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TA Plays: ‘Lone Wolf’ – A Game-Book With An Insane Surprise

There’s a little story behind this one. A disastrous, no-good, very bad technical hiccup kept us from covering Lone Wolf: Blood On The Snow at GDC 2013. For whatever reason, our capture rig pooped out during the live demo Forge Reply gave us. And what a demo it was, man. Dazzling comes to mind as a word to describe it, even though that sounds a wee bit hyperbolic. You gotta understand, Lone Wolf holds a surprise within its pages. It’s the kind of surprise that you don’t want to just tell people about, you want to show them.

So, here we are, circling back to Lone Wolf with a build in our hands. This is an effort to give you the same shot in the arm that the demo managed to give us.

Anyway, what is Lone Wolf? It’s a game-book, but not your everyday game-book with a few interactive elements and nothing more. This is a GAME-book, and you’ll see what we mean if you catch the video we’ve got just above.

We’re really impressed with the effort that is going into every part of this. The page-turning effects are rad, the text is great (Forge has brought in the series’ original author Joe Dever), and the art direction is superb. Also, dat surprise.

If you’d like to keep tabs on Lone Wolf, just add it on your Watch List via our app (Free). I think we’ll be talking about it a lot more before it hits digital shelves this year.