749677_largerGun and Mighty Rabbit Studios’ latest iOS turn-based tactical-strategy game - Breach & Clear [$3.99] - could be so much more than what it is, and promises to be, when... it’s actually finished. With loads of content dangling in your face, locked-aside with a note that simply reads "coming soon," Breach & Clear quickly dipped into the depths of disappointment with me the more I played of it.

Some of you will love the game though- Basking in its gun-porn, load-out & weapon customization, and the  accurately-detailed militaristic style dripping from the game. While I have complaints about B&C’s mission-design, the game handles quite well in the game-play department. Regardless, I found too much to be disappointed about, overall, with its entire package to stay engaged.

Breach and Clear is sleek. It has all the bells-and-whistles you’d expect from the genre ranging from customizable squads, class-based strategy, tons of upgrades, gear, load-outs, and more. It controls near-flawlessly on iPad. But- …that’s all it has!

As a "mobile game" I'm almost used to the fact that games Breach & Clear lack any type of narrative. Truth is, I was hoping this was going to be 2013’s iOS version of something like Police-Quest: SWAT 2. Instead, I’m forced to fill in the blanks narratively, leaving the experience feeling shallow and tired in progression.

mzl.dzcdorkb.1136x1136-75Of the three sort-of-included modes, only Terrorist-Hunt is playable right now as is only 3 of the 5 total missions packed into B&C. Each mission has 5 scenarios to play through, and it’s a bit disappointing seeing “Coming Soon” plastered everywhere on the mission page. It also does not help that Terrorist-Hunt mode quickly reveals itself to be a sometimes boring and often repetitive endeavor, making grinding levels on each your squad-mates - and getting to most of the cool stuff – a chore.

Scenarios are practically re-skins of environments. Environments are chains of rooms, separated by doors in a blank, hollow space ready to be breached and cleared. Firefights rarely required the strategy you’d imagine B&C to offer, even on above-normal difficulty – which sadly is locked behind a star-system, forcing more of the game down your throat. Ultimately, I found the game to feel unrewarding on the tactical-side of things, never really requiring me to do anything more than assigning my squad to breach a door and walk in.

Breach & Clear feels like it’s in Alpha-stage, as it currently stands on the App Store, and that’s not OK with me. I expected a complete project with my purchase. This makes reviewing the game shockingly difficult, as there's not much here to review, and it's hard to factor in future promises in grading the game as in this stage of the App Store I think everyone has been burnt at least once by promised updates that never come to fruition.

The reason I refuse to swallow its mis-steps so easily is because I respect these developers and know the potential of their games. Mighty Rabbit expects me to keep Breach & Clear on the brain, until the “coming soon” content finally arrives, based solely on what they give us so far. So far, I’m bored, and itching at the skin with irritation from such a soul-less approach to a genre on iOS that, this year, saw the likes of Frozen Synapse and XCom: Enemy Unknown.

If I was more aware of the missing content this review may have been a bit easier to swallow. But expectations are everything, and if Breach & Clear expected what little it gave us to be OK for now… it expected wrong. Sadly, though, some of us also expected the wrong thing. I was one of them.

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  • handycapman

    Well at least it scored higher than Garfield's Wild Ride... Oh wait.

    • http://matt-curtis.me/ Matt Curtis

      This whole "OMGz it didn't score higher than angreh birds omg tis review is so stuped" is idiotic. Reviews and their ratings are entirely RELATIVE. Maybe we should change the rating system. Instead, we'll have a star for every single game on the App Store, so we can compare them individually and gripe about it.

      • handycapman

        Or just get, ya know, some writers who won't give games like limbo and B&C a 3 whilst other games of FAR lesser quality receive 4's and 5's.

      • nini

        Follow the herd, writers. We only want to hear what we're thinking.

      • HungarianUrinalCakes

        I honestly agree with both sides of the argument. A game may be a great CASUAL game, but even a great CASUAL games is USUALLY (and generally speaking) worse than a decent "hardcore" video game. Hardcore games are critiqued much more harshly because it's relative to its genre. It's unfair and frustrating to readers.

