Straight-up: Robot Unicorn Attack 2 [Free] is a next-level upgrade over its predecessor. It has a ton of new features that really set it apart, including an item and upgrade store that lets you customize your unicorn and no-mess, no-fuss online functionality that gives you daily goals to complete. Of course, it also looks and plays a lot better, thanks to some first-class art direction and a blazing frame rate.

If you haven't seen it yet, go ahead and give this video a look. In it, Eli and I bumble around in the game, exploring its various options. We also die a lot in search for a hot score, which is probably funny and sad to watch at the same time. After you've seen this just give the game a download. It's free, it's awesome, and you probably won't regret it.

  • Jerutix

    Seriously, Brad? Team Inferno? Boo.

  • Artfoundry

    Agreed! Awesome game. And I'm comfortable enough in my manlihood to admit that I bought the Never Ending story music IAP. 🙂 Oh, and team Inferno rocks!.

    • Greyskull

      Wait a got dam minute! Are you telling me the theme to A Neverending Story is available via iap? This may honestly be the very first non-expansion iap I buy.

      • Greyskull is the default song! Oh. Em. Gee. Best game since Friday the 13th for the Commodore 64 which featured "Whiter Shade of Pale" by Procol Haram playing over the SID chip!

  • The Nothing

    @Artfoindry. I also downloaded that track...

  • The Nothing

    Oh yeah, go Team Inferno.

  • toxiccheese

    Never Ending Story is good, but Run Run Away (a fave as a teen) is where it's at... Especially with my bad ass black unicorn with the flaming tail and mane!

  • drloony

    I'm sorry to say this but any guy who picked team Rainbow has a secret love box

    • monoclespectacle

      I let my three year old daughter pick my team.

      Even she went with Team Inferno.

      No hope for Team Rainbow.

      • NickyNichols

        Yeah, my daughter was also like, umm dad, go with inferno!

    • Ben Dale

      Haha, it's funny because I picked Team Rainbow because I knew all the dude-bros would be like "Any guy who picked team Rainbow has a secret love box" and I don't even know what that means!

    • MidianGTX

      I did it because I'm too badass to try that hard. I mean come on, Inferno? Who are you trying to impress? Daddy didn't love you.

      • monoclespectacle


  • grits

    Looks pretty basic to me. I tried about and it just seemed like more of the same but with lots of IAP.

    • grits

      Okay I gave it another try after listening to the podcast. It's a very well-made game and pretty fun. I think I'm just having a bit of runner fatigue.

      • detourne

        The thing is like a slow morphine drip. More options open up as you progress through the game. It really is fantastic and the only iap you really need to buy are the songs. I was disappointed at first with the lack of erasure. Then I got to level five and the music options opened up

      • Benegesserit

        did you see how much the ice stage is? grind fest

      • Cory Robertson

        Seriously? Level 14, and I hit that yesterday after clocking no more than about an hour a day. Not a grindfest in the least.

  • Sunshine

    I'm hooked. That store screen with the two neon grids converging at infinity? I remember when that was what the future looked like. And sounded like.

    Playing this thing is a heck of a trip.

  • monoclespectacle

    I vote Narwhale coolest new mythological beast. With City Seacorn and offspring coming in a close second.

    Is there different creatures in the ice landscape?

    • Ben Dale

      There's giant crystal wolves, a giant barn owl with a glowing heart and I think the Narwhale and Seacorn show up too sometimes.

  • Silent Rocco

    One of the best iOS endless runners. Pure joy!

  • Corky McButterpants

    I wish Unicorn Tears could fix this shonky video player...

  • GiHubb

    I really don't understand the fuss: since the level is not random, it's the same run over and over. It gets repetitive and dull very fast.

    • Greyskull

      It appears the stage will change day by day.

      • GiHubb

        It hasn't for the past 3 days.

      • Ben Dale

        It has changed. It's the same BG but the actual layout changes. You have to let it connect to the internet to get it to upgrade the level. They change the Ice Zone level everyday too, I think.

      • Jacob Gehman

        It didn't the first several days for me, then I connect to the internet and whoa nelly! new level layout.

      • GiHubb

        On my 4th day the level was finally updated for me. Weird. Oh well.

  • emiliojfurtado

    Team inferno for the win!

  • Matthias Hövelmanns

    Aaaaaalways I wanna be with youuuuuu 🙂

  • iqSoup

    Its not a space whale--its a robot space uni-whale.

  • chinito77

    I can't buy songs because it says that it cannot connect to the iTunes store. Does this game detect a jailbroken device???

    • Lorenzo Orlandi

      same problem but I'm not jailbroken, so... Only thing I can think of, I'm outside the U.S... could be a problem with the store?

  • kloo

    a runner.... again... The last good surprise I've found on the App Store was pixhelland, a super meat boy like.

  • grits

    Hey guys. I wish you would do more of these. They're always entertaining and sometimes informative 😉