Late last year the original AppShopper app was removed from the App Store due to some conflicts with Apple's ever-evolving app approval guidelines, but the companion app for our sister site is now back and better than ever. It's called AppShopper Social [Free], and it leverages the power of with a friends list system so you can constantly stay up to date with what friends of yours are downloading, and things they want to download. Keep in mind, this is a totally different app, so if you've still got the O.G. AppShopper app on your phone, this new app won't conflict with that at all. The new version retains all the core wish list functionality, while adding loads of discovery potential for new and cool things and there's even in-line reviews from various app/game review sites.

If you like the TouchArcade app [Free] be sure to give AppShopper Social a try. Also, if you're looking for friends to add in the app, add the user "TouchArcade" to have games pop up in your feed as we review them. Neat, right?!

  • dariusjr98

    This is awesome news, I miss the good ol' Appshopper app. One question: will our old accounts from appshopper integrate with this new one, because I had a lot of apps on both lists. Anyway, off to downloading this!

    • wannadieforme

      It can sync ur appshopper account.

      • decabao

        In fact its the same account

    • Arnold Kim

      Yep, same login and your lists should all be there.


    I still have the original installed

    • Gamer_Kev

      Me too, I didn't even know it had been taken down.

  • Jerutix

    Pretty cool, but we definitely need a universal version. The old version will work great for me until then.

    • Brett

      Agreed. The app is awesome, and can be used in 2x mode on the iPad, but it would be great if this could be a universal app. Is there plans for that?

    • jeffyg3

      Yeah same here. I'll stick to the only version of the app until the new version gets the update for universal support

      • jeffyg3

        Only version...err, meant old version. Stupid iPad autocorrect =

  • l1chen87

    wow finally revamped!!
    hope it doesnt get pulled by apple again tho :/

  • Psiufoxx

    From what I can see the new app does everything the old app does and more! With the exception of the Top 200 list, which I need used anyway. This is fantastic news for everyone who came to ios recently and never had the old app. Download before apple wises up!

    • Psiufoxx

      Er, never* used.

  • felipe

    Where is the Popular category filter? Except that, everything looks better.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Add "appshopper" to your friends and in your feed you'll also have what used to be the "popular" main view.

      • felipe

        I did it, but i tought it was the "all apps" filter. I added TA too. Would be cool if you could filter for friends too.

  • Crunchewy

    So what was removed? Surely something was taken out - whatever caused it to be pulled before?

    • Crunchewy

      One thing that's missing is the option to show all apps vs only "popular" apps. I think the "appshopper" friend gives the equivalent of popular, but I'm not sure.

    • Frungi

      Sounds like the top 200 lists were removed, too.

  • Flare_TM

    AppZapp has had this functionality for ages and I highly recommend it to everyone over this

  • riggysmalls

    Is there any benefit to this over the old app shopper other than social?

    • Arnold Kim

      well, the fact that you can download it is one big benefit. Also iPhone 5 support.

      • riggysmalls

        So if I have the original there really isn't a point in getting this one?

      • Frungi

        From the article: "while adding loads of discovery potential for new and cool things"
        So I guess that's a reason.

      • Laszlo Tuss

        If you are not using the latest generation of iHandhelds or if you using an iPad then skip this for a while, but it could get new features via updates, while the old one dont.

  • Vovin

    "social features" is the modern scourge for mankind.

  • Vovin

    uhm, just saw that the "popular" tab is missing and replaced by "friends". I think i'll stick to the old one.

  • ItouchBrett


  • Canadian32

    PEOPLE, the "Friends" tab can now be used as the old "Popular" tab. Just add AppShopper as a friend and it's all set! It's a clever loop to get the AppShopper app back in the App Store and support iPhone 5.

    • Vovin

      I did and it shows me nothing,

      • Canadian32

        Works perfectly for me. One tap and done.

      • dancj

        Once you've added appshopper, go to the Stream tab

  • Deixa

    Price drop, new, and update are all the same doesn't filter anything

    • DannyWalkman

      The filters work perfectly on my iPhone 4. Try to restart the app.

