359155_largerDeep Dungeons of Doom [$1.99] is a really neat ... dungeon crawler thing? We don't know what to call it, actually. In the game, you play as various heroes on a quest of some sort that leads them to the deepest, darkest, and doom-iest dungeons across a fantasy-ass fantasy land. Each dungeon is broken into several single-pane sections, each of which houses a monster to fight. You're armed with just an attack and defend command. The penalty for missing either way is pretty severe -- this game doesn't hold many punches.

If you're still kinda scratching your head, check out our video of the game in action. Eli and I spend about 20 minutes in various doom-y dungeons and fight everything from skeletons to headless horsemen.

You know, I should also note that DDD's production values are off the chains. The look, the animations, and the sound work are all superb components of a pretty awesome whole. If you've been looking for a new, mobile-friendly RPG to tool around with, this is it.

  • toxiccheese

    So it's one button to attack and another to block. Looks a bit button-mashy. Is it? Also, it seems to lack rewarding feedback... Attacks that connect give off a little splatter an then you get coins. That's it? Not sure about this. It looks repetitive. The art style is nice though.

    • ratsinheat

      It's more pattern-based timing. It's pretty fun, actually. Sort of like each enemy has its own rhythm.

      • Benegesserit

        I really hate the ones that have long periods of immunity though (zombie moose and angelic shield soldier). It really kills the pace.

  • Bool Zero

    The 90's called Brad, they want you to return "off the chain" back to the proper decade! J/K

    Kidding aside, this is a good write up, and reflects the tone and feel of the gam properly. At the time I played it, the IAP store seemed non functional so I didn't see what all the gam offered. Could you go into that a little bit in the review?

    • SyKot

      It adds 5 of so dungeons, one endless.

    • SyKot

      It adds more 5 or so dungeons, of them endless.

      • Zeldaniac

        Allow me.

        It adds five or so dungeons, one of them endless.

      • allana

        It adds around 4 or 5 dungeons, one of them without end.

      • cmac257

        Don't know if anyone mentioned it yet, but it offers 4 or 5 more dungeons, one of them endless.

      • Boobi

        Its adds 5 dungeons and one does not end.

      • schoolhouse spirits

        It adds 6 new dungeons, one being an endless deepest dungeon of doom.

      • riChchestMat

        I don't think anybody knows what's in the IAP. It will probably end up being 4 or 5 dungeons with 1 of them being endless.

      • B30

        So, is this really confirmed? 😉

      • NeonGreenKermit

        It's all about 4 or 5 luncheons, buns or sandwiches are needless.

      • FraggleJP

        After 4 or 5 pints of IPA, the night needlessly ended.

  • Josh Dombro

    Just checked this out and it's pretty fun. Definitely weird, surprisingly challenging, and I'm still not 100% sure what's going on... The whole dying/resurrecting/restarting thing is confusing me a little. Fun for free nonetheless, nice find.

    • Renegade

      When you die you first have the choice to resurrect, which lets you continue the dungeon from where you were at with everything you've collected. If you choose not to you can either leave (and keep 10% of the gold you just collected) or pick "revenge" which starts you back from the beginning of the dungeon with a random perk. If you can reach your corpse it has the items/gold you collected from before.

      • Josh Dombro

        Awesome, perfect explanation, thank you.

  • ratsinheat

    These guys places the pay barrier at the perfect place. Right when you start feeling good and confident...pay to play more! Good strategy.

    • Protoman

      For only two buttons this game has been a lot of fun.

  • bhornburg

    The strategy to combat is simple, yet challenging and pretty engaging. I thought it was button mashy at first, but after the tutorial level you will die quickly without approaching combat in a more infinity blade manner. Not as deep as IB, but also a much quicker experience. I believe your score is improved by how fast you get through a dungeon.

    The trick is to make it through a dungeon without using revives. You earn revives when you beat a dungeon for the first time...no replaying dungeons to earn more . You can't earn more unless you get one randomly through an in game event of some sort (won't spoil these, but I think they're awesome.) Revives are very expensive to buy IAP, it's $.99 a revive!

    What makes it engaging (to me) is that it's got a slightly 'Dark Souls' vibe to it. Blocking is super important, and death sends you back to the beginning of a dungeon (unless you use a valuable revive.). Dungeons get LONG very quickly. And with a few surprise enemies (stupid cockatrice) and a tricky boss at the end, you will likely die the 1st time through a dungeon, possibly more as dungeons get harder ( I've only completed the first four.)

    Anyhow, give it a spin, it will start to click with people after they get into one of the longer dungeons. And I can't get over the aesthetics, everything is pixel-perfect in this game and it really adds to the experience.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004773092030 Dai Lion

    I played the game and is good, but i dont understand how the level up work, because always begin with the same Attack agility etc....
    I will try again.

    • Caladell

      Level ups are per dungeon only. That's why you aren't seeing anything different when you start.
      Pretty cool game really. Timing is EVERYTHING in this game.

  • Dueler

    Brad you did not give us any information about the company, not even a name, even a short line saying there previous work would suffice.

    I love the game and did not expect anything like this from bossa studios. I really hope they come out with more pixel/retro style games like DDD.

  • Vanamonde

    Works better on the iPad as it's easier to tell when some of the smaller monsters are going to attack.

  • Renegade

    Wow, this game has a lot of great references that you don't notice at first, if you're a gamer you'll probably really enjoy the reference for the Mountain Graveyard boss.

  • deathfisaro

    So I've replayed the first mission after unlocking all 3 careers to see how they work, and after beating it with the Crusader and the Witch it said "secrets found" under "explored" instead of "???"s.
    The problem is, I don't know what secret I found as the game went pretty normal.

    All I did was beat that stage perfectly with the Witch (x50 multiplier / no damage taken), and yet beating other stages perfectly doesn't reveal the secret so I'm a bit lost.

    • Renegade

      I think the secret for the first dungeon is to beat the boss quickly, cause there's some extra text that explains that some priest was impressed that you defeated him so quickly and gives you a bag of money (+100 gold). I've only gotten one other secret and it involves beating a specific dungeon with a specific character to get an item.

      I've beaten other bosses quickly (within one loop) but they don't seem to trigger any secrets, I assume that the secrets are more varied than we expect.

      • AndyLC

        What character, dungeon, and item was it? Is there any hint to it or is it random

      • Renegade

        Just one example would be beating Zakkum Tree with the mercenary; it goes into a short cut scene about the mercenary and then you get an item.

        I also found something called a Red Key on the last level, but I died and lost it; but I bet the secret had something to do with that.

      • AndyLC

        Yeah, I wonder if you can save the girl from the bear
        ... or the dialog with the ferryman (the snake boss stage), I wonder what the secret to that is. A specific answer?

        I just wish there were more initial clues to these secrets!

      • Renegade

        Yeah, the only secrets I have are the character specific levels and the first level. These secrets are actually hard to find!

  • heinrich6666

    I think it's a little absurd to call this 'free'. After the first handful of levels, you have to pay to unlock more. Stories like this one calling an admittedly good game free when you have to pay after the first few levels -- suck.

    • Bearzy

      Consider it a "lite" version of the game. It lets you try 4 dungeons or so before committing to buy. Pretty generous of them yeah? If the game charged you 2.99 up front for the entire 9-10 dungeons you wouldn't be complaining. Go back to telling people to get off your lawn grandpa.

      • heinrich6666

        Consider yourself a "lite" version of a thinking human being. If you read my comment (try to do so, at least once) I didn't say the game sucked. I said articles that call games free when they are actually trial versions -- suck. There are actually *free* games, did you know? You can download them and play till completion! Wrap your mind around it, you can do it.