      • Zack Bridges

        HEY. Oh my god. I'm so glad you illustrated for all of us the subjectivity of ratings. I would have never undesrtood the relatively tiny value that a review from some jackass on the internet would have had. But thank you for taking the time to describe the disjointed parts of the system for those of us who are less fortunate. THANK YOU MATT CURTIS

    • toxiccheese

      I had to agree though; the game is no more than a 3/5 for me.

    • JaysUsernam

      There is a really simple solution to the 'star rating complaints'. Eliminate the stars!!!! It is such a dated system anyway.

      Who cares how many tiny stars a game gets?! Read the review and it gives a clear picture of what you are getting into, from there you get to decided if it's a good game for you

  • islesfan

    Not only is this an outstanding game, but it beats the two you compare it to in a couple of important ways. XCOM, for all its bells and whistles needs to be the only game on your device as it clocks in at over 3gb and costs $20!!! (I just got XCOM for XBOX for $12 BTW). This is one tenth the price! As for Frozen Synapse, I suppose I'd try it if it weren't iPad only. This game does what it does very well and I for one am content to wait for the "coming soon" aspects. It seems to me that you saw "coming soon" and nothing else really mattered.

    • shaver

      It doesn't do what it does very well:

      • no replay so you can't tell what the hell happened; pretty sure R6 had this 15 years ago, on hardware worse than the device in my lap, with 4 squads

      • customize all the things! oh, but have fun comparing them, or even knowing what the attributes do and what ranges mean what. and don't stumble into oddball item types like *body armor*, because you have to tap through to be disappointed. and don't expect to see the visual differences on your troops, which is the only difference between some of the items. (and for differences in mobility, without replay you probably won't see them either.)

      • advance and build up your squad ("from around the world"...for very small definitions of world), if you can tell what the attributes do. and remember to go spend points (on what? just guess, mostly) if you level up, because the game won't tell you to do anything but push on to the next mission.

      The game I was expecting is great, and I remain hopeful that B&C will be that game someday. But the game I bought is an E3 demo, not something that keeps the promises it makes on the App Store. I'd rather have the original R6 on my iPad, even with those 1996 graphics.

    • Rusothil

      Xcom is an evolved form of B&C. It out does it in every aspect if you can get over the price tag..

    • andrew9oh7

      Lol!!!!!beats xcom?!thats the biggest joke I've ever heard

      • Jake7905

        100% agree. While I like Breach & Clear is a bad game (

      • Jake7905

        100% agree. While I do like Breach & Clear (it'll be better after a few updates) it is not even close to being as good as XCOM. Not even in the same league.

      • andrew9oh7

        Yea b&c is not a bad game at all,like you said just needs more updates,but to compare it to xcom is just silly.

      • Zack Bridges

        God damn your point is grounded in so much reality. I'm so glad you understand Breach & Clear's update plan. Or particularly the fact that XCOM was produced by a tier 1 studio at Take 2 Interactive.

        We all want our indies to be as good as the big houses but you telling use this effort isn't as good as XCOM isn't getting us there.

        Do you understand the industry? These games are several years apart? Who do yo think copied whom?

    • LearnIIBurn

      Comparing this game to XCOM or Frozen Synapse is literally as deep as the "genre" tag it shares with them. Those two games are complete packages despite price or device compatibility. XCOM is hours and hours of fun. Gladly paid 20$ for it, and would again. The inevitable sale price for it will happen sooner than we think, so don't let an intro price be the judge of a great title and port to iOS.

      Frozen Synapse is absolutely awesome for $7. I own it on Steam, and have put way too many hours into it. It has a level editor, many game modes, and tons of fun stuff to do. Games are recorded for later viewing. It's like the Rainbow Six planning phase in a full blown game. This is something that Breach & Clear could become easily, if more work is put into it. Frozen Synapse is cross platform asynchronous multiplayer too! Android phone vs. PC? No problem! ipad vs. Mac? Why not? I love this! I have 6 games going right now from my Ipad mini against a slew of different devices w/ friends.

