mzl.juimudvq.320x480-75Among the games coming out tonight is a new title from the creators (and publisher) of Pocket RPG [$4.99 / Free], which was a neat spin on the dual stick shooter formula while adding in elements of both roguelikes and dungeon crawlers. Seriously, take a look at our review- It's a great game. Anyway, the new Tasty Poison and Crescent Moon joint is called Dig!, and from the title alone I bet you can guess what you do in the game.

Snark aside, you play as an aspiring archeologist in a fast-paced puzzle game with a strong nod back to games like Qix as the way you both dig up new artifacts and deal with enemies in the field is by controlling your guy to draw boundaries for the areas you're digging in. Completing levels involves managing bad guys, collecting treasure, then digging deeper. Check out the trailer:

I've played a bit of the early part of the game, and am really digging it so far. The tutorial makes the game seem way more basic than it actually is, as once you're a good 10 or 15 minutes in you're actively playing a much deeper set of mini-games between deciding which hats (the game's power-ups) you'll have available as well as managing your own museum where all your artifacts end up which serves as a persistent nearly tycoon-like money making system.

I'm excited to get deeper into the game, but, in the meantime, if you want to be alerted when it's available in the US tonight be sure to add it to your TouchArcade app [Free] watch list.

  • Megagator

    Release trailer says its launching on the 25th?

    • pocketpcandgeek

      The release date changed, it's the 8th May :).

    • Josh Presseisen

      yeah its out tonight - the trailer was made awhile ago before we really knew...

      • cowtruck123

        What is the price?

  • Wicked8146

    Looks pretty sweet. I'll definitely pick it up.

  • JQuay

    Reminds me of the Gameboy game Qix

  • jamarohn

    Qix. I totally forgot about that classic gem! Looking forward to this one!

  • nam009

    Ok...How much does it costs ?

    • Gavin Hayler


  • Josh Dombro

    This totally reminds me of an old Looney Toons cartoon or something. Except with Wile E Coyote sawing the ground out from under himself...

  • pdSlooper


    That pun is bad and you should feel bad.

    • MidianGTX

      Do you dig graves?

      Yeah, they're all right.

      • pdSlooper


  • Ted Rampersad

    I am totally digging this!

  • Cccee

    Fancy Jezzball. Worth checking out.

  • drloony

    Why don't we have any games like this on iOS? Finally somebody is doing one. I used to play games like this at the arcade, except you were revealing pics of nudie girls. Got my fingers crossed this will be good

  • drloony

    Why isn't there a link to the forums for many tonight's releases? I can't navigate to them any other way, epic bummer

  • Game.PN

    I think it is the arcade game that I play when I was a kid

  • toxiccheese

    I totally remember playing Qix in the arcades back in the 80s. I wonder if this will also have a short speed-up mechanic?