511971_largerIf you're among the, like, 12 people who don't own Angry Birds Space [Free / Free (HD)], now's an awesome time to fix that. The outer space-themed take on the series is free to download across iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You got zero dollars, right? Get clicking!

My favorite thing to do in Space is watch my birds helplessly orbit objects without any hope of actually colliding into something that can break. It's funny in that troll-y kind of way. These brave birds braved space and, possibly, travelled light years to do a job, but can't because their operator is a jerk. Eli, on the other hand, found a couple of better things to like about Space, including the level design.

We hear folks really like Space, so chances are the remaining 12 of you will, too. We're guessing this is free courtesy Apple's own Free App of the Week promotion, so you've got seven or so days to jump on the game's new $0 price.

  • dancj

    I'm one of those twelve. If it had been a universal app I might have considered paying for it - but really I was burned out on Angry birds by the first game. How they managed to stretch the concept to six games I'll never know.

  • RelientKSoCal

    That makes me #2 out of 12. I have now gotten every single game in the Angry Birds series absolutely free. Good things come to those who wait...

  • wojovox

    #3. I could never keep my attention beyound 1 level at a time; it always felt repetitive and made it feel as if I were working rather than playing. The space concept is new though; I might be playing this one a little longer.

  • Flare_TM

    I'm not one of those 12 but I have since joined them because of AB: Star Wars. Such an improved game with new mechanics makes this and its predecessors so stale and boring

  • captainChocolade

    Great news, I hope AB: Star Wars will be free soon, too!

  • rabidnz

    How much do you get paid to push these mindless and constant remakes of the same game, which was a rip of another game to begin with? Especially with how hard you are on other games which copy ideas, or just repackage the same game in some different clothes. How much does angry birds pay you guys?

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    #4~ I did buy Starwars, which was the only one I bought. I still haven't beaten it yet, it's fun, but not very interesting. It's like 2 mins of fun, then yeah, same stuff. But I'm always happy to add to the collection.

  • Russell Mckee

    This i my least favorite of their game mechanic styles.