      Breach and Clear has some serious gun porn going for it, and that's why I am mainly playing it still right now. Otherwise....way unfinished and less deep than the other offerings. I have hope for the future, but like the reviewer said, attention is a lot harder to hold in mobile gaming. On to the next game!

    • whitestatic

      I see a difference between price and value. I see Xcom as high price, high value. For Breach and Clear, it's low price low value. I was severely underwhelmed by Breach and Clear. I don't care what the cost is, I'm not paying to be a beta tester. B&C feels like a proof of concept rather than a fully realized game. Tiny Thief is a better price value comparison (albeit a different genre) if you're stuck on the $20. Tiny Thief is low price, high value. Gamers want a complete fully realized experience, independent of cost.

      • andrew9oh7

        Well said

      • PipBoy3k

        Good point... But I thought Tiny Thief, while still "perfect" in most regards, was a bit short as well... Especially since I could clear most levels in from Chapter 1-3 in 5 to 10 minutes. At least from Rovio though we can expect a slew of update, and in the mean time I'll hold B&C to the same standard.

    • Foghorn Irrascible

      Hi, can I just ask why the price of XCOM means it has to be "the only game on your device"? Or why the size means that either?

      It's just that I've got it and plenty other games on my device. Weird.

      • islesfan

        It wasn't the price so much as the size that makes it your only game. I almost bought XCOM, but I'd have to get rid of so much else (NBA2K13 ain't going!) and then I decided to buy the XBOX version for $12. I may buy XCOM when it drops to $5-$6 or so, but for now I'll stick to B&C. I got FS when it went on sale, and it does have more options, but it is graphically inferior. That an the fact that it is locked to the iPad leaves me spending far more time with B&C.

  • Goat76

    I agree with you. You should not release gm with so many holes in it.but it's ok so far but from what I have seen and played xcom will be reining supreme over B & C.

    • Pray For Death

      You don't rein supreme... unless your horse is named Supreme I guess.

      • whitestatic

        You can have a reign of fire though, if you're Christian Bale. Or a ring of fire, if you're Johnny Cash.


    Overly critical and lopsided. The review is too focused on the apparent lack of content instead of the actual gameplay. 15 missions for $2 is ridiculous? With the promise of more to come? Doesn't sound all that outlandish to me. I'm pretty damn satisfied with my $1.99 purchase, and I love the crazy amount of customization - naming my squad members after friends is pretty hilarious.

    • Louis Ace

      I personally think Breach and Clear deserved 4-Stars.

    • Pray For Death

      You can't give a score based on promises.

      • handycapman

        But you can on content. 2 dollars for 15 missions + replay ability is a fantastic deal.

      • maniacfive

        Not when the replayability isn't really there. Gun Porn aside, I see no reason at all to continue to play B&C beyond the first campaign.

        And frankly I find the Gun Porn to be better done in Overkill 2, at least there its easy to see the difference between the guns.

  • KevinS

    It seemed like this review just said the same thing over and over twenty times. I love following a game that gets actively updated. 🙂

    • shaver

      Has it been updated yet? The devs are active in the forum, but given how much of the content they were willing to ship without before — and not just leave out, but surface everywhere in the UI as though to get partial marks — I think some skepticism is in order. The mission packs aren't the only things that make it feel rushed: awkward post-mission flow, no explanation of *any* of the attributes that distinguish the 2.4e5 rifles, no explanation of character attributes that you spend points on, no video replay of turns or missions (!), only North American forces (but "around the world" in the description), straight-up "giving troops orders" bugs (better be certain you want that door wedge then and there), no random room generation to ease the grind monotony, and AFAICT you can't even see the customized weapons on your troops.

      Given the "hoo-ah, be an operator" marketing and in-game presentation, it's hard to believe that Mighty Rabbit got to this level of game polish and said "this is the game we want to release; it's the immersive, hard-core military CQB tactical sim we wanted to build". Everybody has time constraints, but the marketing here seems on the border of deceptive. "Tactical engine and first episodes; more coming soon!" in the App Store description would seem more like straight shooting.

