PS4_4_610x407As expected, the PlayStation 4, or more specifically features on PS4's PlayStation Network, will be accessible on phones. After its E3 press briefing last night, Sony tossed out a promotional video, showing off how folks will be able to use their phones to buy content and, yeah, send messages across PlayStation Network.

This is pretty standard functionality in a connected world, but important to note nonetheless:

One thing we've learned by watching all of the press conferences at E3 this year is that game makers and publishers in the AAA space are seriously considering how to incorporate our everyday devices, our phones and tablets, into their games. And support is getting a lot more meaningful than it has been -- with a phone or tablet, you'll be able to command a battlefield, check out game replays, or even exist in a game world while your friends play in the next gen of games. This is incredible, if you think about it. The companion app was always a great idea, but now folks are taking it to the next level, integrating mobiles experiences into games.

Sony might not be taking connectivity between phone and console too seriously, but everyone else around it totally is. You gotta wonder if we'll be hearing more about how we'll be able to interact with the PS4 via a phone or tablet in the future.

[via Kotaku]

  • SmackDatButt

    But if you don't have money to throw down on the counter left and right for the best mobile devices, you feel a little left out nonetheless.

    • xXHardKoreXx

      iPod touch it up!

  • worldcitizen1919

    It's the same as playing a game on your PC and getting an email from someone. They could have sent it from a tablet or the top of Mount Everest. The thing is Sony is so far behind the rest of the world people get all excited when it moves.

    When are they gonna put Skype on PS3/4 so I can play a game while in video chat? Where's the innovation? The technology's been here a decade!

    • coheedrocks27

      Because Sony knows they should be focusing on one thing. The games. Not about whether somebody can interrupt me while I'm playing them. It's a gaming console, not a PC.

      • Karzay

        You don't get notifications when your friends go online or message you on PSN? Sony focuses on more than just games, and they can be good at all of them, but I agree with you for the most part. We don't need more interruptions.

      • themostunclean

        Exactly. A console priority should be on the gaming, both in hardware and software, not on a bunch of pointless features that most people will wind up never using anyway.

    • qsk1

      Microsoft owns Skype.

    • MidianGTX

      Explain who you mean by "the rest of the world" exactly, because I can't name many consoles that allow you to do this. Just name three and I'll be satisfied.

      • iAjent

        This as well. Even the article states that this functionality is 'standard', and yet I can't think of a single current console that offers this functionality. How can it be standard if it doesn't exist anywhere on consoles yet?

        Also. I agree with the above comment that getting a Skype call in the middle of Halo would be annoying. Call me on Skype on my phone or PC. That way I can ignore you (or won't hear you = no interruption).

  • jironamos

    stupid SONY.....

  • GameExp3rt

    How come they get ps4

  • GamerGuy

    "I'm on vacation, but I must purchase the latest downloadable content"....sigh. "Oh and messages, I must chat"....sigh.

    What's next wiggle a stick to play a game...oh wait.

    Welcome to GimmickFest 2013 folks...

  • coolwhip

    I've been sending messages to xbox contacts, comparing gamer scores and leader boards, checking who is online and what they are playing from my phone for years. It's a very nice feature and I'm glad Sony is going to offer it to their users.

  • minecrafthero901

    I can't wait until it comes out

  • Silver Blink