junkjackx-logoBack in October of last year we learned that Pixbits, makers of the awesome side-scrolling Minecraft-alike Junk Jack [$2.99], were considering making a new 2.0 version of the game. As the story goes, they had many ideas for Junk Jack that they originally wanted to include but ended up cutting in an effort to support as many generations of iOS device hardware as possible.

With Apple implementing new rules mandating Retina Display and widescreen support for all apps on the App Store, and a new software development kit that cuts support for the oldest devices, it pretty much forced Pixbits hand into creating a new version of Junk Jack that would comply, or risk being removed.

I think, though, that once Pixbits started cranking away on Junk Jack 2.0 things just spiraled out of control in a fantastic way, as yesterday on their blog they announced that version 2.0 is actually a completely new game they're calling Junk Jack X and it looks like they're throwing everything they ever wanted including the kitchen sink into this new project.


ui2 ui6

I'd highly suggest checking out their blog post for yourself, as there is just so much new information about Junk Jack X, but let me try to summarize the highlights. It will have online multiplayer through Game Center for two people and local multiplayer for up to four. They'd like to increase the number of players who can play together in the future, and for now all multiplayer is cooperative so you can build and explore with your buddy (but not kill them, not yet anyway).

You'll be able to fully customize the look of your character with basic stuff like gender and hair styles, but even more exciting is you can further customize him (or her!) using the new functionality of equipping stuff. Similar to an RPG, you'll have four slots on your character to equip stuff in: head, chest, legs and feet. You can craft items to equip and those will further change your characters look as well as performance, and there's even a special fifth slot which will be used for bonus items or augmentations.

Probably the biggest new aspect in Junk Jack X will be the ability to visit and build on different planets. In addition to creating and saving one-off worlds like in the first game, there will be an Adventure mode which starts you out in the original world but you can find and assemble a portal which lets you travel to different ones. These new worlds will have different themes, different block types, and different mobs. Once you discover a new world in Adventure mode, you'll be able to generate the one-off worlds using that theme, and this time around there's no limit on how many worlds you can create and save.


ui3 ui4

As I said, there's tons more too, like the addition of liquids, a vastly improved crafting system and craft book, more types of weapons, and a huge upgrade to the visuals. No price has been decided just yet, but one thing that Pixbits says is for sure is that Junk Jack X will not be freemium. Be sure to check out their blog for more, our forums for discussion, and add Junk Jack X to your TouchArcade [Free] app Watch List to get notifications when new stories hit. Junk Jack X is planned for release sometime in the second half of this year.

[Pixbits Blog]

  • http://twitter.com/TouchTaisen TouchTaisen

    Awesome! 😀

  • Josh Dombro

    I've never played the original, but I'm really excited for this. Can't wait, keep the updates coming!

  • WarMachine

    Bought the first one no doubt buying this one XD

    • brazilianguy

      The game is comming 2014 ???

  • oldgamer dude

    The original is pretty amazing , they have added tons and tons of new stuff since it released. This one looks like a must buy for sure - character customization , different planets ! Colour me impressed 🙂

  • airwa1k

    Now for the long wait. Well I have Terraria to pass the time. Too bad it's not on iOS.

    • jForsythe

      Have you tried the 2d version of mine craft called Blockheads it's free as well. Well worth getting.

  • http://profiles.google.com/fleshman1992 Laszlo Tuss

    "and a new software development kit that cuts support for the oldest devices"

    There is still a way to do this, but these new features use way more resources, that arm6 devices can't afford, thats the real deal.

    I really wait it, instabuy for me!

  • deadclown

    Oh lord, I can't wait! JJ is literally my favorite iOS game ever.

  • http://iqsoup.com/ iqSoup

    This is great! I love the original--can't wait for this one to come out!!!

  • StepwisePilot

    To be honest, I'm not all that interested in this, but may get it anyway if it does turn out to not be freemium.

  • jakemat94

    Cool stuff, got kinda tired of the first one, I'd definitely be willing to pay for this though if no freemium. Sounds like it's taking steps closer to Minecraft with armor and portals.

  • pdSlooper

    My money, he is leaping at the screen. But nothing is happening.

  • uplaynation

    the best news i see in the morning in this year!

  • Soar2344

    Holy crap forget XCOM. Pixbits shut up and take my money.

  • Martymcsly

    Pixbits, you guys are my heros! For realzies! Take my money! So happy to hear JJX Won't be freemium! So excited!

  • http://twitter.com/phonecats phonecats

    Growtopia seems years ahead with their sandbox MMO.
    JunkJack looks prettier / more polish tho.

  • ChaudMasterFlex

    Being in my late 20's, this game brings me back to my SNES/Sega days with terrific 16-bit graphics.

  • theorangeipod

    Cant wait

  • brazilianguy

    The game is comming at 2014 ????