516143_largerCalling all Minecraft fanatics, Minecraft Pocket Edition [$6.99 / Free] just had an update hit that adds various things like buckets, fire, smoother lighting, and a bunch of other seemingly insignificant things compared to alpha support of their upcoming Realms online service.

As of this writing, I can't get it to work, but that could largely be because of just how slammed the alpha Realms servers are right now. I could barely get the login form to show up. What you can see is the following welcome message:

Welcome to the Minecraft Realms Beta! We're still testing out features, but eventually Realms will let up to 10 Pocket Edition users play together online. It's currently free, and limited to a set amount of servers.

Realms will be an optional, paid service once it's released. Have fun!


If you're able to get Realms to let you play online, drop a comment and let us know how it is. We're dying to try it out, which is likely the same thing that millions of people are also trying to do right now.

  • MrSpud

    Still no caves? Still small cramped worlds? Back to Survival craft...

    • heresandypandy

      Indeed. Learn to walk before you run and all that jazz.

      • Benjamin Detweiler

        Agreed. No where near as good as survivalcraft. This should just be removed from the app store.

  • heresandypandy

    Seems pointless having multiplayer before the single player is even at a semi-competent level. SC at its current standard with added multiplayer = yas! MCPE at its current standard with multiplayer = meh.

  • meagle555641

    Do you understand that if there were caves it would be very laggy and it would not be playable?

    • dribblejam

      Do you understand that survivalcraft pulled it off with a single developer?

      • jweevil

        Ohh the burn

      • Guest

        SICK BURN

      • Rothgarr

        I love survivalcraft! Now if it only had multiplayer!

      • C. Stubb


      • meagle555641

        Do you understand Survival Craft and Minecraft PE are crap compared to Minecraft PC?

      • Smartbomb


      • meagle555641

        Also Both Versions PC and PE have 10 million players. (Each)

      • Smokey956

        Still Fail

      • meagle555641

        You suck at trying to make a point...

      • Smartbomb

        Pot kettle...

      • meagle555641

        Now that I think about it I don't see Survival Craft in the top 3 of the paid apps...

      • Smokey956

        And still fail

      • meagle555641

        and you still suck

  • dribblejam

    Already found a bug with the furnace. Good luck trying to play Minecraft without smelting! -.-

    • JJE McManus

      Anyone figure out how to fill a bucket?
      And eating stuff seems different
      No nom nom nom

      • JJE McManus

        I can fill a bucket from the ocean but not the stream in front of my house.
        So it's me not knowing what a water seed looks like

      • Andrew Briggs

        it has to be a source block of water and cant be moving.

      • Andrew Briggs

        just press on the water or a cow. its not that hard

      • meagle555641

        Already fixed those bugs...

      • meagle555641

        Most of them

    • Andrew Briggs

      there is also a bug with fire. it doesnt even show up. plus when you go into a crafting table and scroll down all the way, the wooden halfslab has a funky messed up name

      • Will

        The lava dose work everything works for me as me and my sister play together and you can get water out of a stream I made a portal as I have obsyibien and flint and steel

    • lucca bazooka

      Yup i tried burning wood to make charcoal but it wouldnt let me put wooden planks in to burn it

  • CevanB

    Um, you do realize that one of the MCPE developers confirmed that they won't start Realms until at least next week, right? He posted it on his Twitter, @jbernhardsson

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Seems like there's some serious mixed messaging here considering the update is live and the game prompts you to sign up then says "wups something went wrong."

    • Man Goose

      June 10th, which is... Today. And... Realms doesn't work.

  • Smartbomb

    Mojang lol, what's the hurry? Take your time...

    Seriously though, SC has raised the bar, you guys need to get your act together. MCPE could be so much more. Still, this is better than nothing I guess.

    • Benny3932

      I hope you guys all realize that Mojang is making 4 games right now not just MCPE so they can't use up all their energy on it but the makers of SC can so chill out be patient and get MCCE (minecraft computer edition) and wait soon enough there will be a BIG update that will leave SC craft in the dust.

