terrariaThere is no shortage of mobile versions of the fully 3D Minecraft-like sandbox genre, and there are even some options for a more 2D approach, most notably the excellent The Blockheads [Free] and Junk Jack [$2.99]. However, the "original" game that brought 2D Minecraft-ing to the masses, Terraria, is set for release on mobile this summer too, as developer Re-Logic has announced on their website today.

Terraria originally launched on PC back in 2011, and just a couple of months ago the game made its way to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, with a Vita version planned for this summer as well. The announcement doesn't include many details, or even mention any specific platforms, but it's a pretty safe bet we'll be seeing it on iOS at the very least. The post does mention leaderboards, achievements, and Facebook integration though, if that sort of thing excites you.


They do however mention in regards to Terraria mobile that "The controls have been completely redesigned for touch screens and every aspect of the game has been tweaked and balanced to give players the perfect on the go Terraria experience."

The mobile port is being handled by CodeGlue and is slated for sometime this summer. We'll be anxious to check it out, so add it to your TouchArcade [Free] Watch List to get alerts when more news on Terraria mobile becomes available, and check out the forums for discussion.

  • MidianGTX

    The amount of actual "gaming" to be done in Terraria on top of the usual world-building stuff we've seen time and time again is going to blow people's minds. It's more than just a sandbox.

    ...and it'd better support retina on iPad.

    • Adams Immersive

      With pixel art, what does retina support mean?

      I like the idea of more gaming and less building.

      • MidianGTX

        I mean upscaled using nearest-neighbor interpolation so that the edges of the pixels are crisp instead of blurry.

      • Greyskull

        Or you could use smaller pixels in the pixel-art...right? It means it's sharper of course!

      • Adams Immersive

        Agreed: soft pixel art is a pet peeve of mine. (With rare exceptions like GoatUp that fake a CRT really well.)

  • Bool Zero

    ... And there goes even more of my free time! As if I needed to have this addictive game on the go... Oh wait, I do need it! This is turning not a great year of releases on iOS mobile devices! Luckily my wife and kids will join me in a zombified stupor on the couch as they all play this on their devices right next to me!

  • Br0n5t3r

    Omg all of the good games are coming out this year to the AppStore, can't wait!

    • phantom_cupcake

      You cannot say all of the good games, when civ v comes out on ipad, I shall almost agree with you.

  • tidusryan

    About time, this is a great game that I would love to have on the go.

  • nini

    Just me who's adding "Minecraft-like sandbox" to the list of overdone concepts in the App Store? It's this, infinite anythings and zombie anythings for me.

    • MidianGTX

      Read my comment. It basically says the opposite of yours, only mine is backed up by experience with the game.

  • D-Vader

    loved this game back when I was obsessive on the PC.

    [insert shut up and take my money image here]

  • phonecats

    im obsessed with the 2D sandbox MMO: Growtopia.

    • jweevil

      Its nothing like growtopia pcats, you should really check this game out though especially on your PC because thats where your gonna find the best experience.

    • D-Vader

      Growtopia and Terraria may look sort of similar asthetically, but they're a lot different in gameplay. Like really different.

    • Hans Hazelgrim

      I played the PC version of Terraria for 60+ hours.. this game will eat your soul.

  • http://www.tap-start.com/ Mirkwood


    This game is great, I can't wait to see how it plays on a touch screen.

  • Reignmaker

    Liked the PC game, but didn't get into it as much as it probably deserved. I'll probably pick this up again for my iPad. Seems like it'd be perfect for the platform.

  • pdSlooper

    Yes! Yes!

  • KitJ32

    I payed $15 for this on psn and loved it. Can't wait to pick this up. I am really curious about the controls.

  • witedahlia

    Finally! I have the PSN version but I want it with me at all times!!

  • McGannahann

    I've been wondering if we would get to see this. Very Cool.

  • quickninja21

    I sort of have a slight Idea o how this might work on touch screen, but I'm not sure. I was waiting go junk jack to come out but now? Ehhhhhhhhh, since I only have 3 dollars :/

  • SensibleGamer

    Man... I can't wait for this release

  • thundermole

    So awesome. The first time I saw "a goblin army blah blah from the west" I was like what? whatever... and then NOOOOO MY THINGS!!!!!!!

    Awesome game

  • rhondaex

    Will it be free? Plz make it free because all terraria fans,people who want to play terraria,and I will very happy if its free. 🙂 🙂

  • Gamer_Kev

    Of all the building survival games, Terreria is my personal favorite. Nice to see it finally getting some love on the mobile front.

  • nenk3

    Insta buy 4 me 🙂

  • Hiraether

    Why is it like minecraft? I think this style of 2D was pioneered by Dig-Dug with a dash of Dwarf Fortress.. Can't we reach further back? It discredits your writing in the same fashion as people whom compare every mmorpg to WoW, when the peeps of EQ, UO, & MUDS before instantly think you're a blubie-noobie. When you consider the gameplay of Terraria is like Castlevania with crafting, it's a long shot from Minecraft fighting, which is more like a slow blocky unreal engine. Idk, Terraria is all its own and doesn't deserve to be compared to minecraft just like you don't compare Family Guy & South Park. Please do it more justice when you all review it later. Ty ^_^. Ps- I wish minecraft had grappling hooks & lightsabers!

  • LimitedContra

    Yes, finally 😀

  • AshtonH2003

    Needs to come out soon

  • stormy8888

    To me, I personally can't wait for Terraria on ios, it could have a lot of potential but It sounds goid

  • Adam9812

    I personally hope this port wont change much about the game. I want it to be simalar.

  • CooleTeeps

    Does anyone actually know the official release date yet? I've checked many sites, most of them say it will be released this summer, but one said fall. Summer is almost over, so I don't know what to believe.