, but that's more a genre than a particular IP. The various platformers that try to mimic the quality or success of mario have yet to show themselves. Plenty of quality IPs on iOS that don't need to sincerely flatter Nintendo.

      • 21tigermike

        I'm of course referring to extremely high quality titles like OceanHorn (Adv/RPG), one of the most anticipated games for iOS. They don't have to look like ripoffs. And many young gamers (eg 8-16yrs old) will not even make the connection that this is a Nintendo game. Like P Diddy ripping a Zeppelin riff. This is how Nintendo could lose an entire generation of gamers.

      • pxlpshr

        So far, none of the ripoffs have made it

      • pdSlooper

        OREBUSTER is a pretty decent Zelda-like/RPG hybrid. The ending is seriously phoned in, but the gameplay is super-solid.

  • Smartbomb

    Kinda glad they keep their games locked to their products.

    Having had an on/off love affair with Nintendo hardware, I think it'd be a shame to miss out on their current generation of hardware. Having played wii u and 3ds fairly extensively I must admit the physical product goes very much hand in hand with the virtual one, complementing each other nicely.

  • Drizzt79

    This actually makes a lot of sense. Their IP's will become devalued if they scrunch them in to the App Store ecosystem. Companies that have such long term views are rare. Many would panic and give in to public/shareholder pressure. Will Nintendo show that slow and steady can win the race? Be interesting to see where they stand 10-20 years from now.

    • ikari_paul

      Last week i read that nintendos stock price has hit a longtime high, even with bad wiiu sales. Only shows that nintendos strategy is the right one

      • Boris Yankov

        Whatever you've read, it was wrong.
        A simple check of Nintendo's stock price reveals it was highest, much higher than now, at the end of 2007.

  • Eseres

    Im not sure that i even care if Nintendo never will port any games to IOS.
    There are only a hand full of games from Nintendo that i would think about getting anyways. And just to mention some of them; Zelda, ZombieU, Super Mario are the first ones that comes to my mind.

    • ikari_paul

      There are also a lot of people that dont care about ios games.. So i guess you guys even each other out

    • DBrown519

      I wish Nintendo would port many games. I would love to play them 80's game on a phone without having to jailbreak.

  • Jake7905

    Not a surprise, unfortunately. When it comes to their management Nintendo and Apple have two things in common, quality products and stubborn policies.

  • Reignmaker

    I actually respect the position being taken here. That's not to say Mario or Zelda wouldn't work in other platforms, but Nintendo has every right to retain its exclusivity.

    • ikari_paul

      Lol... Judging by peoples reactions around here, a buttonless handheld is the way to go. I like my ipad, but for real gaming experiences on the go, nothing can beat the vita or 3ds, imo

      • pdSlooper

        Give me buttons or give me death.

        Or, you know. Some of those app puzzlers are kinda nice.

  • iPadCary

    There is NO WAY Nintendo can sustain themselves for the entirety of this generation based soley on DS & U.
    No. Way.
    Corporate pride nothwithstanding, the REAL bosses, i.e. that group of folks that go by the appelation "stockholders", will simply not stand for it.
    While not *the* answer, *a* answer would be bringing thier star IPs to iOS.
    Even taking Apple's 30% cut off the top into account , Nintendo looks to vastly increase thier coffers via the App Store.
    There's just simply no other way!

    • gryphonofmight

      Nintendo has 10 billion in cash assets. The 3DS is selling like crazy. The Wii U has several games coming exclusively that will sell systems. They will do well.

      • Bool Zero

        Cash assets is not the same as liquid assets (or cash on hand to laymen). Their cash assets are locked into numerous securities, manufacturing plants, patents, shipping facilities, buildings and largely into other solid assets. This means they can just cough at the flop of a system as it would potentially hurt their infrastructure. Lets not confuse one for the other and make statements like that without understanding the difference. Nintendo is not impervious to a failure no more than any other CES producer. Though not like Sony whose assets are largely solid, Nintendo still doesn't have the on hand cash clout to deal with a failure without affecting their operations if they have to find the money. They can't afford a failure; lets not generalize and assume that they can when their financials are so easily available.