  • wojovox

    Kind of a pathetic update. I'm still waiting for an update that's going to make me want to play this on iOS. It's such a dumbed down version.

  • JustMeNow

    Where is the local WiFi option? If its gone, then I bought Multiplayer for Minecraft PE for nothing. I will be quite annoyed.

    • dribblejam

      Don't worry, it's not gone. I thought the same thing but the server will show up under Play, not Play Realms:) Also, make sure that local server (or whatever it is) is turned on in options.

      • Kate

        Can you tell me how we can still play on a local wifi? Do you have to log in on the realm?

    • Redmond Weissenberger

      It is there - just start a game, and when someone joins, the WiFi game is at the bottom

  • skeletonlord

    So do you think Mojang gave us the new client ahead of time, and that "log in/sign up" button will be unlocked if you get invited? It only looks like a select few will be invited.

    According to peo.minecraft.net , the servers are down anyway. Doesn't look like anyone can access multiplayer yet.

  • tahzblade

    This update took off peaceful mode ? πŸ™

    • NanaAboo

      Does moving the difficulty level to the lowest accomplish that? If not I am definitely NOT happy that they took off peaceful mode.

  • Smokey956

    That's it WHAT THE FUCK!!!!
    Multiplayer, buckets, eggs, cake, fire
    Mojang you wasted all this time and all you got is this. You know what F**K YOU

  • OliOliOxen

    This is so aggravating. I know it's a new update but now I can barely play at all.. Not with the smelting error... And the realm thing isn't working at all for me but that doesn't seem to be shocking considering it's not working for many of you... I don't play minecraft on my computer and so IOS is my only option and now what?! I love the game but it needs to be stepped up!

  • Jacob007

    Mojang needs to get their stuff together and put their resources to good use. This update is ridiculous for something that took 6 months to develop. Multiplayer, sure, I understand it takes a while..but we can't even connect to the server, or smelt in a furnace. The menus are appealing, spawn eggs are cool, but multiplayer, the main focus of this update, can't even be played. Its ridiculous, especially coming from a developer like Mojang.

  • Eugene Bouwer

    I try to sign up to make an mojang account
    But it keeps saying:
    Wups problem witn the server
    Do i need to be on wifi to sign up?

    • Benny3932


  • Tyler Piderit

    How can they even add anything else without natural caves to explore and worlds that you can cross in 60 seconds?

  • Eugene Bouwer

    Cant even use the furnace
    Mojang you guys could do better

  • Shaun Morris

    anyone got it working???
    also i cant get to my mojang account

  • Minecrafterforawesome

    How to you get back to the menu I clicked on realms now I can't get back to the menu to play help me

  • Minecrafterforawesome

    How to you get back to menu to play I clicked on realms now I can't get back help me

  • DemoEvolved

    Survival craft might nice nice but multiplayer means everything in this genre. How can you enjoy your expression if you can't show it to anyone? Expression assumes an audience.

    • Parkingtigers

      In SurvivalCraft you can export your world to Dropbox, and anyone else can download it. You can even share directly to the community via the app itself. You can show people what you made very easily.

      • MeesterFish11

        Same with Minecraft. Just get iexplorer, upload your world files on dropbox and post it on the forums πŸ™‚

      • Devoid21

        In Survival craft you can do this directly from the app, in Minecraft it's a little more complicated process. Once you see it working on SC, its such a simple thing that makes you wonder how Minecraft PE with all its resources and money, doesn't atlease have this simple feature.

  • Cero 54

    you guys mojang is working on many things right now, we got minecaft pc, minecraft xbox 360, minecraft pe, scrolls, and they trying their best to update on game and another at the same time . The fucking creator of survival craft just needs to worry about one game .

    • Ryan

      Nope, stop making excuses for them.

