595276_largerThe Simpsons: Tapped Out [Free] continues to grow, as EA adds more and more content to the core game. The game's latest update -- bringing it to version 4.3 -- sees the addition of new buildings, a new character, new quests, and Waterfront Property.

Specifically, EA is going with a summertime theme with all the new stuff. The thirty new plots of land added in, for instance, includes plots set on the water. The new buildings and decorations give you access to places like Springfield Squidport and various bits of boardwalk-y stuff, like, say, a ferris wheel. There's also new quests associated with the new character addition, the Sea Captain.

This all available for download now. All you've got to do is update your app. Insert clever The Simpsons joke or reference here.

  • Theundertow

    Too much IAP - I started before It was pulled off the App Store - Donuts (IAP$) for everything fancy!

  • ianlogsdon

    I gave up on this game awhile back, too many server issues and the mechanics got pretty stale, especially the snake bashing one.

  • phorte

    I'm still playing daily (hourly) but refuse to spend real money. There needs to be an option to trade in-game money for donuts to access the premium content. Even if its a high exchange rate.

  • Errolex

    Pretty much a cash grab in this update, but hey you don't have to buy 'em I s'pose

  • Hiraether

    After Whacking Day I will never play again. This game makes mmorpg grinding seem like a productive use of your time. Repetitive nonsensical mini games makes homer something, something, something. Go crazy?! Don't mind if I do!

  • RxBuffalo

    Are the squid port buildings only for a limited time?

  • andosolator