If there ever was a series that could pose as a case study in the general shift to freemium in iOS gaming, Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter would be at the top of the list. The first two games operated as full-featured Diablo style clones with everything you'd want in a dungeon crawler. The third made a dramatic leap into the freemium sphere by going away from its dungeon crawling roots with arena-style gameplay, very little narrative, and plenty of IAP.

Dungeon Hunter 4 [Free] looks to bring some balance back to the series with the return of an actual story and a greater emphasis on traditional dungeon crawling. For the most part, the game actually succeeds in this regard, with a legitimate story, plenty of gameplay and options and beautiful visuals to boot.  While the game certainly brings back some of what we loved in the first two titles, the 'in-your-face' IAP and other freemium elements leave a wistful feeling in your mouth.

After mysteriously waking up in the middle of a demonic invasion of your kingdom. Dungeon Hunter 4 puts you in the role of one of four heroes mysteriously imbued with power and charged as last hope of the kingdom of Valenthia. As the kingdom's savior you'll journey from region to region taking on standard story-based dungeon crawling quests coupled with a decent amount of side quests that provide supplemental awards. I didn't find the story to be particularly enthralling but it is a full-featured narrative and provides a far better experience than the previous Dungeon Hunter.

Meanwhile there are a lot of fundamental areas that Dungeon Hunter 4 does well. The visuals are impressive on current generation hardware, with plenty of special effects, detailed models and nice looking backdrops. The combat system also earns points in my book, with a dual-stick scheme that hardly ever felt like a hindrance. Admittedly, as the action got more hectic it became harder to activate the hot-buttoned skill moves, but otherwise I was satisfied with the game's controls.

Obviously, it's expected that a freemium game would be rife with IAP, and Dungeon Hunter 4 is no exception. The standard dual-currency system applies with enemies dropping a decent amount of gold during normal play while the premium gems are rarely given out and will primarily be earned via IAP or via an in-game ad watching system. As you might imagine, equipment that can only be bought with gems are far superior to the gold-based items. In addition, gems are also used beyond weapon purchases, and can be used to unlock skills early (rather than waiting to reach a certain level for them to unlock), reset skill points and speed up timers.

Yes, in addition to the standard freemium trappings mentioned above, Dungeon Hunter 4 also contains a variety of timers centered around upgrading your player's inventory. For example, merging charms into stronger versions launches a timer, as well as removing charms from equipment and upgrading items to the next tier of strength. While upgrades only cost gold, the timers themselves require gems to bypass and upgrades on already strong equipment can take quite awhile.

The most egregious example is the timer on potions -- heroes can hold up to three health-refilling potions but will have to wait 2 hours to refill one of the potions (or spend gems to bypass the timer). I really don't understand the need for timers, as it just creates an additional annoyance on top of all the other freemium elements.

As if the timers weren't bad enough, Dungeon Hunter 4 has an annoying tendency to repeatedly shove premium items in your face. Every loading screen suggests an item you should buy that costs gems (which you can conveniently buy via tapping on it). Gaining a level is typically met by the game giving you a "deal" on a premium item. Even the game's inventory screens, which typically only show items you possess also showcase premium items that you could own if you just dumped some cash into gems and picked them up. This last item is particularly annoying and has the potential to be confusing to some players.

I hate having to spend so much time outlining the free-to-play mechanics but it's important because of how intertwined they are with the foundational gameplay. The premium items are more of an annoyance (although I question the balancing for players that don't buy into them) but the timers make a significant change to what is an otherwise good dungeon crawler.

For example, having to wait for potions to replenish could be counteracted by repeating areas, gaining levels and gold, and getting to a position where you need less reliance on them (dying puts you back at the last checkpoint area). However, the fact that timers exist for charm removals/enhancements and upgrading weapons and armor means that even that technique is going to at least require additional time if you're trying not to shell out for gems.

It's just a shame because Dungeon Hunter 4 does a decent job putting the series back on track to its roots. Unfortunately, the emphasis on freemium elements puts a damper on the improvements made. Seeing how it's free, dungeon crawling fans should definitely check it out. However, the question remains whether or not its worth the investment required to plow through the entire experience.

