Robot Unicorn Attack 2, the sequel to the only endless runner worth caring about on the App Store, is releasing tonight across iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Chew on that for a second. A follow-up to Adult Swim's bizarre, colorful, and electric Robot Unicorn Attack [$0.99] is barreling down the pipes, coming to your FingerPad device of choice in just a handful of hours. Take a whiff. Can you smell that? It's the sweet, sweet stench of anticipation. And rainbows. And tears.

The star-ploughing fundamentals remain the same. You, as a fearless guider of rainbow-tailed destruction, are tasked with double-jumping and double-dashing as far as you can over the course of three separate "wishes" or runs. At the end, your overall score is tallied. It's a simple formula, but it works well. In fact, I'd argue the beauty of the first game was in its simplicity and ridiculousness, both of which see a return in Robot Unicorn Attack 2.

This one does depart in a few key areas. Most likely, folks are probably going to latch onto the new unicorn customization component and the systems that revolve around it. As you run, you collect metallic tears. With these, you can buy pieces of equipment or parts for your robotic unicorn. Want a flaming mane? Sure, it's in there. How about a new sternum? Yup, you can grab that, too.

The new parts are delightfully insane and they go a long way in making you feel a connection with your steed. Also, they're not just cosmetic -- each modifies or improves your dashing, jumping or whatever.

Most of these new parts are level-gated, which is another thing that's new. As you run and pick up tears, you can also complete challenges for stars. Get enough stars and you level up, giving you access to bigger, iller, and better stuff to buy in the in-game store. Look around in these images and you'll see what I mean.

This is the part where I drop the model bomb, by the way. If you haven't already guessed, Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is free-to-play. You can buy tears straight-up or grab a $4.99 doubler, if that's the route you prefer in these kinds of games. For what it's worth, none of us over here are feeling like this model is gross.

Another thing: Always by the sensational Erasure is not the default track. Rather, Module's Land of Rainbows is. You can buy Always from the store, however, for a buck. We're guessing this has more to do with the Music Industry being Crazy than anything else. Oddly, I'm preferring Land of Rainbows as the lead song. It's synth-y and poppy but not as indulgent as Always. It also fits with the art direction better.

When you grab this tonight -- and you're going to, right? -- you'll notice quite a few other tweaks and changes that we've glossed over so far. For one, the art in the backgrounds is much improved. For another, you can now flutter around on wings, if you've grabbed a pair from the in-game store. Our favorite new thing outside of the customization stuff is the online play. When you get to Rank 7, you can join either Team Inferno or Team Rainbow and compete collectively in asynchronous high score battles for prizes. Today's, for instance, has teams seeing who can destroy the most stars. There are community and daily challenges, too.

There's a lot to dig about Robot Unicorn Attack 2. The new customization options are rad and the levels are radder. And while there's plenty to be happy about with the new stuff in this version of the game, it's important to note that the old stuff, the core of the running experience, is just as good, too.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 should be available on the US App Store at 11:00 PM Eastern, or potentially much earlier if you're in a region east of the USA. To be alerted when the game is available, open this story in the TouchArcade App [Free] and add it to your watch list. A little after 11:00 PM tonight you'll get a push alert with the download link.

International App Store Link: Robot Unicorn Attack 2, Free

  • Toasty_Cat

    This looks amazing. Adult Swim are awesome, so I doubt it's gonna be a crazy pushy IAP, but this is going to be amazing.

  • DannyTheElite

    I'll give it a go as its free , not expecting much

  • Paddy Grant Sullivan

    The last one really wasn't that interesting so I can't say I'm overly excited. Somehow the sequel to an infinite runner just seems redundant.

  • Gabriel.Voyager

    Why ruin a good game with a freemium sequel!?
    I don't try it, even it's free

    • MidianGTX

      Because the majority don't believe it's been ruined.

    • Eli Hodapp

      It's not ruined at all, the reason it's freemium is because it -can- be a free download now as it doesn't include any licensed music tracks out of the box.

      But, keep on ragin' against the freemium machine I guess. 🙂

      • Gabriel.Voyager

        My opinion is that the freemium game is the ruin of any sort of gameplay, because you don't play to enjoy the game, but only fight against the iap.
        So my intention is to play only premium game that not have consumable.

      • Cheeseball

        Uhm, if you actually take the time to stop being stupid and try out RUA2, you'll see that the freemium/IAP aspects don't get in the way of the fun at all. This is how freemium should be.

      • finbikkifin

        It's the exact same game only with more stuff. If you don't buy any iAP, you can still get the more stuff, on top of having the same game (with a different song, and better graphics) for free.

    • Tatiana

      Clearly you're not familiar with Adult Swim games. They're awesome. And their games have never been a simple "money grab." They're without a doubt my favorite publisher. I'm so excited about this one!!!!

  • TJF588

    My fingers are ready.

  • MrSHakerEsq

    Everybody's freakin' pumped for this.

  • Wizard_Mike

    Yup, I'll bite. Looks like a pretty solid improvement over the original.

    Although I will say that $5 seems a bit steep for the coin doubler, especially since there are other iap to buy (like the wings and songs mentioned in the article). I know people will just say "then don't get it!", but let's be honest here, the acquisition of coins will be balanced around having that doubler.

    How much do devs expect people to spend on something so simple as an endless runner? I mean, would anyone drop more than 5 or 6 bucks on a game like this for their home console? Then why do the devs expect us to do so for our mobile devices? And why do people actually do it?

    • Jerutix

      Because it is Robot Unicorn Attack, the most ethereal and glorious of all endless runners. My heart is fluttering with the thought of running along the rainbow highways again.

    • bradnicholson

      A game like this? Hopefully! It's a good one, man.

    • Josh Dombro

      Solid point, I guess they're trying to push the limits or they don't expect people to buy all the IAPs.

      Either that or the doubler isn't as essential as we think. I can't wait to find out tonight, though

    • finbikkifin

      I'd guess they expect people to pay $0.99c, to unlock Always and have a fully-featured sequel to the original? Anything else is just a delicious bonus.

      Also, I know for a fact that some companies which produce freemium games deliberately playtest and balance them around being fun without any doublers or extra purchases - it's only the scummier ones* who design their game to get frustrating if you don't pay.

      * Possibly most of them, yes.

  • paulkane


    Get ill, son!


  • metalmandave83

    I thought their other games were quite cheap for the amount of entertainment I got out of them. I'll be dropping some money on this for sure. I haven't played a bad game from Adult Swim. I still haven't played the original, just the Metal version.

    I like what I'm reading about this one.

  • Echoen

    Already playing it. 60fps and blazing unicorns. I'm totally hooked

  • oldgamer dude

    ^ what he said 🙂

  • toxiccheese

    More Unicorn prancing, new content, and Erasure?!?!? I AM SOLD!!!

  • AppsGoer

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  • grits

    Doesn't seem like anything special to me. Does this game do anything to advance the genre?

    • finbikkifin

      You can buy wings. Butterfly wings.

  • grits


  • Josh Dombro

    Ok, this game is AWESOME

  • Adams Immersive

    I can earn a new badge in Jetpack Joyride in one sitting easily, but I can't last 10 seconds in Robot Unicorn Attack! Somehow my brain is unable to respond to what appears. A freequel is a good excuse to give it another shot, though!