      • OliOliOxen

        I agree 100% that mojang deserves this ridicule because it's true they are such a big company now, that if they really put effort into PE they could make a really good game for us. But instead they wait months and months on end and give us nothing but a worthless update. What I don't agree with you and many people above is about SC, though I respect your opinion it seems like you guys don't realize that they literally stole the idea from Mojang, and if they really wanted to create a worth while game they would have came up with their own idea!!! That's just my opinion.

      • heresandypandy

        Saying SC stole from Mojang shows an emphatic lack of knowledge on the subject. Minecraft was NOT the first block-building game, its core concept was also "stolen" from titles such as inifiniminer. The truth is that these block-building games are a genre of their own now. SC is as much a Minecraft clone as COD is a Medal of Honour clone, or PES is a FIFA clone. It's merely a game in the same genre, with a different twist on it, and as far as mobile iterations go, it's done infinitely better than Mojang's shoddy effort.

      • OliOliOxen

        I'm really not someone to fight over crap like this, and you're right I don't know very much on the subject (whether that's a good thing or bad thing I'll let you decide) except who I knew to have the idea first. which according to you is wrong and for the sake of a civil argument I'll take your word! All I really have left to say is that I just hope that Mojang does better because I think they have a better chance at being successful then SC!

      • SmackDatButt

        To be correct, Infiniminer's core concept was all about teams trying to mine minerals and bring them back to the surface as fast as possible, the fastest team being the winners. Minecraft went in a different direction, making their core concept about surviving.

        All in all, SC basically stole Minecraft's concept (plus many different features) and added in some spiffy textures to it. But hey, I won't complain about it, I still wonder how one single guy pulled off more in the last 2 years than Mojang. Congrats to him.

      • Ryan

        Well considering Mojang copied Infiniminer I think the dev of SC has the right to do the same thing. And don't forget that with the far superior SC around and Mojang no doubt losing tons of sales to it MJ might actually release some meaningful updates to shorten the gap between the games.

    • dribblejam

      Let me tell you why that's bullshit!

    • Protoman

      Why don't you wake up and smell what your shovellin'?!

    • Smartbomb

      And they can afford this because?

  • Cero 54

    i made one with no problem so .

  • Aldanza

    i cant seem to figure it out, can someone give me step by step?

  • JJE McManus

    I know
    Got a bathtub now
    Can't get things out of the furnaces
    And some item descriptions are fouled up
    So how long to wait for 0.7.1?

  • df

    How do you get realms to work?

  • Hwy

    How come I can't make a realm world

  • Nicolas Cruz

    who else is having a furnace problem

  • Jackson

    its not working... i add a realm and it does not show up

  • Alisa Kiatathikom

    It won't let me register???

  • jasmin09

    I cant play local? or can I

    • jasmin09

      never mind I found how lol

  • C. Stubb

    You know, the swear-stats are kind of pointless, considering you articulated the word in its full, uncensored glory in line one... (Just sayin')

  • gruffynutters1656

    Everybody PLEASE just stop talking about SurvivalCraft on a page about Minecraft! IT'S MINECRAFT! Go say that "Minecraft sucks and Survivalcraft is like SO awesome lol" on a SURVIVALCRAFT page. Im getting sick and tired of seeing that game's name on every single thing having to do with Minecraft. EVEN ON JEB AND JOHAN'S TWITTER! Stop the madness!

    • Zeldaniac

      It's because SC is currently infinitely (get it?) better than MCPE and Mojaing currently is not giving two craps about it.

      • Rini

        I have a little message that you might not understand:

        This is a MINECRAFT post. MINECRAFT. No where does it say survival craft. Just leave before you make yourself look stupid.

      • dariusjr98

        Yeah, I'm gonna have to go with Zeldaniac. I'm usually against comments like that, but c'mon, Mojang needs to get their shit together. The fact that it just keeps getting further and further behind is ridiculous, and people are losing their patience, me being one of them. Mojang is a big enough studio to update MCPE WAY more frequently than they do. They can update the PC and XBox versions with ease, why not this? The updates are few and far in between, not to mention they take way too long. So yeah, until they get the message, until they realize we've had enough of this crap, we're gonna stay pissed. Maybe they'll get the message then, and they'll realize "We've been slipping, and fans are disappointed, lets bring them our A-Game!"

