516833_largerGames Worksop is is one of the most well known game studios of all time. In Junior High I spent hours carefully painting dozen of plastic miniatures like Orks and Wood-elves. With the recent gold-rush for Games Workshop licenses, there are now or will soon be several of their classic titles available on various platforms, such as Talisman and Space Hulk. Rodeo Games, the makers of the Hunters [$1.99] series have brought us Warhammer Quest [$2.99], a dungeon crawling romp through the Warhammer fantasy universe. This reworking of the classic board game harkens back to its roots while presenting an excellent video game experience.

The world of Warhammer Quest is a dark place. A few settlements dot the land but they are surrounded by wilds overrun with Orks, Goblins, Trolls, and other threats. Taking on the role of a party of four adventurers, you will journey the land seeking quests, fame, and fortune. Your basic team will consist of a human Barbarian, a Dwarf Iron-breaker, a Human Wizard, and a Elf Waywatcher. Each party member plays differently with their own fighting style and special abilities. Also available (via in-app purchase) are additional characters such as the Troll Hunter and the Warrior Priest.

As you battle through dungeon after dungeon, you must learn how to best utilize each team member to succeed. The basic nature of each warrior, combined with a fully customizable inventory for each, provide a great level of customization. The variety of items may not be Diablo level, but there is still a lot and each one feels like a real boost in power. Unlike other dungeon crawlers on iOS, you feel like a bad-ass early on and none of the gameplay feels like grinding or work. One hit kills are common and you really own your heroes. As silly as it seems to say, it is refreshing how fun the whole RPG experience is.

The game is divided into several towns, each acting as a hub for quests. As you visit a new location you are treated to a cool cut-scene depicting the village literally emerging from a book. Within each you can visit the market (to buy and sell inventory items), train your warriors, and more. Each village has one or more main quests (that drive the game towards its conclusion) and will randomly generate a host of optional quests. As you travel around the land you will also encounter random events that can benefit or hurt your party.  The main quests feature story segments and interesting situations. The random quests have different goals such as bounties, rare items, and other benefits. This system appears to allow for almost endless gameplay as you take on quest after quest.

mzl.bxhastgg.320x480-75Below the surface level is the main dungeon crawling gameplay. You guide your party through, turn by turn and room by room. As you enter a new room there is a chance that there will be monsters waiting for you. You will face off against spiders, rats, goblins, orcs, trolls and more as you explore. Combat is turn based with your warriors having various numbers of melee and ranged attacks. It is quick and dirty with many engagements taking only a few turns. The tile sets of each dungeon are diverse and randomized. In each room the level of detail is impressive. This same quality is found in the hero and monster models which animate as you move and attack, as well as die quite fantastically. The easy controls and the surprises at every corner will make you want to delve in over and over.

Sadly, there are a few flies in this ointment. One point of debate is the inclusion of some IAPs. Gold is an important resource in the game as it is needed for both new items and leveling. You will earn some through the game and can also pay for it if you prefer. The issue comes when certain random events can take large amounts of your gold. This seems like a conflict of interest to me. While other purchases make sense in terms of basic expansions, this one just seems off. It is a strange choice in an otherwise excellent game.

 Warhammer Quest, while being an excellent port of a classic board game, is actually an amazing dungeon crawler on iOS, no matter what your experience with the source material. You owe it to yourself to check out this excellent hack and slash experience.

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  • Cheeseball

    How tight is the gold IAP? I don't want to be forced to spend more cash when this is already $4.99.

    • Louis Ace

      It's not that tight. You can enjoy the game without IAP, well at least I am.

  • flashbackflip

    I've been playing Hunters and Hunters2 and IAP system is very reasonable in both.

    You can play and earn, or, if you are too itchy - you can buy huge chunks of credits, which is absolutely unnecessary

    Haven't played this one yet tho

    • http://portablegamingregion.com/ PortableGamingRegion

      For in-game currency, it's the same with this one, but the character classes are IAP-only which is a greedy move.

  • Leeabe51

    The turn device to see the inventory is a horrible idea. Serves no purpose, and on an iPad is awkward at best.

    Animations are also way too slow. While the game looks like it will be good once I get used to it, initial impressions find it a big awkward and slow.

  • mr ed209

    Looks good but as ever I'll wait for the comments and forum thread to fill up over the next week to get a more realistic and balanced consensus, rather than relying on yet another insanely positive TA review...

  • mr ed209

    "Sadly, there are a few flies in this ointment"

    You then mention IAPs, and end the review. What are the other flies? I sense I've been given half the story here, specifically the positive half.

    • LOLCAT

      Apparently the IAPs are bad enough to represent more than one fly.

  • KanataSD

    I want Hero Quest made!

  • Dark63

    I've been playing this game for nearly 4 hours now and I have to say, it's fantastic. It's a wonderful strategy game, very well balanced, the actual gameplay structure is simular to hunters 2, but I love going into towns, selling my loot, buying new gear, training my heroes to new skills and taking on new quests.

