451786_larger1-150x150RED ALERT: Bad Piggies [Free / Free (HD)] is Apple's App of The Week. As such, it's now available at the price of free instead of not-free (or 99¢, if you're keeping track at home).

You'll want to grab this one, too. It's an imaginative puzzle platform game that tasks users with building fantastical machines and navigating them through a physics-enabled world to an end goal. The catch is that there's tons of obstacles around, and machines need the right parts and the construction to get past them.


We gave Bad Piggies a big old five stars, which is a really good score. It's a treat to play. The mechanics are solid and the level design does a fantastic job of enticing you to build increasingly whackier contraptions. Give our review a read if you'd like -- or just download the game since it's, you know, free.

  • one.sixty.four

    this game so fantastic.

    • pillzhereish

      This game became my all-time favourite the second I put my fingers on the screen.

    • xx99

      For sure. In case anybody is hesitant (not sure how you could be at 99 cents), this is a completely different experience from Angry Birds. I can't really get into the avian flinging but I have had a lot of fun with Bad Piggies.

  • Sloop

    This game looks great but it crashes on launch on my 4S, anyone else had this issue? I tried the free version back when it came out and had the same problem.

    • Jake7905

      Nope, I'm running it on a 4s, no problems. Try restarting your device, that's always worth a try.

      • Sloop

        Tried restarting, reinstalling, etc., no luck. Oh well.

  • dexterdavis

    What happened to the free apps that touch arcade use to give. Dang it

    • parkerpunk

      I know right!!

    • themostunclean

      They never really did much with that anyway. I don't think they ever actually provided them for free anyway. They just would highlight games that were free for a limited time.

      They still do this (case in point right here) but don't use the "TA Free Play" title.

  • parkerpunk


  • clownaveli

    Awesome I was getting ready to buy this game too!!!!

  • sakara214ever

    Nice. But it crashes on iPhone 5. Does not even start.

  • Zephro

    Same here, on ip5. Just crashes after the splash screen.