      • Benny3932

        That's because they really don't give to shits about MCPE they are working on Computer version mainly because they are trying to get on of their biggest updates yet out to the public

    • Parkingtigers

      No. I paid $6.99 for this piece of junk game and I cannot get $6.99 of entertainment out of it. I'm angry (well, disappointed at least) that I wasted my money on it. So I will rant about MCPE being the piece of trash that it is until I've got seven dollars of vitriol out of my system.

      Fans of SurvivalCraft are doing potential new players a public service. It's a better game. It's a cheaper game. It's a more supported game. The very fact that Mojang are working on a multiplayer that you will have to pay for, rather than implementing even basic features, shows their priority is just getting more money rather than making a good game. They've sold TEN MILLION copies of this crap, making literally tens of millions of dollars in revenue, and still they have just two part-time devs working on it, and after all this time it's still just a tiny box of land with invisible walls and no caves.

      I love Minecraft, but Pocket Edition sucks big hairy balls. And it only does so because Mojang refuse to support it properly, despite having the resources to do so. When a solo developer working from scratch can achieve more, something is very, very wrong. I would be very happy if they climbed out of their money pit they swim around in and did some proper updates so it was the best portable Minecraft experience. If they were to do that, I would be the first one in here shouting that MCPE was now better than SurvivalCraft. But MCPE continues to be a cynical and lazy money grabbing exercise made by people that just don't give a crap.

      • Protoman

        Don't forget the other reason it's stays crappy is lame fanboy defenders like the one we have here. If you like minecraft you should actually be ashamed of the pocket edition, not defending it.

      • OliOliOxen

        Sadly though some of us who love minecraft don't have the option to play it elsewhere, I know that's true for me at least. And I really enjoyed PE (before this update) because it's better then not playing minecraft at all. Yes I agree they really failed with this update, but if I'm so lame for "defending" this game, how do we classify someone who waste their time bashing on something they don't like? I think we all can agree to disagree that though Mojang had a really good thing going they are really failing to keep it moving in the right direction.

      • Ryan

        Why are you defending a dev who obviously sees their audience for a system as a cash vending machine? As I said before, if Mojang REALLY cared about us, they would make PE up to the standards of at least the Xbox version of MC, instead right now it's borderline unplayable and to make it worse it's the most expensive MC like game on the app store.

    • Smartbomb

      Without healthy competition, the genre would remain stagnant. Sadly despite such a promising nemesis, Mojang are still resting on their laurels.

      It would be certainly less relevant to bring up Dr. Mario or Tiger Woods 20XX when discussing this game, but it is IMHO relevant to bring SC to the table, especially when a single developer proves that a cheaper product can deliver much, much more than a well established brand with a separate development team.

      Would you really like to exclude what SC brings to the table? Imagine if Mojang pulled their finger out and made infinite worlds with caves, offered such variety of craftables and mobs, or what about them allowing for custom textures? You wouldn't want that right?

      The point here is not pointless fanboyism (that a word?) I think there's enough love available for both games, it's just a shame to see a game that started with so much promise become out shined and less fruitful than a relatively unknown quantity. I want Mojang to do their best for both myself and them, nothing wrong with holding them to a realistic standard, and bringing up SC isn't my way of digging at them. I still care.

  • Zachary Brozak


  • MeesterFish11

    Why is everybody circlejerking around SurvivalCraft? I know that it has a lot of features that aren't in MCPE, but personally I think the quality in MCPE is much better. SurvivalCraft has a lot if things to string out: ugly gui, awkward controls, uglier textures. I personally think that Minecraft is a lot more cleaner as a game. Also, bringing it up in a Minecraft review isn't really related.