      • ptdshiznit818

        Honestly your comment covers much more than the actual review does. I'm loving this game but if you're going to complain about it at least have something to complain about other than, "too much coming soon shit" or "no story so this game blows!!1!1". They should have hired you to write this review lol.

      • islesfan

        "Only North American forces" is like complaining that there aren't any D-League teams in NBA 2K13!

      • shaver

        Tell it to the Brits, Australians, Pakistanis, Poles, French, etc.

        And to the people writing the App Store description.

      • islesfan

        I'd tell it to the French, but they'd be too busy running away.

  • Chuck Ankenbauer

    Maybe you should of gave this game to someone who would understand the purpose and tactics of it all to review. It's always funny to read reviews where it's obvious the reviewer don't like the type of game or at least not familiar enough with the purpose. 4 out of 5 stars... 15 missions, replayable at 3 levels for 2 bucks... that's fair. imo

  • wermy

    This review seems unfinished. 2/5, would not read again.

    • metalcasket

      Liked/upvoted/whatever the hell this comment, not because I agree with the rating or anything, but because it's absolutely hilarious!

    • Royce

      Honestly, this is one of the most poorly written articles I've ever read on the front page of TA.

      "Some of you will love the game, though; basking in its gun-porn, load-out & weapon customization, and the rest of its accurately-detailed militaristic."
      Militaristic what? That sentence isn't even finished.

      "As a “mobile-platform” game I can grudge with having to look passed the fact that Breach & Clear lacks any type of narrative."
      What the hell is "grudging with" something?
      And seriously? Mixing up past and passed is an elementary school mistake.

      "Of 3 total modes only Terrorist-Hunt is playable; as is only 3 of the 5 total missions packed into B&C."
      In other words "3 missions is playable?" Is they now?

      "Breach & Clear is an overconfident approach in a market that moves-on to the next game as fast as one could click the App Store icon."
      It isn't an approach. It's a game. It may take an approach, but it isn't one itself.

      Those are just some of the low lights. There is so much more wrong here. Don't even get me started on the mind boggling punctuation.

      I don't have this game, and appreciate the attempt to inform me about it. Unfortunately, when the message is so poorly delivered, I'm not sure how much stock to put in it.

      I'm saddened in general at the declining quality of writing in TA articles and I hope things turn around because this is still a great site. That's the only reason I'm posting this. Editors need to start doing some editing if they want this website to continue to look professional.

      • Foghorn Irrascible

        The criticisms of this review are spot on. I had exactly the same thoughts reading it.

        I remember when TA said they needed more writers. Seems they'll take on anyone, and to hell with editing the resulting submitted copy.

        Makes the site seem so amateurish 🙁

  • Endscrypt

    I totally hear what the review said over and over again,and agree with most of it. B&C IMO has been a bit of a let down, although it does have a few nice touches that hopefully they will work with,And all the stuff to come, just could make this game great but I don't believe this is or ever will be the next XCOM, which is a pity,But then again I do prefer the real life weapons, (gold m4 anyone) Hey mabaye they did get a little cocky!, did they have the right to be? I think only time will tell on this one as so much is still to come to this game but for $2 I ain't got no complaints about being a Beta tester for would could turn out to be a great game.

  • oooooomonkey

    I give this review 1/5 for their reviewing skills.

  • McCREE

    I actually think this review is absolutely spot on. Everything B&C offers leaves me wanting more, and not in that "this is so awesome, I want more" kind of way. I bought it on a whim after hearing glowing praise and have been disappointed every step of the way. I haven't deleted it yet in hopes that somehow I will find whatever it is I feel the game is missing, but that's not going to happen. Maybe constant support from the developers will improve this title, but with the Frozen Synapse price drop today, I can't see this game sticking around on my iPad for more than a few more minutes.

    Honest reviews that condemn a game popular among this community are a funny thing. The reactions sometimes seem like the reviewer wasn't talking about a game but about the readers puppy or little brother. I tend to get more offended when I see gushing praise for a clearly unfinished game that really isn't that "fun" to begin with.

    Here's to hoping B&C will get rounded out with some quality content. And quality gameplay, for that matter.