      • Bool Zero

        Edit: "can't" just cough[....]

      • Smartbomb

        You had me worried 😀

      • Drach

        I do worry about Nintendo long term, but for the short term, they will likely be fine. Other franchises not mentioned here like Fire Emblem and Advance Wars have a very faithful following as well (myself included - I bought a 3DS just for Fire Emblem). In the long term, though, innovation will continue to be needed to survive. The same holds true for Apple as well though. If they don't innovate, their dominance can diminish rapidly as well.

    • ikari_paul

      They survived the ps1+2 era, fyi

    • Winston_from_the_Ministry

      I don't think you understand what Nintendo is about...

      • iPadCary

        I don't think YOU understand good business sense & having to answer to fidgety stockholders.

  • TheMerc

    The only thing of theirs I'd like to see made available on other platforms would be GoldenEye: so long as a company was willing to fork over the cash to Nintendo and Rare, I don't see why Nintendo would raise any objections (they aren't - can't, really - doing anything with it, so it's a might-as-well situation).
    I stopped entertaining any hopes of seeing Mario, Zelda or Pokemon make any sort of appearance outside the realms of Nintendo-branded hardware a long time ago...

  • hourglass

    They should just release their older games on iOS. It would make them a lot of money. If they're just afraid that doing so would cannibalize their own sales, I have a quote from Steve Jobs: "Never be afraid to cannibalize your own sales. If you don't, someone else will."

    • Smartbomb

      They've taken their merry time regarding the eShop and rereleasing classic games, but Ninty seem to be growing a bit more confident/competent with the virtual storefront, I expect now they've got the ball rolling they would see it as a backward step to let other hardware in on that piece of the pie.

    • pdSlooper

      Their older games would play awful on a touch screen, which would damage their image. Best to keep reselling those games on devices that have actually buttons.

  • ikelleigh

    I wonder how much money Nintendo would make if they released a $5 Pokemon game on iOS/Android. Probably more money than they have selling Wii Us.

    • Smartbomb

      Would that possibly devalue one of their strongest IPs? If anything, Pokemon is a portable hardware seller and given that they charge roughly 5-10 times that per game I feel they'd be shooting themselves in the foot doing that. They miss out on sale of hardware and potentially other games all for a quick buck through the App Store.

      Then there's the problem of jail broken devices and nintendos strict protection of their software.

      • ikari_paul

        exactly. why sell something for 5$, if you can sell it for 50$ plus 150$ console, and still shift a gargantuan nº of games?

        just shows that a lot of users that chime in with their wisdom are just that, simple users, who clealry dont know anything about business strategy and are more shortsighted than mr.magoo. then again, if the opposite were true, then we'd have 1000's of Steve Jobs's and Shigeru Myamoto's...

    • ikari_paul

      Short term, yeah

      Long term, it would destroy the ip

      • 21tigermike

        Tell that to SquareEnix, who are actually developing all new IP on iOS, as well as porting old classics and raking it in.

      • Smartbomb

        Sqeenix have no stakes in hardware unless I'm mistaken.

      • ikari_paul

        Square enix is a games publisher and developer, not a hardware manufacturer. And, im sure youll agree with me, has been a shadow of their former self. When was the last really great square game released. Youll have to go back to the ps1-2 era

        citing a publisher, that clearly has lost its way, as the perfect example of why nntendo should follow, is the worst example you could give. Square is exactly the example why nintendo is right.

        Oh, and last time i checked, square has been in deep financial trouble. Theyll release games on any machine available... Theyre even realeing on ouya. And the games they release cost around 20$... Which the majority of smartphone

      • homosaur

        Doesn't count probably because they didn't develop it, but Sleeping Dogs was fantastic.

      • ikari_paul

        Sleeping Dogs and the last Tomb Raider were great and sold millions... but because of mismanagement and budgets spiraling out of hand, both were considered flops because they didnt sell what Squeenix were expecting them to

      • 21tigermike

        Obviously they're not a hardware maker.. it was a response to "it would destroy the ip".. Which is a bizarre statement, when you consider what, say, Square is doing, selling 20 year old games for about 15-20 bucks a pop.

