It's the butt crack of dawn in the USA on a Wednesday which means two things: 1. I need to go back to bed, and 2. the very first wave of new iOS game releases are hitting the New Zealand App Store as we speak. These usually seem to go in waves, so the list is a little small right now, but we'll update this article throughout the day.

  • speedyph


  • Jake7905

    Thanks for the info, but if you're going to do a post like this, then why not just bring back the "Coming Tonight" post??
    We want it, you want it, just do it already. There's no shame in admitting a mistake.

    • iammane

      Amen, that summary was really nice

    • c4r105

      Well said, we want it back!

    • Greyskull

      Yes please! I turn off TA notifications on Wednesday because I know you will spam me all damn day. It isn't as if you are posting reviews either, just brief synopses. You can do that in a single post, while spreading the game info over the course of the week like you used to. Or maybe you really just don't care for ios gaming, and do whatcha gotta do to pay the bills.

    • Jared Nelson

      Because the "old" style of coming tonight post takes several hours to put together, something that's sort of unfeasible at 6 in the morning (3am for me).

      We are still playing around with how we do things on release nights, but it's also not as simple as "just do it the other way okay!"

      • Harti

        Listen to this man, he's got a magnificent beard.

      • Jake7905

        Simple solution: instead of posting a bunch of "Upcoming" posts throughout the day, wait until late afternoon/early evening, and just bundle all of those "Upcoming" posts into one big "Coming Tonight" post.

        I understand that you guys do an "Out Now" post after 11pm that was supposed to serve the purpose of a new game summary, but that kind of post would work better on Thursday, as not every new game is released on Wednesday night. (Thinking of Tiny Thief from last week)

        The whole purpose, and appeal, of the "Coming Tonight" post was the concept of getting a sneak peak into the night's upcoming releases from one concise source.

      • Jared Nelson

        That is what we do now. The "out now" post takes almost right up until 11 EST to finish, so it's not like it would be getting posted any sooner anyway.

      • Jake7905

        Well, thanks for listening, but what it boils down to (for me at least) is the preference for one single "Upcoming" post in favor of multiple posts throughout the day.

        Having said that, TA provides the best and most comprehensive mobile game coverage, I just miss the earlier-then-11pm "Coming Tonight" summary. Though this early morning "Out Now in NZ" post was greatly appreciated.

      • NickyNichols

        Can you not just keep updating the post throughout the day?

  • TheGrimCreeper

    Is Asphalt 8: Airborne scheduled for release tonight?

    • one.sixty.four

      let's hope!

  • Goat76

    Yeah I'm kind of stoked for breach and clear.

  • oooooomonkey

    Bring back coming tonight 🙂

    • lewsheff

      Talk about jumping on the bandwagon hahaha

  • Kirs

    Cant wait! However, iirc, the game is pretty short?
    XCom could be as long as you wanted it to be, with random missions popping up everytime you hit the Scan switch...
    I held back on the last mission so I could play Random Skirmish mode as and when i like...

  • whitestatic

    This post is just a 3rd-party, freemium, zynga-fied, remake of TA's "Coming Tonight" Movie-Tie-In with IAP all over the place...oh wait, wrong article.

  • Bloodangel

    Wonder when out there is released

  • Jzracin

    Man i hope asphalt comes out tonight really stoked for that game looks like the best asphalt yet with better gameplay

  • SirFobos

    IGN just posted a review for plants vs zombies two. So maybe this one is coming stateside tonight too? Hopefully they've adjusted things during the soft launch.

    • jamarohn

      I can only hope, though "late summer" might mean more like mid-to-late August. The review must be based on the soft launch from the folks on the other side of the hemisphere. According to the recent write up from Eurogamer, the free to play balance feels spot on as it is. So excited! ^_^

  • Peter Bohanna

    The question is when is "Buddy & Me" gunna be released? they are so behind in their release date