    In the meantime, thank you for your truthful review. You hit the nail on the head in every possible way.

    • Foghorn Irrascible

      Well not really, and it's written so badly.

      But never mind.

  • GaZ-OiD

    Plain and simple, straight to the point. I agree with the review and have put the game to bed in the hope it will wake up one day with a much needed gameplay update

  • ptdshiznit818

    Wow TA you guys are on a roll with these reviews...

  • pinta_vodki

    And yet, it gets the same 3/5.

  • Arthur

    I have to agree with the reviewer. The first I saw of the "coming soon" confused me at first, thinking that I just had to unlock them. When I realized (after seeing it not only in the mission area, but also some of the loadout/gear areas) what it actually meant I was pretty disappointed.

    Other people have said $2 for 15 missions, great value? Pay another dollar for Frozen Synapse and you'll get a complete game, with a campaign and story, as well as multiplayer. That's a great value.

    After reading the devs replies in the forums it cemented the feeling that they rushed this out too quickly (something to the effect of the camera not being how they wanted it, but only had 8 months to work on the game). On top of bugs with the volume, the menu being slow, and no story, they have now stated in the forums they are going to be reworking the system that determines how you are awarded stars. It all just screams "unfinished". They don't even have a system in place for early adopters to keep the golden M4 if you remove the game from your device.

    I hope they continue and make it a great game as both they and the game have great potential, but the game as it is (ignoring what COULD be, or what MIGHT come down the road) is unfinished, buggy, and gets old quick. Pick up Frozen Synapse instead for now.

    • Foghorn Irrascible

      Yes but they WILL have a system in place.

      You lot expect the moon on a stick. As for whining about 'coming soon', never played a recent Angry Birds game? Dagobah System, anyone? Come on, why's it okay for Rovio but not these guys?

      You bunch of whiners.

      • Arthur

        Then maybe they should have been more forthcoming in the description. If you have an unfinished game, and need to release it just so development can continue (which they stated was the case in the forums), then be honest and let your customer base know that it is being released early and that some things (well, more like quite a few things in this case) are missing and there are plans to implement such and such later on.

        I'm all for supporting indie devs who need it so they can go on to build a fantastic game (which B&C will become eventually I believe), but in this case it was just handled poorly. A false expectation was set that this was a full featured game, and it just isn't.

        Also, any one of the angry bird games had heaps more content to play through at release, not to mention a fraction of the bugs. The bugs were what really got me with B&C. The volume slider in the settings section isn't respected until the settings are opened, meaning you have to open it every time you play if you want a level different than maxed out. With any sort of decent QA testing an annoying bug like that would be found quickly, but it wasn't.

        I enjoyed what I could from it before I got bored with it after a day or so, so I feel I got my $2 worth. Maybe wake me up when they DO have a system in place.

        (Having an opinion on a product purchased, even one that differs from yours, is okay. You don't have to resort to name calling because someone didn't like your new favorite game.)

  • Qualitybeats

    Sorry guys, just had to be honest here. To my self and to the developers.

    I don't review games based on price. I review them based on what the product offers me for every minute of my time. Money is replaceable. Time isn't.

    I know the guys at Mighty Rabbit can appreciate honesty and know themselves where the problems are. I'm also confident they will eventually turn this product around.

    I expected flack for this. Have fun flaming me - I am a good sport. Thanks for reading.

  • Kozio235

    This would be an awesome game to record! Get xRec to record your screen on non-jailbroken devices! Get it fast because Apple isn't a big fan of stuff like this.

    • themostunclean

      Just got it. Works pretty well. FPS are a little low and audio records through the device mic but other than that its legit.

      Hope Apple doesn't notice, also that it gets updated for iOS 7 soon or it's going to obsolete in a few months for those of us planning to update.

    • dancj

      Spam spam spam spam

      • themostunclean

        Actually, not really. I'm glad I found out about this, it's something I've been wanting for a while since I don't jailbreak anymore. I'm glad I saw this post.

        And check my account. I'm definitely not a spammer.

      • shaver

        Yes, people spam because it works.