      • ikari_paul

        and how well are they doing? nothing points to the fact that they're doing well on ios. and my point stands: square has lost its way, and theyre a sinking ship. What they do is NO proof of anything being correct or not. Nintendo is not square, and selling Nintendo games on IOS would hurt Nintendo in the long run. Only being a software company is not as lucrative as also being a Hardware manufacturer... and i would hate to see nintendo being reduced to the level of Sega. Unlike you, i care about Nintendo

    • famousringo

      Pokemon Black/White sold almost 15 million copies at $30 a piece. You seriously think they could shift 90 million downloads on iOS at $5?

      • ikelleigh

        Is this a trick question? Why wouldn't Nintendo move towards an IAP model using one of it's most popular IPs? Custom Pokemon balls, costumes or skins for Pokemon, XP boosters. It would be the end-all for OCD collectors.

      • Smartbomb

        Quite possibly the most horrendous idea I've heard, absolutely a potential money maker, but that kind of thinking could destroy reputation.

      • ikelleigh

        I never said I liked the idea, or that I'm supporting it, but if I was a business that relied on gamers' money to stay competitive, it would be a model that I'd explore.

      • ikari_paul

        they'll do better, dont worry. its a question of releasing their big IP's

        the x360 wasnt a huge sucess in the begining, and then, after Oblivion, i began to sell really well. the wiiU has just been released like 9 months ago, and everybody is already saying nintendo will go under. more wishful thinking by butthurt fanboys, i reckon

        ninty will do well. still remember what people said about the Wii, and then everybody quickly shut up in embarassment

      • ikari_paul

        IAP and DLC are destroying games, imo

        thank god nintendo has been timid about releasing them. i hate to buy a game in "pieces"

      • Smartbomb

        I'm picturing a mario party game where you get a handful of mini games thrown in for free... Then nasty surprise :O

        Hope it never happens. Ever.

      • pdSlooper

        Luma lee! Luma bop!
        Welcome to the in-app shop!

      • ikari_paul

        dont forget apple's 33% cut 😛

    • ackmondual

      Well, the AppStore takes a 30% cut of all sales, so it's $1.5 that goes to apple for each sale. Then Nintendo needs to pay $100 a year to remain an iOS developer. That's not a whole lot of money to Nintendo.
      The bigger issue is losing a lot of flexibility and control by letting their stuff on other platforms. Ironically enough, Apple tried letting other manufacturers create their computers, but they scrapped that so they could keep tighter quality control on their own products, not much unlike what Nintendo's doing now by having all of their games go to only their own hardware.

      • 21tigermike

        "Then Nintendo needs to pay $100 a year to remain an iOS developer. That's not a whole lot of money to Nintendo. "

        I can't believe you actually bothered to type that Nintendo Co. could afford paying the $99 annual dev fee. Wow.

      • ackmondual

        So you're saying their budget is so bad they can't pay $100 a year? Either way, supports the path that Nintendo should tie in their products ONLY to their hardware.

      • 21tigermike

        No I'm saying ... they definitely can afford $100.. about a million times over.

  • Joshua

    Like I say many times in the past Nintendo Wii U don't have nothing new only HD graphics that mean nothing for me..... an useless control with screen that not big deal.....Nintendo need come new accessories like:

    -similar FitBit or Jawbone UP and health programs with rewards if you work out you earn things or rewards or discounts and share your goals with your friends to Facebook, Twitter or Sina Weibo.
    -also could make a social network for only Nintendo user like similar to "Path" for iOS and Android.
    -free stuffs each week in Nintendo shop
    -more open to developer of any kind to make a variety of apps to earn money and profit.
    -retina display for the control Wii U
    -Nintendo app for iOS, Window mobile, BlackBerry and Android.
    -Wii U deluxe version $300 with 80GB or 120GB
    -Nintendo tablet with Nintendo OS system will be awesome!

  • diaskeaus

    The pessimist in me: Their loss.