    • Ryan

      Are you kidding? Have you even played Survivalcraft? And it's completely related to Minecraft as it's a better and cheaper alternative to it.

      • MeesterFish11

        I suppose you're right, but I personally just can't get used to the controls or GUI of Survival Craft, no matter how hard I try. I'll give it another shot when multiplayer comes out though.
        If only Mojang would actually update and care about Minecraft PE though, then we would all be satisfied. I suppose we'll get to the PC version of Minecraft eventually though. *sigh*

        SurvivalCraft just doesn't do it for me.

      • Devoid21

        Survival Craft has various control options, there's even a cross control option like Minecraft. You just have to fiddle a little with the settings.

      • pixel_girl

        You're right...survivalcraft just doesn't do for me mcpe is way better in many ways only if Mojang cared about it. It was the only way i could play mc and now i can't at all

    • Smartbomb

      Customisable GUI, various control settings, alternative textures.

      Quality isn't pushing out a broken update at a snails pace is it?

  • Rini

    I am kinda miffed about the furnace not working, but this update is pretty freaking awesome in creative mode. Woohoo!

  • nitroryan77

    If i already have Minecraft pe. HOW DO I UPDATE?

  • Vance

    Go to mojang.com to set up an account then all you have
    to do is login on the realms.

  • iPhallex

    ragequit much

  • ange

    I cant play on minecraft realms πŸ™
    I play on minecraft on my samsung galaxy tab2 and have paid for the game but I have a mojang account because I didnt need it when I purchased and paid for mcpe, I have tried to make an account but I have to pay again .why?

  • tyty

    I have a kindle and I sill haven't got the update

  • PP-CrimsonCarriers

    Alright fuck it I'm buying survival craft

  • Zac Stahlhut

    You need to register online to get the account.

  • Guest

    I can't sign up this is dumb

  • dex

    can't get realms to work

  • Dimetri Wildman

    6 months to do basically 1 thing major and it's... *drumroll* make a furnace bug good job herobrine is stealing our money

  • DarkHuntress

    I hate this update! Now they want us to PAY to run a server??!! Didn't they make enough money selling the game? Total greed !

    I waited all this time for the update and I get fire and a server subscription service? That's it. Goodbye Minecraft. It was fun but its not anymore!

  • kkyylleerr

    Um my reakm isnt letting me sign in every time I try all it says is "undefined" πŸ™ γ€Šγ€Šγ€Šγ€Šplz answer this question

  • Will

    Realms are so cool me and my sister play

  • Tomtomp44632

    Im on realms but no servers?...

  • DeathMC24

    how do you create one ???

  • Hoonage

    *sigh* First world problems... Suck it up people. They're trying. You'll get your furnace and multiplayer soon. Be happy with what you have! πŸ™‚ If you're happier with Survivalcraft, go play that and stop complaining to the ones who came up with Minecraft in the first place! They are trying and you complaining helps no one. Informing is one thing. Complaining is another. MINECRAFT PEOPLE! We are incredibly lucky to have it!

    • Protoman

      They aren't trying, patsy.

    • darkcheetah

      Is your mom a whore? Just wondering because you sound like a whoreson with that crap.

      • Hoonage

        Oh yep you got me. How old are you? Sorry not used to talking to people so young. You should learn how to have a conversation like a big boy before you go thundering around the internet.

      • Devoid21

        People complain because there seriously angry with Minecraft PE. When Minecraft PE came out, Mojang told us that it was IMPOSSIBLE to make bigger worlds and caves. They told us that making a crafting system like the PC was hard with touch controls, etc, etc. Then comes Survival Craft with its infinite worlds with caves, weather, sun, moon, stars, lightning that starts fires with whatever flammable thing it hits, more mobs, 3x3 crafting grid, etc. Everything that Mojang said was impossible Survival Craft delivers. I feel cheated by Mojang. They have no excuses, SC proves that it can be done in mobile devices and instead of fixing there game there adding a subscription service for there multiplayer. 10 million download and they care more about getting more money from us than to fix there game.