  • dancj

    In the 'stream' tab the Types filter doesn't work. It just shows all updates, price drops and new apps regardless of what you choose.

    I really don't want updates clogging up my list.

    • DannyWalkman

      The filters work perfectly on my iPhone 4. Try to restart/redownload the app.

      • dancj

        Weird. They just started working - even though it was broken on both my iPhone and iPad.

        Maybe they fixed something at the server end.

      • Arnold Kim

        yep, we broke/fixed that on the backend

      • REkzkaRZ

        Sorry to hear about your broken back end...

  • tunaW

    Can you guys put back the line that says how long ago since an app was added/modified/had a price change ? Example: "10 minutes ago".

  • DannyWalkman

    YES! Made my day!!! And the friends integration is awesome! Until now i used to share tens of apps a day via mail. Now it's much simpler. Only thing i would add is a filter in Stream tab, to be able to see a particular user.
    About "toucharcade" friend, wouldn't it make more sense to have only the featured price-drops instead of reviews?

    And People!!! Read between the comments, or in the app description. Instead of having the Popular tab, you add "appshopper" to friends and the apps are shown in the Stream tab. So, if you don't add any friends - it's exactly the same thing.

  • GiHubb

    I really love the original AppShopper, I still use it daily, me being a cheap bastard and all!

    • REkzkaRZ

      @toucharcade-4fc9669f543abba50fd776facbcd7694:disqus -- yeah, ya cheap bastard!!!
      (Hey, my view is -- if the devs make their apps free, shouldn't I have an easy way to grab 'em?)

  • Deixa

    For those who still have the original you should compare the two apps. You will see that some apps the original shows are not updating with the new app. I want to like this new app but the original has better options than this

    • Arnold Kim

      We had some indexing issues, they should be the same shortly.

  • crunc

    I think it's a stretch to call this better. It does less. But you can download it. So it's good if you don't have the original.

    • dancj


      Maybe in time I'll have a reason to use the new version, but until that reason comes along I'll keep using the old one - and keep an eye on updates to the new one.

  • praxcelis

    I don't like this. I think someone at AppShopper decided that while having to make a new app that they'd take advantage of the whole thing with doing more than just satisfying Apple.

    I smell rotten fish.

    • xx99

      Part of satisfying Apple is showing that your app is easily distinguishable from the App Store and showing that your app does something useful beyond just listing apps like the App Store.

      Personally, I'd think the wish list and price drop lists would be big enough features, but it's likely Apple didn't accept the new app until they added the social features - note the inclusion of "Social" in the app's title to help make it painfully obvious this provides different functionality than the App Store.

  • nonstickron

    I see no way to add friends, other than when it prompts me for twitter login, and nothing happens when I tap on people in my friends list.

    • nonstickron

      Ah ha! I figured out how to add a friend, but doesn't seem like it does anything. I can't touch the name and see anything. Is it supposed to work like that?

    • brighteyes74

      Yes I was the same here but just choose edit with the friends tab open and add is in the top left .

      • REkzkaRZ

        Thanks for that! Already emailed the devs asking how to do that too.
        Now discovered that "friend" means their username on AppShopper -- how the heck would we know that?!?!?

  • Deixa

    All this new app does is show the popular section of the original, so you won't find much on this as the old one.

  • mclifford82

    A fresh social spin? No way. How unique of them.

  • Vovin

    So I gave the new app another spin, but here something feels missing.
    I loved how the old app separated the popular apps (in one tab) from the general list "what's new" (the more unknown / unpopular) apps.
    That made some things a lot easier to find.

    • REkzkaRZ

      Heck yeah! (Me too)

  • Jxsgamer

    Wow, didn't even know the O. AppShopper was pulled. Going to grab this for now in case they pull this one too.

  • 7lilwhitewolf7


  • xx99

    I think it'd be great if URL schemes could be used to add a "View on TouchArcade" button to game pages that takes us to that game's page in the TouchArcade app.

    • Zak8022

      And vice versa... I often want to add an app to my AppShopper wish list after reading about it on the TA app. Integration between the two would be awesome (I'm not sure what, if any, connections the two sites have to one another).

