bf4commanderThe return of Commander Mode to Battlefield 4 was a pretty cool reveal the other day at EA's E3 2013 press briefing. The part of the feature that's getting us revved up is the fact that players will be able to offload their duties as Commander to a mobile device. Just as if you were in-game, Commanders with a tablet or phone can gather intel, order air strikes, and coordinate positions.

We didn't get see much of this interactivity in action at the briefing since it mainly focused on the insanity that is the game's 64-man multiplayer, but the following video does a good job breaking it down:

Of note, Commander Mode on a tablet or phone talks directly to game servers. Also, this isn't just a Xbox One SmartGlass thing -- this interactivity works with PC and PS4, too. I think the future is here, guys.

  • vesp67

    This is awesome

  • speedyph

    No one will use this crap where is the tablet games ea u played one bf game u played them all

  • spawn12345

    Mmmm the future is fantastic!

  • 1337brian

    This is what was missing from BF3. As a long time BF player this makes me super happy, and so you know it doesn't seem that a tablet will be required to play as a commander judging by the video. I'm just hoping they bring back squad chat and I'll call this a major win for BF fans.

  • dylanmannen

    Im not sure about smart glass... Dont really like it

  • TheFrost

    Im buying a PS4 only for Battlefield 4, its premium service and Command mode πŸ˜€

    • jweevil

      Then surely you want an xbox one if there getting early dlc's

      • TheFrost

        I don't like that IAPs are already confirmed and that you cant lend games to your friends, just because of that, I can wait with my PS4 πŸ™‚

  • B3nlok

    Pretty cool, but hopefully this future holds something more exciting for ipads than not so entertaining companion apps and *SmartGlass thing*.

  • Protoman

    I miss the Battlefield franchise.