      • Hoonage

        Then as I said before, play Survivalcraft and don't complain on a Minecraft discussion page. I'm sure they're well aware of competing companies and programs.

      • Smokey956

        Dude survivalcraft is not my game I stick with minecraft

      • Devoid21

        So I have no right to complain? I have bough Minecraft PE on android and IOS. I have given them my money twice because of the promise that they will fix there game and give it more features. I have been patiently waited for them to make the game they promise, even believing all there excuses of why its not possible to do on a mobile game. And from out of nowhere comes Survival Craft with all of the features that Minecraft PE says cant be done. And to add insult to injury, SC has only ONE developer. Minecraft PE on its own has sold over 10 million units, Mojang has the money to make Minecraft PE great and still they push out what one could call lazy updates that they don't even beta test. Even SC updates are more stable.

        So no, I will not be a conformist and be happy that I got a severely downgraded minecraft experience on mobile when I know that it could be better. I will complain, and I suggest that anyone that feels the same way as me to do the same.

      • Hoonage

        Alright go ahead and complain because I know where you're coming from along with a lot of others. All I'm saying is that it does absolutely nothing to complain here. If it really upsets you that much write a letter, file a complaint, call the freaking company and complain to the people who can change it. I respect your opinion just voice it wisely.

      • Protoman

        Whoa man. That was way too far. What the hell?

  • greenwine

    Why in hell they let the update out when it have a lot of work to do

    • Protoman

      Greed...pure greed.

  • Melanie

    How do you play multiplayer?? I'm really confused about this

  • http://www.facebook.com/NickPreveza Nick Preveza

    The new version is full of bugs , very annoying bugs , the realms are not working for me , i hope , when they say a "padi-service" , they dont mean a fee !

  • Viperking

    I can't make a server I don't know why when I press generate world it don't show on the list

  • KevinS

    Monjang is a massive company with millions upon millions of dollars. They have assigned some team members to work almost exclusively on Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Meanwhile, one guy with barely any money has managed to create something at least three times better by himself, (SurvivalCraft) and got it almost to the top of the charts with no prior brand name to get it there. πŸ™‚

    • anabolicMike

      You do realize that Mojang started out with just one guy too eh? It's the indie developer story that we all wished happened to us. I wouldn't group then with companies like EA and Square. He started out as a little guy just like the survival craft dude. Good for him for making that company worth millions. Say what you will but don't insult Mojang man. Notch is a hero. I do however agree that they stayed out in the snow too long cause who cares about that realms stuff? I want caves and infinite worlds. I also play survival craft mobile instead. On my Mac tho its minecraft PC all the way. I don't understand why they can't fix the caves/tiny world bullcrap tho. Hehheh till they do. I'm staying SC.

  • Smartbomb

    Yes, I paid my Β£5 knowing full well I will have to wait very patiently for a "finished product".

    Must say I'm glad I updated to a less capable version, it's made me appreciate what I had before I started wishing they could mirror the some of the somewhat godlike productivity of Kaalus.

    I will certainly be lining up to buy their 4 other products now I know how important their existing IPs and customers are them.

  • Kate

    Me too- anyone know how to play on wifi like before?

  • Christian Corbett

    Names tdchristian101 invite me to your realms guys πŸ™‚

  • rxbxn

    Seriously guys don't waste ur time whining about pocket edition and go play the computer edition it's way better than survivalcraft and it's got mooshrooms :p

    • Smokey956

      Not everyone has a good computer like me when I play minecraft on my PC it lags like shit and I even have the turbo software to run it smooth but still lags

  • joep

    i only can't make a realm. somebody else with the same problem?

  • Smartbomb

    Good lad πŸ™‚

  • cameron331

    Some games just aren't meant for mobile. People here get really excited when popular games get ported to ios, but it's almost always a lesser experience.

