That's wizard's chess. The new trailer for Scrolls has been released. It comes from Mojang, creators of Minecraft. The trailer shows off some motion comics animation, that will probably introduce us to the story, as well as the in-game battles.


Unlike earlier Magic the Gathering digital releases, in this trading card game (TCG), cards don't merely fight other cards, slicing them down when they win. Instead, you actually get to see your creatures, enchantments, spells and weapons in action. It's pretty cool. Reminds me of that game of Wizards Chess in the first Harry Potter movie.

Although a few rumors have been circulating throughout the web regarding an iOS and Android release, the game will only be available on desktop during its initial launch.

Daniel Frisk, Chief Architect at Mojang, told us, "Scrolls is only for desktop initially, but we have plans for extended availability."

Scrolls will be available on June 3 for $20 for Mac and PC. However, if we all cross your fingers and click our heels together a few times, the iOS and Android release may not be far behind.

[via Mojang]

  • iOSPeace

    Oh yay, another TGC on the android and iOS. Just what we need

    • Paul Meekin

      How many others are there?

      • subshell001

        at *least* one. it's getting out of hand, I say

      • Sanuku

        While in the Asian Top 100 at least a dozen of those TCG are already in the Top 50 you won`t find those in the German or the US Top 100 simple because those are dominated by different Games & Genre.

        I`m not saying that Scrolls won`t have a chance on Mobile. It will be just harder for it to stay in the Top Ten simple because the Market is totally different if it comes to Card based Games.


        There are at least a dozen TCG announced already and probably more will follow during the upcoming E3.

        far as I know currently Blizzard, EA, Gameloft, Cryptozoic
        Entertainment and a bunch of others are working on TCG Games that will
        appear on the different platform in the upcoming Months.

    • Greyskull

      There are very few "real" ccgs/deckbuilding/strategy card games on ios. Freemium screensavers which appear to be tcgs don't count.

    • The_Blue_Sticker

      These "TCG's" are just watching your titsy elf chicks attack another random card. None of them are deep and they're all p2w and freemium . There isn't actual gameplay like MTG.

  • araczynski

    oh well, not into pixel/blocks and definitely not into card games. but i'm sure fans of either are getting woodies i suppose.

  • crunc

    Is it $20 plus IAPs to buy cards, or does the $20 give you access to all available cards? In any case it will be interesting to see how successful they are with something other than Minecraft

    • subshell001

      I think (someone please correct me if I am wrong) there are no cards to buy with IAP. they are trying to make it super balanced. you do unlock cards through gameplay, however.

  • Rubicon Development
  • Rubicon Development

    I guess this the game everyone will be accusing us of copying then, lol. At least ours IS coming to iOS.

  • iOSPeace

    My last comment was meant to be sarcastic

    • Rubicon Development

      Yeah, it's odd to find negative comments in here.

  • Greyskull

    Great, no ios or android release. What was the point now?

    • Robert Cummings

      TA appears to be branching out. The clues are in the new hires posting reviews and the relative silence of the enigmatic hodapp.

    • nightc1

      They may release it on ios someday... but yeah a bit premature to talk about it now.

  • Brad McNally

    This looks like the battle system in Heroes of Might and Magic 1-3. Which was fantastic. Would love to see this on iOS

    • Michal "Hochy" Hochmajer

      Nope. It doesn't. 🙂

    • Tyler Piderit

      I thought it did too. I've been playing HoMM3 again. Good good my nights are long again. 🙂

  • The_Blue_Sticker

    Getting a little bit of a Neuroshima Hex vibe. Your unit's attacks go in certain areas, thus you need to know which ones you should put where... Also deck building in MTG is a blast so this is pretty much gold.

    • ChaosIsMe

      Always cracks me up when people try to force name drops when they aren't appropriate. Yeesh.

      • rpgmind

        I'm definitely getting a civilization 4 vibe from this, though.

  • Baron Cappuccino

    Is this the game that stirred some controversy some time ago that Bethesda was trying to protect the word Scrolls?

    • Frenzyguy

      yes it is

  • jForsythe

    While i don't mind TCG's only 2 have ever held me to play for a long time. Magic and the Dragonball Z on the GC for some reason i loved that game wish someone remade it for iOS.