      • dancj

        I was talking about Kozio235's post.

      • themostunclean

        I know. I just don't think it was spam. At least not the garden-variety obnoxious scam BS you usually see in comments sections.

      • KevinS

        I'm so glad I heard about this

  • joaquin_ondamoon

    Spot on review. While load outs and customization are great, the game itself is boring and repetitive. It definitely feels unfinished, and I doubt I'll be interested when the 'additional content' comes out. Perhaps they ran out of money, and pushed the game out the door to secure additional funding. Certainly feels that way. Wish I'd held onto my money until the review came out, but I'm a sucker for Turn Based Strategy.

    Caveat Emptor.

  • aaronsullivan

    Seems a bit harsh for a $2 game. I expected at least $6 as I read the review.

    • shaver

      It's a $4 game on sale for 1/2 off at launch, and there is IAP for currency that you can also grind for in-game. Nobody knows how important the IAP will be when the rest of the game gets here.

  • sweetdiss

    This review almost seems like it was google-translated from another language or something, with its awkward phrasings and weird overuse of colons. Am I the only one seeing this?

    • Platyrrhine

      I didn't notice it at first, but you're absolutely right. There are many colons and semicolons used incorrectly in the article.

    • cell-gfx

      Ignoring the actual content of the review, I think the editorial team needs to improve their review QA before letting them out into the wild. Not only are there grammatical errors throughout, but a profusion of unnecessary and incorrectly used punctuation as well. The fact that the phrase 'look passed' was used in place of 'look past' and wasn't picked up isn't confidence building either.

      Given that TA scores and reviews are taken in such high regard in the iOS community, by both customers and developers, this particular review is only going to be damaging to both, irrespective of the accuracy of its overarching message.

    • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

      Everyone knows if there's too many colons: there's gonna be a lot of poo.
      Clean it up, TA people!

    • Foghorn Irrascible

      Nope, you're not. It's a pathetic collection of badly-parsed phrases and ill-thought-out 'sentences'.

  • Reignmaker

    For me, XCOM nullified this with its preemptive strike.

  • Hampus Jensen

    Yea, this game was a bit of a disappointment. The combat is overly simple (where to go and what direction to face, that's it, everything else is automatic) not to mention easy and I'm not sure why the loadout stuff is even there (besides trying to get me to buy credits for items with real money), it's all expensive for tiny stat boosts which judging by how my squad performs without them are completely unnecessary.

  • Kirs

    Couldnt agree more with the review...EXACT sentiments.

  • bwort110

    3 stars is ok, heh i mean its not an endless runner

  • wigzisonfire

    The review was absolutely awesome, thanks man. Been thinking about gettin this for ages but you just saved me a few quid!

    My only gripe with the review is that based on the words it feels more like a 2 star rating would had been more appropriate.

    • Foghorn Irrascible

      But the words are mostly nonsense. Ignore them. Stick with the three stars. For a couple of quid it's really fine.

      "Saved me a couple of quid" how pathetic when you'll spend more than that on your lunch, that'll last less time.

      • wigzisonfire

        Pathetic, shut up you bell! I don't waste money on something that is not deserving of it, i wouldn't throw down a couple of quid on a bands EP if i thought the music was turd.
        And anyway a couple of quid should never be wasted on the App store, i spent that saved money on "Kid Tripp' and 'Rymdkapsel'. Now thats a couple of games deserving of the money i work hard to make.

  • FuZion

    Harping on about what it doesn't have isn't the best angle to review the game on. That saying, I agree with the review. 3 stars seems reasonable.

    I hate to dig because the a lot of the devs have put a lot of hard work into this, However, if I were to review the game, I'd have pointed out the archaic method of purchasing & upgrading your squad, the lack of refinement in menu navigation, the 'janky' in places animations, cheesy music & squad chatter, lack of feeling like part of an overall arching story or goal (Mentioned in the TA review), lack of instant replay to view everything that happened & lack of a retry function.

    You know though, the devs have my vote & I'm enjoying playing to a degree. I'll stick with it, I'll upgrade my squad(s) & finish it. Then, I'll keep it handy for the updates.

