KRF_AppIcon_iPhoneHere's some awesome news: Kingdom Rush Frontiers, the upcoming follow-up to, basically, everyone's favorite tower defense game, is coming out this June 6 across iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Creator Iron Hide Games has put the following trailer celebrating this reveal, giving us all a glimpse of what's to come in this new one:

As you'll see, Frontiers appears to double-down on the mechanics that made the first one click with so many folks, while introducing a bunch of new assets and towers. Eight new towers, specifically, are being added on top of nine new heroes and 40 new enemies that range from giant scorpions to angry gorillas. Of course, there's also new levels.

June 6 ain't all that far away, so expect some impressions from us in the near future. We're pretty stoked to give Frontiers a shot -- the first game was pretty good, after all.

  • RickyBrooke

    Cannot wait for this! Instabuy!!!

  • DannyTheElite

    "Basically everyone's favourite td game" it's not my favourite (which is bloons ) or even any good in my opinion.

    • dariusjr98

      Agree with the Bloons TD part, I LOVE 5, disagree with it not being any good. It's overrated, but it's hard to say it's a bad game.

      • DannyTheElite

        They really underrated bloons td 5 this is what they wrote for it in the coming tonight post:Bloons TD 5, I'm genuinely mystified as to why these games (especially five deep in the series) are so ridiculously popular, but, if you're mad about Bloons like millions of other people out there, here you go.

    • Atangerine

      Well, it is your opinion... Incidentally, it's wrong.

    • araczynski

      hehe, can't say its my favorite td game, can't say I even HAVE any favorite TD game, or game in general, but popping balloons is definitely not in the running, for me 🙂 but yeah, to each their own, just can't get past the childish look of bloons myself, akin to not being able to get past the 80's graphics of the retro pixel craze.

    • jweevil

      Bloons is my faveroit but this is my second fave, Ive put si many hours into Bloons TD

      • Tyler Piderit

        I'm really gonna have to try Bloons. I hear so much about it. Is the 5th one a good place to start or should I start with an earlier version? I have an iPhone 5 so I guess I would want it optimized for the screen.

    • Ben Norvell

      Ok first off, he said "basically", secondly, he didn't really mean it literally, So just relax dude.

    • Tyler Piderit

      Any good? What in the world? It's amazing!

    • monetarydread

      Gotta throw "Defender Chronicles II," into the best TD game list.

  • Peter Bohanna


    • immaculatebastard

      Price would be nice

  • DAN13LG

    I have exams after this comes out. Goodbye future...

    • Ben Norvell

      ... Hello kingdom rush!

  • tex32

    From the great balance (especially with the introduction of a hard mode), awesome one liners, graphical detail, heroes, story, etc, it's hard to dispute KR is not one of the best tower defense games out there. June 6th can't come soon enough.

  • Papa Deuce

    Kingdom Rush is my favorite iOS game.... So I am chomping at the bit for this!

  • lancheta

    Take my money!!

  • Guibsx

    I generally despite and hate tower defense games. I bought a few, each time I would one day love them, but I can never bring down myself to play them.

    The original kingdom rush is the only exception to this rule. It's the only TD game that I like and logged many hours into it. So I am looking forward to this sequel.

  • Revognah

    I am LIVING for this release. For the king!

  • sortvind

    premium and not freemium please.

    • REkzkaRZ

      OR ... some free, and then pay once for whole thing. If you're gonna let people play for free, that's the best model IMO. The IAP model beyond this is pretty much EVIL.

  • kadoore

    the game comes out on my birthday

  • Jazzpha

    But will it feel cramped and constrained on an iPhone screen? I heard people saying that the first one suffered from that. Hopefully that's one of the things the devs found a way to improve.

  • bigballer

    Hopefully they added some kind of speed up button to increase the gameplay speed. It's in almost every other TD game and I'm so used to being able to speed through the levels. It feels like a chore without it.

  • raviadso

    Get on my iPhone!!

  • peon2000

    I hope this release is universal

  • Pessimist


  • evilsearch

    The best tower defense ever!!! Kingdom rush 10/10 ...fieldrunners 8/10... Fieldrunners 2 6/10.

  • ankit555551

    When for flash?

  • Y8

    so good, many people can't wait it.

  • mjgarwood

    Besides "Tower Madness" Kingdom Rush is easily the greatest TD game ever made, IMHO. I've played em all and it's SO balanced and with multiple ways to beat each level, it leaves itself open to a ton of replay. This looks like they just gave us more options and that gets my money on launch day, no doubt!

  • Sean Crisden

    I may be a little biased (as the voice talent for the series) but KR is everything that is right with TD games. Clearly however, I'll have to give Bloons a shot.

    • tex32

      Great work on the voice acting - Just one of the many details that puts Kingdom Rush at the top of the TD genre!

      • Sean Crisden

        Thanks. I've been proud to lend my voice to such a fine series. Reinfooorce!

      • tex32

        Just went back and listened to the many characters in KR and your work is unbelievable. The voices sound so different from one to the next - wish you the best and will be looking for your work in the future!

      • Sean Crisden

        Thanks! Glad to entertain you!

  • Uberhamster

    Oh wow. Goodbye free time.

  • Kizi

    A new day of peace.


    A new day of peace.

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  • Phillip

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