bloodmasque-150x150After seeing Jared's amazing character in Square Enix's upcoming title, Bloodmasque, Eli and I just HAD to see the game in motion, too. Below, we've got an epic playthrough with some of the most ridiculous pictures of ourselves (and a cat) that we could find.

In all seriousness, Bloodmasque is maybe one of the most hilarious games we've played in a long time. Though, it's a "make your own fun" kind of thing. Check out Jared's preview for a rundown of some of the game's finer points. Or, hey, you could just grab this when it hits later tonight.

  • darnoc703

    Does this require Internet? I was hoping to play on my 17 hour car ride....

    • Ben Norvell

      I have a 14 hour car ride this Sunday, so I have the same question.

    • defunct32

      Requires internet!

  • Jazzpha

    Hilarious job, guys. Much appreciated! Definitely looks like a fun game.

    And yeah, as soon as I saw the commander for the first time, I thought "Is that Morpheus?"

    Nice to know Brad and I were on the same page.

    • Aventador

      I thought Samuel L Jackson and that he might mention snakes in the plane.
      Ezio and Desmond names just remind me how much I want Assasins Creed properly ported to iOS , just look at Deus Ex : The Fall.

  • jForsythe

    Out in Australia now

  • Taclys

    So is it just my Internet, or does it take foreeevvvveeerrrrr to load anything from the toucharcade app? I can load YouTube normally elsewhere without a problem, but I can let s TA video buffer for 5+ minutes with like 30 seconds of result.

  • chaos_envoys

    Online only dectected!! AVOID!!!

    • defunct32

      Oh noes! Already bought this, and this one requires internet? Ugh!

  • defunct32

    Bought it, it requires constant internet connection, think this is more for iPhone and iPad rather than an iPod Touch. If you're going for some car ride on x amount of hours then you're screwed unless you bought this for your iPad or iPhone, still very addictive though.

    • visualplayer

      I have an iPad and an iPhone but still don't play internetconnectiononly games if I can avoid it. Not all iPads have 3G.

      • defunct32

        I know, i just feel it's more suited for those two than an iPod Touch, looks like I can only play this at home unless I can get good hotspot outside or something... Hopefully Square will make an offline version (wishful thinking).

      • Onikage725

        How is something more suited to iPhone than iPod Touch?

      • defunct32

        For lack of a better term I chose "more suited" because for a game that requires internet access at all time, wouldn't an iPad or an iPhone be more viable than an iPod touch without 3G access? At least with the other two you can play this game anywhere.

        Oh God, please, I beg you do not turn this into some kind of inane debate of epic proportion, my heart cannot handle it! Otherwise I'm having a blast with Bloodmasque.

  • Psiufoxx

    I give the Internet 32.46 seconds before someone makes a penisface.

  • RunningWild

    Says its not available in the Australian AppStore..?


    Are the facial images moderated?

    Or will there be loads of people with cock and balls, or bums for faces before you know it?