      • xx99

        TouchArcade has the wish list feature too that will send you notifications when items on your list get released, drop in price, or have an article written about them. I do understand why you might want to compile your wish list in one app though.

      • Frungi

        It'd be great if we could link our TA and AS accounts. Then you could add to your watch list, and it gets added to your wish list.

  • MrSHakerEsq

    The release of this app concerns me greatly for the sake of our developers. I can visualise it being misused by all freeloading gamers to get word of mouth around quickly concerning freebies, all to the detriment of future game development.

    • dancj

      App developers make their games free to get the downloads that bump them up the charts. Appshoppers and freeloading gamers give them those downloads.

      Everybody's happy.

    • xzeldax3

      You concern me greatly for the sake of humanity.

    • Frungi

      I really don't think this problem started today...

  • Frungi

    Huh, I didn't even know AppShopper was removed. Didn't have reason to check since mine still works.

    Any guess for how long we'll have to wait for an iPad version of the new app?

  • rafaelstenorio

    Awesome!!! I missed the support for iPhone 5, but now I'm missing iPad support and Popular and What's New section, but I'm glad that the app is back to the App Store. =D

  • splendidham

    Hopefully there won't be any ads because I paid to have them removed from the original appshopper shortly before it was removed from the AppStore. Now I can't even reinstall it from the AppStore since I lost it after updating to iPhone 5. But good to see it back regardless. Was a very useful app

  • Naetalis

    Trying to add appshopper or toucharcade isn't working for me at all. Do you have to wait for an invite accept? I'm not getting any feedback from the app at all when trying to add them...

  • tunaW

    Screenshots don't scroll one at a time like in the original app.

  • somethingelsefl

    I would see if Apple ever approached you guys and asked to buyout (like they did with Chomp). And if they ever do...would you?

    I prefer TA and AppShopper as independent but could easily see some of your great features being integrated into Apple (especially TA with Game Center).

    Again, I prefer you guys independent, but I'm shocked If Apple hasn't already at least had one discussion with you guys about your service.

  • Cromwell

    CTD on iPad1.... 🙁
    It loads with a blank screen and it crashes...

    • arn

      That's a know bug with ipad an iOS 5.x - will be fixed.

  • xicopires

    I'll keep the old version until they release an iPad version.

  • REkzkaRZ

    Congrats on getting back in AppStore! I think the 'add friends' functionality may need some tweaking. I'd like to *NOT* see all friends, and I don't really want to know all the apps being reviewed on various websites -- so far, have only friended "appshopper".

  • jeffyg3

    Yeah the old version is definitely better than this one. The old one had better options. Also the old one had a new section that shows every price drop/etc and a popular section. The new version is basically just the popular section, also no universal support.

    Meh, the new Appshopper app is junk compared to the old version.

  • asads asddas

    AppZapp is way better

    • dancj

      AppZapp is better in exactly one way - and that is that it works with all App Stores, not just the US one.

      In every other way, Appshopper is better.

      • asads asddas

        Lol it isnt even close

  • asads asddas

    There are better app tracking apps than this

  • Trev1

    I miss the time feature when apps were added...I miss the adding of EVERY new app that comes out instead of just the popular last 3 days "new" releases that this one shows....and I can't log in and haven't gotten a password recovery email from them yet....and to ,ale it worse I put faith in this app and deleted the old one from my phone as soon as I saw iphone5 optimized .....o well

  • nonstickron

    So how do I browse what my friend owns and what he wants? Would be helpful for gifting apps. Currently see no way, and no point in linking friends if that is the case.

  • Dave Metzener

    Hey TouchArcade, when will your iOS app start working with this new version? I've removed the old version and now there isn't a button on app pages in TouchArcade app that will launch AppShopper's app to allow me to either add the app to my wish list or purchase it.

    Liked that feature in TA's app.

  • Kizi 2

    Brand New AppShopper App. Thanks

  • Yepi Friv

    social is good and link everyone

  • Y8

    het money

  • friv 2 friv 3 friv 4

    We had some indexing issues, they should be the same shortly.