    Yes there is IAP, no, it's not the b.s. you're seeing from EA. It serves as an option and far from requirement, you earn gold as you progress, you can spend it as you see fit and I have yet felt even a slightest need for buying gold through iAP. In fact, just like Hunters 2, it's there, but if you use it, you will feel like you're cheating yourself out of experiencing the struggle of the battle field and the rush of getting a new sword.

    Some voiced concerns about other iAP purchases, yes, there are "expansions" and 3 "heroes" up for grabs (expansion is 4.99 and heroes are 2.99) I think the heroes are horribly over priced, hopefully they'll put them into a pack and let you buy all three at a discount. (some of the heroes give you new dugeon types to explore I think, so the price might come from that, i'm not sure)

    But the expansion isn't over priced, as it gives you 6 cities, new monsters and new dungeon tilesets to explore. Seeing as the base game is 25+ hours, I think it's very reasonable price for more. Seeing as in 5 hours of gameplay (on iphone 4S), I've covered only 3 cities, sure I've been doing some story quests as well as some random dungeon exploring(which seem to be randomly generated, so it's quite nice).
    The tilting to get the inventory screen I found very comfortable on the iphone, On ipad i can see how it can be a little clumsy...(maybe)

    • flashbackflip

      Yep. Very close to my own impressions:

      - balanced gameplay
      - random generated side-quests with random loot
      - random encounters as in dungeons, so while traveling on world map
      - no pay-wall
      - really detailed, sparkling grafix
      - great atmospheric music
      - almost perfect UI

      - no option for opening inventory other than rotating device (it's very interesting solution though - im sure its good for iphone, but not convenient on ipad at all)
      - sometimes animations seem slow (but on the other hand you can enjoy the artwork)
      - not all moves are animated - dodge and block are not, for example
      - not enough RPG elements in terms of storytelling - only minor decisions and not very often
      - kinda overpriced additional heroes (at least it feels so, though if they open additional areas - it could be ok)

      Very good, but not perfect game
      Be ready to pay 19$ for the whole pack (i've not done it yet, but i think i will)
      Hope it will be updated with IAP expansions at least every three months

      • flashbackflip

        One more GOOD:
        - very detailed lore

        One more NOT-SO-GOOD:
        - as it was mentioned before - very simple sounds - no footsteps and ambient noises

        Also wanted to add:

        - additional heroes seems to be useful on hardcore level (perma-death of one of your hero can weaken the party; though again - i remember clearing maps in Hunters with just one hero, so i think it is possible here too)

        - speaking about lack of RPG elements i mean richer narrative, besides just dungeon plundering:

        i was playing Warhammer pen-and-paper and though this game evokes those feelings with random encounters (u can break your rib while helping an old woman resulting a loss of your stat while going to market in town, or you can meet a halfing in dungeon, or you can be attacked by a tree while traveling world map), still it is not quite enough (or maybe just happens not so often to be enough)

      • flashbackflip

        Another update:

        Forget about lack of footsteps sounds - there ARE footsteps.. Seems it was too loud around to hear them at first.. Now, at home i clearly hear them

        Also - random encounters ARE often things.. Seems like it was my lucky period to evade them)) They DO add that old-school random-dice-roll feeling!

        I'm thinking of starting over on hardcore level - should b really fun

      • Dan Martland

        I've played about 4 hours of this game, taking my time and enjoying the side quests.

        One thing to remember is that this *isn't* an RPG and never was - it's a tactical board game. If you look at it in that regard (and remember that the things like random encounters would be drawn from a deck like 'chance' in Monopoly) then you can see why the design decisions were made as they are.

  • TheFrost

    The review is too positive for what I read on the forum thread... TA is overhyping a game again?

    • ianlogsdon

      overhyping may just be playing a game from your childhood, which makes you partial to it. Lord knows I've had that happen before (Talisman Prologue...?)

  • Jimjim1968

    What's up with the sound? I turned off the loud music and what's left is pretty basic. They should add footsteps and creepy dungeon sounds.

    Other than that I like it.

  • Roman Zorin

    I've being waiting for this game for almost a year, now it is released, purchased and... well it IS what I've being waiting for! Not many games live to high expectations nowadays. This one does. Go give it a try

  • plpruitt

    Does anyone know how to move all the characters at once?

    • Ragnar Dragonfyre

      You can't move them all simultaneously, but you don't need to wait for one to stop before moving another.

  • chriscambell

    I would have really appreciated a video of gameplay footage in this review. Would have been a big factor as to whether or not I bought it.

    • flashbackflip

      There is a video of gameplay in earlier articles - check related after this one

  • ianlogsdon

    Haha that title image is shameless

  • Silver Surfer

    The mechanics look exactly like Tactical Soldier: Undead Rising. Other than the fact that it's Warhammer, what makes this game different?

