Landlubbers take notice: Johnny Two Shoe's awesome swashbuckling adventure Plunderland [$1.99] is currently free for a limited time. It's a side-scrolling affair that sees you controlling a group of pirates in a God-like manner as you travel the seas going port to port and pillaging everything you encounter along the way. There are tons of neat interactive elements in Plunderland, like being able to pick up people in the game and fling them about or set them on fire, swipe enemy cannonballs out of the sky, and discover treasures by tap-digging on islands.

Plunderland is unlike practically anything else on the iOS platform, and although it launched nearly three years ago it still holds up incredibly well to this day. It was even updated last fall to include some modern features like iPhone 5 widescreen support and Retina Display graphics for the iPad, in addition to some tidying up of menus and other optimizations.

You can check our original review of Plunderland as well as the details of a huge update which added a new campaign, or check out the lengthy thread in our forums for player impressions. Plunderland has only been free once before, and while we're still waiting extremely patiently for Johnny Two Shoe's upcoming epic Prevail, there's no reason you shouldn't jump all over it right now for some free plundering in the meantime.

  • one.sixty.four

    I remember this from back when the iPad 1 came out. it was on all the demo iPads, and when I got a iPad 1, i looked and looked for it but I never found it. now thanks to TA and a few price drop apps, I've got it! fun game....

  • Artfoundry

    Fun but I got stuck in the first five minutes. I could no longer shoot, so I couldn't get past the boat in front of me. And since there's no menu button (??), I couldn't restart the level w/o force quitting the game. Fail.

    • Zeldaniac

      It's invisible, it's in the upper right corner and you need to hold the invisible button for a sec.

  • MrSHakerEsq

    I think I've mentioned before to all and sundry my thoughts on publishing 'freebie alerts' and all the freeloading activity it encourages. Fair enough if a dev wants to drop the price of their app but let's actually promote the financial support of game developers not gamer avarice.

    • monoclespectacle

      Do not feed the troll.

    • Scape3d

      You realize you don't make sense, right? You must.

      When a developer makes their title free they do it as a form of advertising, possibly to revive an older title. The developers, you know, the people who actually created the game, want as many people to download their game. Touch Arcade making these Freebies known to all of us readers only helps the original intent of's that many more people playing their game.

      I have a feeling you just enjoy the attention and don't really believe your shortsighted commentary on these Freebie Alerts. If so, I feel ashamed giving you any time at all.

      • HelperMonkey

        There are many games that I only discovered because they were temporarily free that I then recommended or gifted to friends. Freebies get noticed, and getting noticed is vital business in the app store. And I don't think I usually grab freebies so much out of greed as out of curiosity.

    • one.sixty.four

      uhh, you "think" you have mentioned it before? you have mentioned it on every freebie alert for the past 3 months! I'm not even going try to reason with you this time. if you want to know how I feel, go read my reply to you post on the LAST freebie alert.

  • Smartbomb

    This game is quite a giggle, cheers for the alert

  • TheEvilRobot

    This is a really fun game.