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  • riggysmalls

    Dungeon Hunter 1/2 were some of the best ARPG's I've played on the iPhone. I would easily pay $10 for a new version of those. Or pay for additional chapters and difficulties. The forced IAP progression/timer system is horrid. Better than DH3? Sure, it's much better. As good as DH1 or 2? No way.

    Side note:
    The merge bug helps to alleviate the IAP pain 😉

    • http://twitter.com/phonecats phonecats

      wat merge bug?
      stop fishing for replys!
      give me pro tips!

      • Piph


      • jtall

        Look in the forum topic about this game and you will be able to figure it out

  • toxiccheese

    I wanted to like this game but waiting in real world time for items to regenerate is not good game design. A developer should want you to spend time actually playing the game, not make you wait to play it.

    • TGMzero

      Exactly. Too bad we have people stilling schilling out cash for this kind of crap to stop.

      Honestly, this game shouldn't receive 3 and 1/2 stars. It should get two at the most.

      Great graphics and gameplay that come at the expense of the overall experience should be reflected in the score.

  • TGMzero

    IAP has destroyed mobile phone gaming.

    I wouldn't mind them charging up to $9.99 for these games just to avoid IAP.

    • grits

      Yep. All we have to do is start buying games without IAP. There are a bunch of good ones.

      • http://gazo-5.gazonew.com/ Juegos Friv

        yes. me too think as you

    • MidianGTX

      For a properly balanced version of this game without the IAP, $9.99 would be a steal. But I guess most gamers just don't agree...

      • Greyskull

        Most won't play it...most people I know have maybe 1 or 2 free, usually "social" games installed, and haven't spent a nickel on iap. Gameloft must want to aim for the other extreme, and I don't mean guys like me or you (MeridianGTX); rather the twits and...I can only describe them as sadomasochists who won't buy a 5 dollar game but WILL buy a 49.99 dollar pack of "premium" currency. It isn't "cheap" gamers ruining mobile (non-console) gaming, it's the mentally unstable group who won't buy a game but purchase iaps as if they were spraying 2000 dollar bottles of Hennesey in the virtual strip club in their mind. For lack of a better metaphore 😉

    • iValerio90


    • yomachaser

      This why I try to buy all the premium games like FF dimensions to encourage quality and discourage freemium bs.

    • Josh Dombro

      I don't think IAP has destroyed mobile gaming, it works really well for some genres and it's horrible for others. From the developers' side it's a really effective way to make money over a long period of time if you have a good game.

      The problem is that the game needs to be playable without IAP, and too many developers don't seem to realize that. Outwitters is a perfect example of a free game that's a lot of fun, but for a couple bucks you get a lot more content. I probably would NOT have paid money for it in the first place, but after playing it free for a little while, I was happy to unlock the full game as an IAP.

      • TGMzero

        Your argument makes sense. And I agree with what you said mostly.

        The problem as you stated is with the devs, but also Apple for not allowing a small time based refund period.

      • Josh Dombro

        True, I don't know what their policy is with that. I know they've refunded people in cases where their kid accidentally buys $1,000 worth of IAP or something like that, but I have no idea in general.

  • Mike Binks

    Shame. You guys had a chance to make it clear that this sort of game isn't good for the industry but instead you've bottled it.

    • wildperson

      ...did you read it?

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bob-Mayer/709955662 Bob Mayer

        He didn't have to, he LOOKED AT THE SCORE! (that was sarcasm)

    • pauldavidmerritt

      I agree. I love the reviews that talk about the nastiness of IAP's, throw tomato's at it for a paragraph or two, and then, at the end of review, "bottle" it to sell it (for good TA industry stance) saying, "BUT, if your a fan, it's free. Try it! You may like it."

      Laugh, laugh, laugh. The business is becoming a -do less, make more- strategy, and they are getting away with it because of the uncanny, ignorant support for Freemium and IAP "games"!

  • wildperson

    Good review. The gameplay itself is great fun, although the spells could stand to be mapped better for controls.
    The iAP is just the absolute worst I've seen, though. I deleted it pretty quickly after hitting a paywall around level 9.

  • Alc819

    "It's just a shame" sums it up nicely. This has potential to be an awesome game, but it is destroyed by the ridiculous IAP scheme. I would gladly pay 10-20 dollars to unlock the entire game. Shame on Gameloft for ruining what could have been a great game because of greed.