    The optimist in me: If they just added phone functionality to the WiiU, they'd give Apple a run for their money.

    • Smartbomb

      I'm loving the idea of using a wii u as a phone... Can't quite picture it in practical terms, but it's amusing imagining the possibilities 😀

  • lux fox


  • ikari_paul

    The last thing i want is to see nintendo games on other hardware. Never.

    • Smartbomb

      It just wouldn't feel right would it? I'm with you on this...

  • TJF588

    And yet, the Pokédex app. (Could we really count Pokémon TV?)

    • gryphonofmight

      The pokemon company, although owned by Nintendo does operate independently at times.

  • The Gamer Dude

    Well Nintendo made zillions off the original game boy, and game boy color when the competition was very slim. God would it be spiffy to have SMW, or a Wind Walker game on IOS, or Mario Kart, or any of the many, many other Nintendo first party gems.

    When pigs fly I guess.

    Wait a minute, in that Geiko commercial the pig was ..... Oh never mind.

  • Mekklesack

    I would never hold out for Nintendo to release on other platforms, mobile or otherwise, but I'd sell my first born child for some Valve games on iOS! Especially TF2!

    (ranting for a bit: TF2 is the "only" game that makes me even "think" about putting down large mounds of cash for a newer laptop, over my current tablet).

    If only......

  • Ollivar Frank

    Pikmin franchise on Xbox or ps would make me faint

  • ikari_paul

    Everybody over here is forgetting that the x360, when it was launched, wasnt also a big system seller... Not until Oblivion arrived. Only later, with its exclusives, did it start to sell well. The same wil happen with the WiiU... Itll start to sell a lot better when the exclusives arrive

    • gryphonofmight

      Bingo! Once the heavy hitters come it will sell well!

    • Smartbomb

      It's a sad trend, both the 3ds and vita had a fair share of dead on arrival headlines and paltry sales reports. Looking back, we had no need to get our panties in a twist. Heck iirc the wii wasn't such hot property to begin with either (in gamers minds at least).

      If I've bought a couple of futureless consoles (3ds and wii u) I'm not too fussed, with the calibre and quality of first party games out/due in the next year I have more than enough to enjoy on both of them and am quite happy to just get on with it and enjoy games rather than fuss over the politics of the situation. Was a time when a game came out and we played it to death, over and over, treasured for many years. We, myself included, have become rather spoilt, God knows how many unfinished PS3 games I have... With Nintendo games, I still find that old quality still shines on, I want to see each of those games through to the end.

      2012 was so last year, perhaps we can leave impending doom in the past?

  • Fastbridge

    Bad move my friends?

    • Erik Moller

      Time will tell and with hindsight we'll all look smart.

  • TeddyNYC

    I hope Nintendo announces a portable console with a higher resolution screen next year.

    • Smartbomb

      The new 3ds with retina display... Ha!

      Gotta say, their screens could do with a little loving. Battery more so. Might make them less affordable though...

  • whitestatic

    There is no money in hardware. Zero. Platforms live and die by selling content to users. Go where the users are and let someone else bear the burden of hardware costs (which are notorious for being loss leaders for the first few years of life). Pivot or risk being the next Atari, Sega, SNK: Neo Geo, or NEC: TurboGraphix.

    • 21tigermike

      "There is no money in hardware. Zero."

      Tell that to Apple. The richest company on Earth.

      • Bool Zero

        Yet they garner a majority of their profit from the iTunes Store and Apple accessories...

      • ikari_paul

        and? both go hand in hand. if they didnt have the hardware, they wouldnt sell the software, huh, genius?

        the car industry makes their profit in the car extras/acessories, not the car itself. should bmw now be called an extras manufacturer?

      • Bool Zero

        To answer your question of "and?": My point is that they can just as easily make money without the hardware with just the store. The only reason iTunes Store is tied to Apple products is because they want it eventually position themselves to dominate both markets of mobile hardware and its content front. Apple has a smaller share of the mobile market compared to (approximately 30/70 with Android the hardware majority leader) Android devices by more than half yet the iTunes Store generates approximately seven times the revenue that the Android store makes. If Apple were to offer their store front to other devices and get out of the hardware business they would become even more profitable. Instead of being confrontational, defensive and borderline rude, take the time to consider the position of an opposing opinion rather than just dismissing it...

