009018_largerOh, cool: Double Fine's The Cave is heading to "iOS" at some point this summer, TouchGen has confirmed after getting some hands-on time with the upcoming FingerPad version at E3 2013.

The Cave, if you're unfamiliar, is a puzzle slash adventure game that tasks players with taking a team of three (out of seven) characters into a talking cave on a quest for fame and fortune. Unfortunately, what they get instead are reality checks. It's a pretty good game built by a studio that knows how to write funny stuff and make adventure titles.

According to TouchGen, The Cave on mobile is set to be gesture-based. So, drags, swipes, and taps instead of virtual stick and buttons. Also, it apparently looks pretty good. We hope we'll be able to get our hands on with it pretty soon.

[via TouchGen]

  • garret44

    what a way to wake up 🙂

    Been thinking about getting this on Xbox but maybe I'll wait. Hope it's ported and works fine on iPhone

    Have you guys heard anything about Fez???

  • worldcitizen1919

    This looks great!! The video is the best I've seen for a game ever. If the game's anything like that it'll be an instant classic.

  • nini

    I can see this being iPad only, it's a lot of game to fit into a small screen.

    • garret44


      • ImJPaul

        Bastion started iPad only. I originally thought it wouldn't work well on iPhone. Little did I know it worked marvelously on iPhone.

  • ejfarraro

    It's gotten to the point where I generally wait on a lot of these kinds of releases on other platforms, because they tend to make their way to iPad eventually (my preferred gaming device these days). Really looking forward to this! Double Fine's been on a roll lately.

  • Josh Dombro

    Looks really, really good. I've never played The Cave, but the trailer alone sold me. Any kind of timetable? This year?

    • swisssk8er1

      This summer.

      • Josh Dombro

        Beautiful, where'd you hear this though?

      • swisssk8er1

        In the article above. It's a fun game. I played it on PS3. I might replay it when it comes out on iPad.

  • riChchestMat

    I played a bit on the PS3 as I got it free on my Plus subscription. Haven't deleted it yet but it's actually pretty dull and it sent me to sleep more than once.

    • famousringo

      Yeah, I don't recommend this game.

    • JPhilipp

      I thought it's a great game and played it through twice with different characters, but the running around can be a pain -- sluggish controls with animations that take over control paired with long dungeons where you need to run a lot as you can only carry one item a time to try out stuff. If not for this, it would be a dream. As it is, it's still a darn fine game.

  • Bool Zero

    Just what I was holding off buying the 360 version for! Hopefully they can hammer down the performance issues that plagued the console version! Day one buy for me!

  • shieldser99

    Looks amazing, play swordigo while you wait, similar style of play from what I see