    Hope the devs stay with it, take any criticism sensibly & don't lose heart. Consider what people think & work to make the game better. The core is there, keep at it.

    • McCREE

      Well said

  • Jake7905

    Critiquing 'Breach & Clear" for it's lack of content (it's unfinished state) and rating it 3 stars is completely fair. But I expect TA to update their rating (and review) as the game is updated, or it would be completely unfair.

  • Flare_TM

    Waiting for Eli's/Brad's defensive comment

  • PipBoy3k

    I really like what is currently available for B&C, and I hate seeing a squad member die considering their named after the four greatest voices... Morgan Freeman(Squad Leader), Ron Perlman(Breacher), JamesEarl Jones(Intelligience), and Ledger's Joker(Firearms Expert). Why So Serious?

  • call me gamma

    Keep your pants on crybabies. The devs are releasing an update with tons of new stuff on Wednesday.

    • MrLogan

      Which Wednesday were you referring to? July 24? July 31? Some random, upcoming Wednesday in 2014?

  • mutts

    I concure with the reviewer that this game leaves you with the feeling it is an unfinished product. To many coming soon notice do give that feeling. Xcom delivers a much beter indepth strategy experience. when youre soldier dies he doesn't really die with B&C. The next mission he's back, not even taking a great loss in xp. And then there is the lack in variation of enemies, wether you're in china or afghanistan they look the same. Besides all the gun porn and clothing options wich to me doesn't really mather ingame all you need is frag and flashbang grenades combined with the starter weapon to get trough the availabke missions with ease.

    This does not mean it is a bad game the title says breach & clear and that is exactly what you get. As for the coming soon mission i do hope thes are not part of IAP's package. For now stick with xcom might cost more but is more gratefying when played trough!

    To be honest i was hoping to get a portable early R6 version or SWAT like game.
    What you get is a weapon builder with mission. It would have benn better the other way around. But that is just my opinion 🙂

  • Anthony

    My first time starting the game I couldn't even create a squad to play the game. This game is broken and needs to be called out for it. Jeffrey, the reviewer, is being generous, if anything.

    This Reduced price for "early" adopters seems like a marketing ploy more than anything. There are fewer reviews when a game is new AND you don't know when the sale will end.

    If I was being honest, I would recommend no one buy this game. This is just gross and I wish I could report this kind of flagrant abuse.

    • Kirs

      Agreed. That is not an early adopter price. They sold a game in its alpha/beta stage. Disappointed in the purchase... Deleted the app. The 800mb deserves better...
      Will be staying clear from these guys in future.

    • Foghorn Irrascible

      If I was being honest I'd call you a bit of a crybaby and say that actually the game isn't that bad and if you couldn't work out how to put a team together that's on you, because everyone else did.

  • NeonGreenKermit

    It really is silly to compare B&C to XCom. The latter is a port of a full console/PC game, the former clearly a made-for-mobile affair at miniature price point. Ill admit I was a little disappointed initially, but then realised one has to appreciate it on its own merits, and no doubt it will improve in time. XCom is a serious affair, B&C is Angry Birds for CoD fans on the toilet. There really isn't anything wrong in enjoying it for what it is, in my opinion.

  • chopastik

    I think this game has a lot of potential. I feel it needs more eye candy and a few tweaks.

    1- some more animations when things go down.
    2- more voice overs
    3- the ability to sell items, gear and guns.
    4- it also needs the ability to hold a position for a certain length of time. Ect. You lay the path out for the character. But, you want him to pause for a moment then carry on with the out lined path.
    5- I know that certain characters have the perk of throw n go. But, if I have one that doesn't at the door with one that does. The that doesn't runs right in. My fix to this is to have him run around a 3 to 5 spaces before entering.
    6- this one is me being a little picky. When you are choosing what door (s) you are stacking up at. And the team is ready button lights up. Should be swapped out for the next door button. 😉

    I really hope some of or all of these ideas get implemented. Great job guys!!!! Keep the tweaks coming!!!

Breach & Clear Reviewed by Jeffrey deMelo on . Rating: 3