    • MidianGTX

      There are so many iOS games that could be great if the IAP were removed. Part of it is just sheer laziness. If you want strategical wait timers in a premium game, you need to do a lot of balancing to make it work effectively and allow the player to continue playing indefinitely. The easy way out is to stop the player from enjoying his/herself and throw some virtual currently payment plans in their faces.

  • JJE McManus

    As much as I would like to play this game I shall not download it. I refuse to be party to their anti consumer metrics

  • TomCrown

    WTF, 3 1/2 stars for a game that the reviewer states is hampered by the incessant, annoying IAP.

  • Michael Groll

    I agree with this review, but I do not agree with the score. I had hoped TA would be a stronger advocate for us gamers and try to help getting this IAP djinny back into the bottle.
    2 out of 5 seems more reasonable to me, or maybe even 3 (substratcting 2 points from an otherwise perfect game for this insulting IAP nonsense), but 3.5 looks is way too close to a perfect score. 3.5 means this is a really really good game and for the price of free everybody should at least give it a try. And THIS is not the message TA should broadcast about this game.

    And yes, people keep saying just play IAP-free games. But hey, how many high quality IAP-free Diablo clones are currently available for iOS?
    *sigh* damn you, Gameloft, you really screwed up this time.

  • ProgPariah77

    Thus far, it appears (from experiences of others and from my own time w/the game) that DH4 CAN be beat without dropping a cent for in-app purchases. Careful cultivation of skills, collecting gems through the roulette wheel thingie + the daily ads (you can pull in as many as 20 per day), use of multiple characters (play one while the other's upgrade timer runs down), plus a fair amount of grinding (of course) should get you through. The real question is: do I enjoy this game enough to pursue the strategy above? For me (so far), the answer is "yes."

    • iValerio90

      This is a mobile game not a torture.

      • Biowhere

        Yea torture is free!

      • pauldavidmerritt

        This is not a mobile game. It is a classic example of a 'slot machine' tactic implemented in the gaming industry. That's why it's marketed as a "game". Oh, and Dev Trolls LOVE to defend these as true game developments. If stupidity sells and is easy to sell, then--YEA! Let's make great Freemiums for money.

      • Skullinton

        No this is what mobile gaming as become. Deal with it and enjoy iAp free games that come out.

      • iValerio90


      • pauldavidmerritt

        No. I will not, and I hope and pray more gamers get smarter than that. Even downloading these money-grab apps shows support. Shame on you for following Gameloft's lead with these tactics. Go to business school, friend. Learn what adverse effects it has on companies when people say, "Der, duh derrr... just download it anyway". Critical thinking from the general public might be a good thing from time to time, yeh?

    • _Jc_

      You shouldn't have to try harder and have less fun because... It's not balanced to make your experience fun - it's balanced to wage psychological warfare with your wallet.

    • http://www.facebook.com/percy.catabay Percy Catabay

      i agree progpariah77..that's what im also doing..without spending a penny and still enjoying the game and getting strong at the same time..the devs are onlymaking a profit out of there creativity on making a game..try to think whatif you were on the devs shoes?you hink you'll just make a game for all of the people then just sit around not earning anything from your creation?:)

    • pauldavidmerritt

      Oh. Do you not understand how your "look on the brighter side of IAP games" comments are not supporting gamers in defending against Commercial Advertising tactics? It is ruining the iOS gaming industry. On a side note, who do you work for again? Gameloft?

  • mudd

    I usually agree with your reviews Eric, but giving a 3 1/2 star rating to a game the shows absolute contempt towards video games is a bit off the mark, with all due respect. In every possible way Gameloft has in place barriers to playing a dungeon crawler in any enjoyable way. It's disheartening that the iOS platform is slowing slipping away from what it could have been.

  • iValerio90

    3.5 ?! you are too generous! IN APP SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK !

    • Skullinton

      We get your point, iAps are bad, you dont like freemium... But could you be more constructive?


      • iValerio90

        i want to be destructive for iapp system

      • Skullinton

        Well you wont change much by screaming that it sucks or that you hate freemium.