        As a prime example, look at Steam which is responsible for over 75% of PC game sales despite other companies having storefronts and being able to still physically buy products.

      • 21tigermike

        Not even close. iTunes store is a zero to Apple. They make money on hardware sales.

      • whitestatic

        Apple makes hardware to control the experience. They're interested in controlling the ecosystem. Nintendo's content has always trumped their hardware. My post isn't a slam against them. It's to say concentrate on what you're good at: Telling great interactive stories. They'll never compete on hardware but they don't need to. Hardware is a commodity. Content has and will always be king. Simply look at the total number of smartphones and tablets sold globally and compare that to the total number of consoles (across all three players) and my point is even further made.

    • Winston_from_the_Ministry

      Do what Sega did or risk being the next Sega?

    • ikari_paul

      shortsighted view, basically saying "go with the flow", and do what everybody does. with that mentality, nintendo wouldnt have survived the NES era. then again, dont think you ever were a nintendo costumer... and so far, they did pretty well without you... last month, their stock even peaked at record high.... and in 2009, was japans rchest company

      i reckon theyll still be around the day apple, sony or microsoft go bankrupt.

      oh, and saying "theres no money in hardware" is a lie that you try to pass a truth. nintendo always made a profit on hardware.

      • whitestatic

        You actually don't know anything about me or my gaming experience. Nor do you know anything about my experience and knowledge in manufacturing and designing consumer electronics. Don't presume you know anything just because you have a different, albeit wrong, opinion.

  • EscortGamer

    Why is Nintedo still thinking they will be great at gaming? They think they are in the nineties where the 16 bit ruled. Poor Nintendo, people are tired of your Wiis and Marios and Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.

    • ikari_paul

      they still make great games... if you like them is another matter. i prefer mario or zelda to call of duty or any crap on the top10

      unless you think that your opinions and tastes are the right ones...

      • Terwilke

        I honestly like call of duty... More like love. I mute all the children on there and I also am really good and don't talk smack and I enjoyed the story and the impacts your decisions had in black ops 2. Nintendo really does rehash all the same stuff over and over with new levels... But Cod does it a little bit, but not enough to stop me from getting the new games a few months after they are out. And back in 2011, I had a psp and a Nintendo Ds... But as soon as I got my first iPod touch, I have both away and have not looked back since... Besides the free to play garbage and heinous Iap schemes, I so enjoy apples App Store and especially the final fantasy and infinity blade series

      • pdSlooper

        Something I've noticed, as a gamer, is that games from genres you don't like tend to blur all together. I'm not a fan of the FPS genre at all, and to me, games as disparate as Halo, Borderlands, and CoD can come off as the same old slag... even though I damn well know better. If I sit myself down, and identify even the most basic elements of the games, they start to stand apart.

        On the other hand, I'm a Kairosoft fan. Those games are a LOT more similar to each other than the major FPS standouts, but I can easily discern and enjoy the most minute mechanical differences between them.

        One day, I'd love to take a Game History 101 class, where games are critiqued segmentally in the same way sculpture, painting, and photography are in Art History or Drawing class. I think it'd really help me learn to appreciate the genres that I stay away from.

    • Fade to Slack

      Yeah, those 100 million plus Nintendo DSs and soon-to-be 100 million Wiis proved that nobody likes Nintendo.

      They, uh, kind of ruled the last generation statistically. They just weren't friendly to traditional gamers.

  • andrew9oh7

    Bring Pokemon over and take my money,till then ill keep playing them on emulator 🙂

  • BobCat5142

    Dam you Nintendo and your occasionally amazing games on boring systems!

    • ikari_paul

      system have to be exciting now? theyre and end in themselves, now?

    • Smartbomb

      Boring systems?