    • flashbackflip


    • flashbackflip

      And everything else.. Lol

      Not to mention that Tactical Soldier was released after Rodeo launched first Hunters..

      I might as well ask 'whats makes TS different from Hunters?' .. But i won't

  • mstacheef

    after a couple of hours and a few quests, I'm really happy with this game. Very easy to play and the best dungeon crawler I've played yet on IOS. My only problem is the font size it sooooo small on my iPhone 5 that it's basically unreadable. Is there any way to increase it that I'm missing?

  • abodi

    It is small but perfectly readable, it's a very clear font.

    An option to set test size would be good though.

  • GreyLeg

    Has anyone else have it lock up on them? I get background but no play area. Seams to happen when the game brings in extra enemies or a turn ends.

    • flashbackflip

      Seems like a glitch.. Report it via in-game button from the options

  • flashbackflip

    Yep. Thank you. I already adapted to this and loving it even more 😉

    Random encounters really spice up the experience!

  • bilboad

    Has anyone successfully used the iOS syncing to load their saved game on device that they started on another device? I have WHQ on my iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. I started a game on my iPad and want to continue it on my iPhone, but when I click Play on the iPhone it just takes me to the New Game screen, and doesn't show any saved games. iCloud syncing is enabled in the game on both devices. If you have had it work, when you opened the game for the first time on the second device, did you just see your saved game there when you clicked Play?
    So far I'm loving this game. Most everything about it is great, including the visuals, UI design, and game play is fantastic.

  • Ben Norvell

    A $5 game with purchasable content? No thanks.

    • Lostpop21

      The content is optional and every piece expands the game. The $4(?) campaign expansion nearly doubles the game's length. Think of it like going to the store and buying Cataclysm for your copy of WoW.

  • gmattergames

    The iap issue is not significant enough to skip this great game. While the game is worth every dollar of the purchase price, there are a few enhancements I would love to see ....
    1. Fast travel in the dungeons: For example, Often you encounter a junction, once you explore the branch you have to turn-base move the party back to the junction. I should be able fast travel back to the junction if there are no enemies. Even if there was chance of a random encounter, it would significantly improve the pace of the game.
    2. Another enhancement would be to allow auto/follow the leader movement to be toggled between combat, where on each chars turn they move toward the leader, at least until an enemy is discovered.
    3. Interactive dungeon elements: Aside from the random Text description of dungeon events there is nothing to interact with. There are no chests, traps, doors, loose tiles, levers, or any functional elements in the dungeons that I have seen. Even Hunters had doors and it added a bit more depth to exploration.

    I've also noticed what appears to be a memory leak. While this may only be an issue on early iPads, I've noticed a progressive slow-down during game sessions, to the point where the game will crash. I've learned to restart after each dungeon to avoid.

    • XvEsunavX

      I've noticed this leak as well, but sadly i can't finish a dungeon before it catches up to me. I did the intro just fine, videos play fine, but no matter what I try I can't finish a dungeon before crashing.

  • djstout

    Very good game, very good gameplay, good story line but the IAP is shocking! ¥250 for each new characters! So if I want all three, I'll have to spend ¥750 (about $8) and that's not all, more quest more money... I would have rather paid ¥800 from the beginning and have no IAP! And a bit of out door campaign would have been great, donjons are very well done, but it all looks too similar.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Certain random event do indeed take late portions of your gold as you rightfully pointed out. That was my issue and I'm very glad you subtracted a 1/2 point for it because gold we buy should not be taken away unless we buy something with it.

    Glad the reviewer saw fit to give Star Wars 5 and this 4 1/2 because Star Wars doesn't suffer from this problem and it does seem very strange in Warhammer to take gold you bought with real money.

  • zerilos

    Not sure if it happens late game, but I would kill for some new dungeon tiles. Fighting in the exact same dungeon (appearance-wise) over and over is getting old.

  • Endscrypt

    Never played this type of game before, RPGs yes many. But tactical board games NO! And heh I bloody love everything about this game, actually I bought Star Wars aswell but I think I'll be playing warhammer a lot more! I do agree with the coins iap there's no way I'm gonna pay real money for coins to then lose half of them because the village goes on fire before I can spend them, but all in all it an amazing game.

  • Dre13

    The game is ok, but it's really, really boring, and repetitive. After you play the first level, there's really nothing to look forward to. It's all the same thing being looped over and over again. If you haven't played the game, watch the videos posted. What you see in the video, is what you get. There's no extra content. The entire game can be summed up in the videos.

  • TechUser2011

    Agreed. I finished plaything this on my iPhone 5 (took me 26 hours according to the game), and I found the text font to be way too small. I couldn't read a lot of the story plot because it was literally hurting my eyes.

  • thepanda

    Good graphics, good lore, good mechanics... But repetitive and boring...

  • relicos69

    Great game" just found it could have been bigger,bring on the expansions.

Warhammer Quest Reviewed by Brad Cummings on . Rating: 4.5