  • Morgan01

    The IAP is so absurdly implemented and integral to this game that it adversely impacts the whole gaming experience. It appears as though the developers put more emphasis on the IAP model than the game itself. After 2 days,I finally deleted it.

  • speedyph

    I been deleted this horrid game

  • K-Dog

    Don't delete - check the TA forum on this for a crazy bug to get weapon and gear for free!

    Yes, it's a merge charm bug that unlocks the weapons that they tease you with in the inventory screen. Even with the super powered items, the game is a real blast, albeit a bit easier - but still fun all the same.

    Go to about page 75 onwards in the forum to see!!!

    Might as well, before they patch it!!!

  • Biowhere

    The most interesting thing in the whole review is the comment...

    "The premium items are more of an annoyance (I question the balancing for players that don't buy them..."

    This is IMHO the biggest problem with these types of games, no matter how good the developers intentions the game has to be balanced to ensure a certain $ return from the players. Games are no longer tuned to be the best 'game', they are tuned to manipulate you into dumping money into their 'slot machine' game economy and renting the game you used to buy.

    • SumoSplash

      Yup. Freemium is code for rent your game and be solicited while you play.

  • K-Dog

    I know it's not a great justification to exploit a bug, but it kinda balances out all the other bugs you might/will come across - crashing, enemies not spawning, levels not working properly. Really wonder what level of beta testing they did on this game.

    One thing which does work 100% is all the IAP ramming in your face that it does, I bet GameLoft tested that thoroughly.

    Of course, you don't have to splash any cash if you're willing to grind away, so don't be put off by it. Stick with the game, whether using the bug or not, it is rewarding after you get past the initial difficulty spike.

  • Amenbrother

    Yup just do the merge trick and get yourself new weapons and armor for free. U will never need IAP in this game after a few merge charm tricks.

    • pauldavidmerritt

      You know why I like this reply? It proves how stupid the IAP Freemium model is. It amazes me. More will become huge fans of 'getting around the system', just like gun control. You take rights and control away like that, more and more people will do it illegally--especially the ones that love doing things illegally! Why don't people know more about what true business integrity is? I support real business--like buying a banana, get what you pay for--a banana!!

      • Armonyo

        Business models are always evolving, this one balance non-playing customers with paying ones, while reaching a wide audience at zero cost. Once you establish a system it's going to be hard to go back, but it will evolve again towards new direction if the current business model find the market saturated, marketing people will get creative again. Same story has happened with pc gaming from subscription to free to play model, lots don't like it, but yet still the majority are playing f2p, and game companies are adapting to survive in the market and thrive where they can.

        In my opinion freemium is a mobile iteration of the standard f2p that works well in that context. Online games with itemisation, create item value in real life, Diablo has provided a lesson, and many other game not mainstream before that like Entropia. The next step for online games based on itemisation progression is to create real world value, and create incentive to trade, once the iap-based market get crowded and worn out.

        Appstores have the opportunity to create a credit system that you could earn through associated games (and users can use money to get credits and can use credits to get other apps, therefore no iap, but a revenue through a credit fee between trades. That's the next gen monetisation for me for online only games like mmorpg, arpg or anything where competition and item progression are king.

  • B30

    OMG, I see stars!

  • SumoSplash

    3.5 stars is exactly what Mr. Ford gave Minigore 2. I'm not surprised by this rating at all.

  • xhoffzillax

    Right now I have a gem I can keep selling for 125g and it won't leave my inventory. To bad it wasn't worth more to sell it takes to long to care.

  • _Jc_

    We need to start a movement. Any game where you can pay-to-win should NOT be considered a "real game."

    The whole idea of a "game" is to challenge your brain, in some way or another, to reach a goal. If you can pull out your wallet and win, it's no longer a game.

    When designers, programmers and business people conspire together to build a game that revolves around trying to tempt you into purchasing progress at every turn, and blatantly slowing you down if you refuse, we should not reward them.

    Never mind spending money, I refuse to even download this free game. If you value quality gaming, so should you. I agree with the poster above - I would happily pay $9.99 for a game of this quality if it was balanced around challenging gameplay mechanics, not around psychological wallet hunting.

    • pauldavidmerritt

      I am on the wagon. Thank you for throwing these thoughts out here for readers. I believe this wholeheartedly; I also refuse to support by downloading Free apps like this. These are not games and I will always speak up against them on posts.

