There's a little story behind this one. A disastrous, no-good, very bad technical hiccup kept us from covering Lone Wolf: Blood On The Snow at GDC 2013. For whatever reason, our capture rig pooped out during the live demo Forge Reply gave us. And what a demo it was, man. Dazzling comes to mind as a word to describe it, even though that sounds a wee bit hyperbolic. You gotta understand, Lone Wolf holds a surprise within its pages. It's the kind of surprise that you don't want to just tell people about, you want to show them.

So, here we are, circling back to Lone Wolf with a build in our hands. This is an effort to give you the same shot in the arm that the demo managed to give us.

Anyway, what is Lone Wolf? It's a game-book, but not your everyday game-book with a few interactive elements and nothing more. This is a GAME-book, and you'll see what we mean if you catch the video we've got just above.

We're really impressed with the effort that is going into every part of this. The page-turning effects are rad, the text is great (Forge has brought in the series' original author Joe Dever), and the art direction is superb. Also, dat surprise.

If you'd like to keep tabs on Lone Wolf, just add it on your Watch List via our app [Free]. I think we'll be talking about it a lot more before it hits digital shelves this year.

  • Tomas Engström

    First reaction, without having seen anything of the included video: LONE WOOOLF, YEAAAAH!!!! Childhood memories, omfg, I'm 12 again and in love with a book series where I'M the hero and not just some bloke who makes irrational decisions <3

    I'mma watch the video now...

  • pdSlooper

    Oh snap! I remember playing some of the Lone Wolf books that Project AON made available via DS homebrew. They were easily the best, most professional homebrew games on the scene (and a lot better than some commercial games, in fact). I wonder if any "staff" overlap.

  • Bool Zero

    Lone Wolf... The memories... And with the direction they are taking this they seem intent on raising the bar on digital Gamebooks! This is so a day one purchase for me!

  • Josue Feliciano

    Battles are bit slow paced, but otherwise this looks *amazing*! Can't wait.

    • Zdgames

      I'm sure they get faster as your stats go up...

  • Patrick Neef

    Brad, why are you singing at 0:48? And: "Why don't you know more?" You guys are awesome!

  • Tomas Engström

    Ok that looked pretty slick! I loved the moving artwork and the UI for making decisions. The interactive battles looked somewhat slow, though cool and well made. I'll probably get this as it comes out, just to experience new adventures in Magnamund.

    Hint: peeps who get curious about the books will be able to find the reprint by Mongoose Publishing (2007-2013) on eBay if nowhere else, with more books on the way - coming from Mantikore-Verlag.

  • DeadGuy427

    This looks freakin amazing...any idea if it will be universal?

  • Zdgames

    Please please please be on iPhone I have somany good memories wih this series...

  • poohzombie

    Lone Wolf!! This release can not come quick enough. Loved the books when I was a youngun.

  • Biowhere

    The battles sure seem to take a long time

  • Sean Connors

    My parents bought me the first book from this series as a Christmas present when I was in 6th or 7th grade. This sparked my desire to read and write my own stories. So many great memories! Thank you TA for this special surprise to make my day!

  • ODMay

    Would've been better if it had the same controls as Infinity Blade.

  • iqSoup

    Epic wizard voice.

  • JRaynor

    This better have a iphone version or it would suck so bad

  • LCD Dreams

    Got to see a demo of this at the TA GDC party - it was beautiful!

  • Wizard_Mike

    This is looking pretty bad ass! This definitely puts the game in gamebook.

  • Frungi

    I made it to "blanketed… with crisp snowFLANKED!" before cracking up.

  • thall72

    I'm not sure what made me feel more like I was in high school again during the video. The fact that its Lone Wolf or the fact that the two guys playing through it sounded like the were both 15.

  • Ondřej Pošta

    Ohh this brings me back nice memories. We've played this gamebook series 20 years ago when we were kids. I'll definitely put this on my wath list. Btw. If you guys can't wait for iOS Lone Wolf then google Project AON;)

  • Atlas

    good app

  • araczynski

    my most favorite book series ever. definitely looking forward to this.

  • Chris Brady

    Man, I love this world. Childhood memories of me in the local library after school, being Lone Wolf and saving the land, rebuilding the Kai monestary, mastering more and more powers... Can't wait to be able to buy this. Hope it'll come out for the iPad, not to mention being able to run on the venerable iPad 2. Which is what I own...

  • Michal "Hochy" Hochmajer

    I Am not native speaker, so I appreciate your English lessons...will sharpen my wizard English pronunciation. 🙂 THX guys for your great work on TA.

  • Alessandro Mazzega

    Hey guys, Alessandro from Forge Reply here.

    Thanks to Brad for the great video!

    It's great to learn that there are still many fans of Lone Wolf out there and that they can't wait to play our game.

    There is going to be an iPhone version, don't worry, and I'll open a thread on the TA Forums in a couple of minutes with additional details so stay tuned!

  • NeonGreenKermit


  • Alessandro Mazzega

    Please, check the official Lone Wolf thread on TA Forums:

  • Erich Singer

    The art direction is pure Valkyria Chronicles. Especially the opening to the battle scene @ 5:00 where it goes from pencil sketch to watercolor looks exactly like the intro movie to VC.

  • cesarperrin

    This "insane surprise" isn't anything like The Crying Game, I hope?

    Because if it is, I'm totally not watching that video. T_T

  • Alex Thompson