Regardless of the fact that The Conduit's reviews couldn't be more split, it's still really neat to see a console game this recent heading to iOS devices. Originally released in 2009, I think it's reasonably fair to say that The Conduit was High Voltage Software's attempt at bringing a Halo-like Perfect Dark-ish to the Wii, a console which lacked those kind of "hardcore" games that were exploding on other consoles at the time.

The Conduit is already available for Android, which typically means "coming soon" translates more directly to "It'll be out whenever Apple approves it" in iOS-speak. High Voltage even has a trailer put together of the Android version, if you want an idea of what it'll probably look like on iOS devices:

And, like all upcoming games, if you want to be notified when it's available for download be sure to add it to your TouchArcade app [Free] watch list.

  • Tim Cant

    Yeah, more real games! Bring it on baby

  • Allen Arcelo

    The controls in this are going to be so messed up. Ironically, we need more gun control! 🙁

  • Smokey956

    It's alright

  • iValerio90

    nah this video is a fake..the real game is a freemium city was a joke

    • dariusjr98

      Shut the hell up, geez.

      • iValerio90

        f*ck freemium and f*ck freemium supporter.

      • Rip73

        At least get your facts right before before your so abusive to a useful and respected forum member.
        Its not freemium.
        First two levels are free and the rest are unlocked through a single iap purchase.
        Not freemium, more a free to try and then pay to fully unlock, something many forum members seem to want.
        As for your abusive message, it may be the Internet, but try some having some dignity. Swearing at other commenters doesn't make you "cooler", it just shows the low type of personality and lack of self esteem one has that they need to abuse others to make themselves feel better.

      • wildperson

        I think you're my new favorite person.

      • monoclespectacle

        This serving could be heard all the way in Timbuktu.


      • dariusjr98

        Thanks for the support bro.

      • iValerio90

        f*ck freemium, f*ck freemium supporters.

      • Chefbot

        Is that all you can say Valerio?

      • iValerio90

        freemium suck.

      • Skullinton

        You said it, we heard it...

  • Brandon Higgins

    No multiplayer, no buy.

  • Eidaven

    So is this real or not? I had this game on my Wii. I actually enjoyed it. The multiplayer was great for the Wii. I hope they bring multiplayer to it.

    • Rip73

      Yep, it is real.
      Its out on google play and it is official release.
      Decent game. Auto aim a bit heavy handed though.
      No multiplayer yet though which is unfortunate because as you say, the multiplayer was great.
      It may be added down the road depending on how successful it is.
      Free to download and play first two levels. The other seven levels are a one off iap. So not freemium, more free to try.
      It does have other iap but they are more cheats (such as infinite ammo or one shot kill for campaign) rather than timers or stuff needed to complete the game and they don't impact the main normal gameplay.
      Its basically waiting on apple approval (more or less).

  • apolloa

    Love this game, been playing it on my Nexus 7 with my PS3 controller for a few weeks, it's a shame you can't do that with an iPad, but I would advise bluetooth a controller. The auto aim is a bit heavy though and it's better to leave it on, the game is also long lasting, good value. It has IAP but only for cheats like endless ammo or invincibility, kind of no point playing the game if you use those though haha.

  • tranceforma

    Looks like another crappy fps game that will be fiddly and awkward

  • Kozio235

    I played both conduit 1 and 2 and became highly addicted. Considering that this is the only high quality fps game for the wii and the fact that no other titles got as much street cred (for the wii) as this game series. Ive been waiting for about a year for the 3rd title in the series when i realized that it would be released on the wiiU... I dont have a wiiU...

    Anyways, I'm glad to see this game coming to ios! Im 90% sure that it will please its users even without multiplayer. My only hope is that they put the whole series on mobile so that i can play all of the titles.

    • Chris Lankford

      Are you suggesting Metroid Prime 3/Trilogy were not high quality games? Those games were pretty much top tier for single player FPS... artwork and gameplay mechanics were sick, and the soundtracks rock. Plus it's hard as hell on hypermode.

      If you meant multiplayer FPS, then yeah, I can see that.

  • htp24

    As one of the four people who bought the game for the Wii, here's my micro review: hallway, hallway, hallway, shoot, hallway hallway hallway. It DOES have some really neat moments, and some interesting concepts, but HVS didn't quite know what to do with any of it.

    That glowing eyeball thing could've been a really cool tool. Instead it was used for a couple of obvious 'puzzles'.

    The multiplayer on the wii was really fun, though.

  • vanvas2000

    Do you really think it will be released for iOS? It's taking so long.. Can't wait!!!!

  • superdamien

    Can't wait

  • gsaint73

    This never came out !!!