      The funky "cube" with a handle on the back, the weird mash up of ergonomic peripherals that was the wii with its slanty stand or the current wii with its modern yet childlike exterior and giant GBA controller? Don't get me started on the one with a screen that can look at another screen when folded... seen the awesome box shapes from Microsoft and Sony yet? ;D

      Questionable or unorthodox design choices yes, and hella limited operating systems in some cases, but boring?

  • Blodia

    "Just as it wouldn't make much sense for Apple to rush out and license iOS for other mobile devices or OS X for any desktop computer, I just can't ever see Nintendo doing the same with Mario or Zelda unless they were in dire, dire financial circumstances."

    Anyone ELSE remember the Philips CDi? "Hotel Mario"?

    • ikari_paul

      biggest mistake... and never made again

    • 21tigermike

      Fair enough, but in this example you're comparing Philips CDi to the most successful dev platform in the Tech Industry: iOS (iPhone + iPod touch + iPad). Think about that for a minute.

  • Taeles

    Now I hope the wii u burns and nintendo is bought by some parent company who turns them in to a software developer for every other platform.

    • Smartbomb

      Bit extreme

    • gryphonofmight

      And you want the industry to die, why exactly?

      • Smartbomb

        Some people just want to watch the gaming world burn?

      • gryphonofmight

        seems like it sadly

    • ikari_paul

      so your that selfcentred to want the world to adapt to your views and tastes? i reckon nintendo will still be around the day apple, microsoft and sony go out of business

  • ikari_paul

    the day nintendo is going multiplatform is the day apple licences ios to google/samsung, and sony & microsoft release their games on each others consoles

    also find it laughable that every d****** on the net thinks it knows better than Nintendo how to run a games company (guess the "me! me!" mentality is very strong on the net) . Nintendo has been around for decades, and its not by taking narrow-minded decisions based on "whats hot" in the moment that they made it this far.

    i reckon theyll still be around the day all the other companies close shop, as long as they have a clear vision and stay true to that vision. And if theres a company that knows how to make great games, its nintendo. not everyone may like them, but there are many others that do

  • Erik Moller

    I'm not going to go on a rant as to why Nintendo would be swimming in buckets and buckets and buckets of cash if they decided to develop games for iOS and Android. They're part of the old guard, exclusive games for select systems. This was famous in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. Hell, PS has the exclusive "Last of Us" that's driving the Internet crazy because they can't play it [if they don't have a PS3]. Silly? Or just business? Nintendo's gonna do what they do.

    • ikari_paul

      the truth is that the majority of smartphone gamers doesnt pay more tha 1-2$ per game... only a small majority buys the more expensive games. its a false argument to say nintendo would sell more games via appstore. it wouldnt, imo

      and if you want to divide companies into old and new guard, nintendo is as old guard as sony or microsoft

      • Erik Moller

        I'm pretty sure I made the argument that Nintendo, Sony and MS are old guard. But thank you for reiterating. I've always said people don't pay to play games. That's why Nintendo has a catalogue of games to release. In a word, Pokémon. They'd clean up on that one. Don't fool yourself, they'd be top in the app store.

      • andrew9oh7

        Yea I'd pay a lot for Pokemon on ios,if only.sigh

  • rewyan

    Good for Nintendo. Exclusive games are the key to their success (and future success). They publish something like half of the available games, and these are all exclusive to their systems. It definitely gives people a reason to buy their software, or at least take a look and think about buying in the future. Basically, it gives people a reason why they should stick with Nintendo over Microsoft and Sony.

    By the way, I'd really like to see a fourth competitor in the console world. I wonder who it'll be. Maybe Apple, maybe Samsung? Only time will tell.

  • Illuminerdy

    Glad everyone in this thread has a business degree. @&$% this stupid board room discussion. Talk about games and playing them.

  • tedong

    Well, it's fine. Nintendo can do whatever it likes.
    I missed Nintendo platform actually. Own every generation except for Wii-U and that's because I got so busy at work.
    Just wish I could get to having enough money to not go to work and can go back to playing those awesome games.

