707860_largerGuys. Real talk for a minute: Puzzle Pirates [Free (HD)] is good. Real good. Originally released in 2003, there's been a slow drizzle of new content added to the game since them in the form of new puzzles, new gear, and more things to do. The iOS version just hit the App Store, and initial impressions seem to dictate that this is a ridiculously faithful and fully functioning port of the PC version which basically signals the end of my real-world social life as I knew it.

See, what makes Puzzle Pirates so good is that it totally scratches that MMORPG itch... But unlike typical MMO's where your success and progression in the game is very directly linked to how much time you sink in to it, Puzzle Pirates is all about solving puzzles to do almost every action in the game. Want to go out plundering on a ship? There's a puzzle for every function from pumping the bilge to actually navigating. It's super clever.

Anyway, we'll get into much more detail on the game soon, I've got it downloading on to my iPad as quickly as it can. I loved Puzzle Pirates on the PC though, and even with a half-way competent touch control scheme this is going to be something every puzzle fanatic needs to try.

  • Ben Norvell

    Looks good, hopefully the IAP's aren't too big.

  • CrAzY12StEvE

    You play? I've been playing in of for a while now. -Davyjonezz on Meridian

  • tidusryan

    Awwww yea, too bad no phone support though

  • http://www.tap-start.com/ Mirkwood

    Is there any talk of this being on iPhone also?

  • Loading3

    Anyone else' ta app bugged?

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      If you're having problems, shoot us an email at support@toucharcade.com 🙂

    • ZarieoZ

      Yes, it was normal yesterday but now it only shows this post & the rest of the posts are from may 20th. Like its shows the freebie N.O.V.A & Gangster Rio as news in the home screen O.o

      • speedyph


  • Barb

    Not compatible with iPad 1 🙁

  • cofunguy

    Same here...TA shows the date as May 20, not June!! What gives??

  • Biowhere

    The touch controls aren't very good and the size of the pieces you're trying to move in the puzzles are far too small. Not particularly impressed with the graphics either... Maybe if I'd played it when it originally was released *shrug*

    • KiwiRed

      I've been wanting to play this on my iPad for a long time. Sadly now I have it on my iPad, I *still* can't play it - those controls are dire. And so much waste of screen real estate borders on the criminal. They should have made a conversion that plays to the strength of the platform (and its weaknesses), and not ported it quite as faithfully.

  • Zaraf

    We need a universal app

    • ptrostli

      Ha, if you think you could play this game on your iPhone, think again.

      Can hardly be useful on an iPad mini.

  • Paul Meekin

    I've always wanted to play this game, and now I can!

  • angua2105

    🙁 I can't download the game from the German appstore. Does anybody know if/when the game will be available there, too?

  • CrAzY12StEvE

    You can play this game without any purchases. Haven't tried in iPad as its shipping but its easy to make in game money from my experience on pc.