TA Plays: ‘Robot Unicorn Attack 2’ – An Awesome Sequel To An Awesome Game

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Straight-up: Robot Unicorn Attack 2 (Free) is a next-level upgrade over its predecessor. It has a ton of new features that really set it apart, including an item and upgrade store that lets you customize your unicorn and no-mess, no-fuss online functionality that gives you daily goals to complete. Of course, it also looks and plays a lot better, thanks to some first-class art direction and a blazing frame rate.

If you haven’t seen it yet, go ahead and give this video a look. In it, Eli and I bumble around in the game, exploring its various options. We also die a lot in search for a hot score, which is probably funny and sad to watch at the same time. After you’ve seen this just give the game a download. It’s free, it’s awesome, and you probably won’t regret it.

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    == BIG UPDATE, Version 1.5 (04/17): All-new Lava World to explore! Side-scroll your way to adventure with a brand-new un…
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