  • audiotaku

    If there's serious money to be made in smartphone gaming... And Nintendo wont release games on "non-Nintendo hardware", then why aren't they working on their own smartphone? Or buy over a company that can? Imagine a smartphone with not just an AppStore, but a virtual console too. Plug it into a TV Dock and play big screen... All the technology is already there. I say it's only a matter of time...

    • azkyckr

      Nintendo is currently making their way there, I believe they revamp the eshop system this December.

    • FrostAceIV

      They've merged their home console and handheld R&D departments since the release of the WiiU, which seems to indicate that their next gaming system will be both handheld and TV-enabled. Makes sense - they're not pushing super-duper-HD graphics on their development studios and partners for cost and content-focus reasons, so a portable console should be fine next time.

      I thought they'd do it this time around, but with the 3DS already out and now in its prime, I think they had to wait.

  • iPodHacker1O1

    I say Nintendo should open up their franchise to non-Nintendo consoles. I mean why shouldn't they? Some little bullcrap pride isn't gonna help you gain money quickly.

    • defmad

      Your question has already been answered in previous posts by people who actually value their gaming experience and the future of gaming.

      Let the masses have their freemium and .99c games, most of these people don't care about having quality immersive gaming experiences, that's why casual mobile gaming is so popular, they're not the kind of people who are willing to throw so much time and money into playing a game (although there are plenty of hardcore gamers that game on iOS, but not nearly as much as the casual gamer).

      I don't know about anyone else, but I don't want to see Nintendo games swimming amongst the filth of freemium cow dung. Don't get me wrong, I love my iPhone and apps, but I'd rather keep my hardcore gaming experiences separate and on a dedicated console/PC, because I have owned every single console since the NES and iOS gaming has never come near the experiences I've had with console/PC games.

      So if Nintendo decides not to port games to mobile platforms, then that's no great loss to Nintendo's loyal followers. They still get to play Nintendo's great games because they're willing to pay for it, and iOS gamers won't be missing much because they're the kind of people who will want Mario and Zelda titles for .99c.

      • 21tigermike

        "iOS gamers won't be missing much because they're the kind of people who will want Mario and Zelda titles for .99c."

        Square is selling games at $10-20, not 99 cents. Have you ever used an iPhone?

      • defmad

        I'm being general mate, I'm talking about the fact that iOS gamers are more a casual crowd, and that hardcore gamers already play on their preferred systems. Square Enix, RockStar etc are generally the exception in the AppStore. The reason I stated that there are also hardcore gamers gaming on iOS is to account for those exceptions because I expected such comments from people like you. Way to just pick at people's opinions, you're a true hero.

        And yes, I have owned every iPhone since the 3GS. Thanks for your 2 cents.

      • defmad

        Sorry mate, I don't mean to be on the defensive like that, your comment had a tone of arrogance and know-better to it that it's one of the reasons I don't usually comment on forums. But I've done so here because I'm a Nintendo supporter (even through their worst times), and I also enjoy playing games on iOS. To be fair your comment only supports my point when you consider that the people who are willing to pay for Square Enix games are more from the hardcore crowd and thus are unlikely people from the casual crowd who play more Angry Birds/Candy crush type games. Just take a look at the comments for Square Enix games on the AppStore, there's a lot of complaints about the prices.

      • Winston_from_the_Ministry

        Big budget games on smartphones have been pretty cooly received despite their high quality.

  • ackmondual

    If Nintendo should go to iOS, then really, no reason Sony nor Microsoft shouldn't do the same. Money is money right? [/sarcasm]
    Same reason why Apple doesn't let anyone else manufacture their hardware... they keep tight control over that.
    For Wii U vs. PS4 vs. XbOne, there's no reason for Nintendo join and create a 3-way pissing match with the other 2. It really should just focus on what it's doing that's different than PS4 and Xb1, let them duke it out, while keeping costs down. The gamepad seemed gimmicky, but I tried out a few games, and they do have some stuff that hasn't gotten you to say "there's no reason this could've been on a last gen console". The other 2 won't deviate from their standard peripherals and controllers.
    Speaking of which, any of you truly thought how awful many games will be on iOS without hard buttons? That's one main reason more serious gamers get a Vita, PSP, DS/any variation.