Introducing ‘AppShopper Social’ a Brand New AppShopper App With a Fresh Social Spin

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Late last year the original AppShopper app was removed from the App Store due to some conflicts with Apple’s ever-evolving app approval guidelines, but the companion app for our sister site is now back and better than ever. It’s called AppShopper Social (Free), and it leverages the power of with a friends list system so you can constantly stay up to date with what friends of yours are downloading, and things they want to download. Keep in mind, this is a totally different app, so if you’ve still got the O.G. AppShopper app on your phone, this new app won’t conflict with that at all. The new version retains all the core wish list functionality, while adding loads of discovery potential for new and cool things and there’s even in-line reviews from various app/game review sites.

If you like the TouchArcade app (Free) be sure to give AppShopper Social a try. Also, if you’re looking for friends to add in the app, add the user “TouchArcade" to have games pop up in your feed as we review them. Neat, right?!

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    AppShopper Social lets you share your app interests with your friends and see what apps your friends are interested in. …
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