  • Philliprnelson

    The furnaces don't work

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    get SC, you'll be much more satisfied?

  • Electricroon

    I cant even log in! I enter my stuff but it dosnt load up! But when I click log in, it brings me to my logged in mojang account? Help?

  • Electricroon

    It lets me log in, but keeps asking me to log in! When I try, it just takes me to my mojang account settings or just logged in page! Any help as to how to fix this?

  • Smokey956

    So when does the next update come

    • Smokey956


    • Smartbomb

      Q4 2013? Probably...

  • GameExp3rt

    Not just that in the very 1st seconds most Mcpe buyers found important bugs
    Like non working furnace or fire texture is messed up

    • Smokey956

      All late dude where were you

  • Smartbomb

    O.O I'd rather they just pull their finger out and make the game we all know is possible, bit drastic, but I get where ya coming from πŸ™‚

  • The lone minecraftian

    Hey if you people really care about the future of mcpe then do something about it! I hate these comments but they are true. Some people can't afford minecraft PC version . And all you defenders we know you love this game but Mojang is using you. The least they could do is care

    • Protoman

      Anyone defending MCPE doesn't really care about Minecraft as a game...they care about being part of the "club". This is the same thing that was happening when people were defending Microsoft when the 360 was at a 72% fail rate or people defending the US government even though they're tanking our country. Some people just want to be blissfully ignorant. In fact I sort of envy them. Must be nice to not see people screwing you over constantly.

  • The lone minecraftian

    I'm gonna go warn my friend about the update before its on kindle uh oh btw she loves smelting

  • Philliprnelson

    With the new update the furnaces don't work anymore. Only if they can fix it quickly

  • disqus_4DmWyLMrtG

    That's it? Multiplayer, buckets,fire and smooth lighting? This Update is f***ing ridiculous considering how long it took to make. And plus, it comes with a ton of bugs , such as fire dosen't show up, no sound when you are eating, can't take items out of the furnance etc.

    • Protoman

      Don't forget...multiplayer is only currently free...we'll all have too pay a subscription fee when they decide to implement it.

  • TempestJune1986

    I like that it is one step harder to accidentally delete your world. Multiplayer wifi sort of works with huge lag, under play as noted below. Surely they will fix the furnace problem soon. I cannot make a Nether Portal, I can set the bottom two obsidions on fire, or the top ones, but it just burns. This would be my first. Another bug, I drowned and lost my armor, when I respawned it was gone, and so were the recent improvements I had done.

  • TempestJune1986

    I like that it's one step harder to delete your worlds. Wifi multiplayer sort of working as noted below. I drowned with armor on and it took me back in time when I respawned; no armor to be found, and improvements I had made were undone.

  • TempestJune1986

    There's a new update just now it fixes the furnace.

  • LanceAvion

    I'm guessing Mojang hasn't checked the AppStore for quite a few months, because there's this awesome new thing called Survivalcraft.

  • Seed1010

    I still like minecraft PE because they still might release stuff like the end to it or a new type of ore or a ton of other stuff

  • epikninja

    ..double tap home and close the app

  • Adhan Razzaque

    Yea I think they purposely not update the PE and Xbox Edition so that they can have more money


    anyone add me if they have realms name XxCRZYFREAKOxX

  • minecrafthero901

    I sort of hate Mojang because they didn't make minecraft for ps3

    It sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • minecrafthero901

    Minecraft is awesome but I wish they would do an update. even though they just had one.
    It would be nice if there was more items

  • Tannice Jensen

    Every day I try to get onto realms and EVERYDAY it still says no server slots open. Does that mean I'm just an idiot and did something wrong or is it just not working and why?

  • Aiden Elsworth

    How do I use realms I have an account on it but it still won't let me play with other people

  • Aiden Elsworth

    On Pocket edition

    • MeagleCraft

      Because realms is in alpha and only YouTubers have access because they are famous...

  • Aiden Elsworth

    Well can you tell me how to get it plz