      It would be wise for mobile gamers to start supporting high integrity game development by not downloading, rating, or buying IAP models. I will never touch or download them ever again.

  • Zdgames

    Beat the game without spending a penny take that gameloft... Hhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaa!!!!!!!!

    • elias chen

      Ya..i finish in almost 20 hours to do that hahaha
      I dont know y the people find this game so hard without spend $$...

  • BobCat5142


  • BobCat5142

    When gameloft made Six Guns I was so excited be because I wasn't sure if it would work properly. I tried it out and it was pretty good. Or it was at first. But them I realized why it was free and deleted it

  • elias chen

    Hmm i found this game too short and easy.
    Keep playing. Put some life steal gem and you will find that you doesnt need pot or buy something on iAp.
    In begin u just have to farm some gold on courtyard, after that everything going be easy.

  • Guest

    I don't think IAP has destroyed mobile gaming, it works really well for some genres and it's horrible for others. From the developers' side it's a really effective way to make money over a long period of time if you have a good game.

    The problem is that the game needs to be playable without IAP, and too many developers don't seem to realize that. Outwitters is a perfect example of a free game that's a lot of fun, but for a couple bucks you get a lot more content. I probably would NOT have paid money for it in the first place, but after playing it free for a little while, I was happy to unlock the full game as an IAP.

    I think it's unfair to blame all freemium games because a lot of developers misuse the system. Really it's a great format for a lot of games.

    • Skullinton


  • SmugPugD

    Come on, grow a pair and give this turd a 1 star rating. The timers get stuck, there are tons of bugs, and even if there were no IAP these things just make it poorly done.
    The only parts of the game that work properly are the cash grabs. I realize that the art is pretty nice, and the controls aren't terrible, but those two qualities really don't make a 3.5 star title.

  • Armonyo

    I think the gameplay overall is very effective if you ignore the IAP, I just got used to them, do not even bother. I have decided to play the hardcore way, no diamonds or potions, what do you get is what you use basically, and it makes for a great challenging experience. I wish was even more difficult however. I hope they will somewhat integrated a trade post for a player driven economy, where users can pay gold or gems for items together with a gem fee for Gameloft based on the item Tier level, it would make it more of a Diablo Auction house experience and less direct IAP purchases if they can balance something like this well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001167927644 James Wong

    AppsGoer is a great app review site

  • http://www.facebook.com/caesaredouard Caesar-Édouard Perrin Esturco

    I grew up on dungeon crawlers, which was why (despite the lukewarm storylines) Dungeon Hunter appealed to me. Sure, the story is contrived (zomg kingdom black king demons war, corruption, one hero to save us all poketapoketapoketapoketa) but the action was great, and the leveling up was strangely satisfying.

    Up until Dungeon Hunter 3, that is. Gameloft promised to bring back the story-driven premise into Dungeon Hunter 4, and for the most part, they got that right, and so much more.

    Now, the sad thing about DH4 is that it is extremely technically accomplished, it's beautiful, the music works well and shifts according to the turn of events (combat, long dramatic shots, etc), overall very high production values, marred by one enormous, ugly flaw. Gameplay is imbalanced. And I'll tell you why:

    If you don't buy any IAPs, you'll die many swift, agonizing, painful deaths. And no matter how much you grind during the first few levels, the loot you will collect will range from piss-poor junk to middling bargain-bin junk with glossy charms crammed into them. That's like acquiring a Ford Pinto with a diamond-studded brake handle. It's still a piece of shit with a diamond-studded brake handle.

    Put down a chunk of your cash and buy yourself one of those IAP weapons, and all of a sudden you are AN UNSTOPPABLE GOD OF CARNAGE. You can practically slay almost anything with one swipe, irrevocably flushing the gameplay balance down the toilet. You will yawn your way through the demon hordes button-mashing like an epileptic masturbator.

    Every aspect of the game is controlled by payment, including inventory slots and the availability of healing potions. And trust me, you WILL need inventory slots. They give you the bare minimum to carry your loot, but you'll need the space to yank precious charms from rusty, worthless gear (which by the way is a process that ALSO COSTS MONEY), and you'll need the inventory slots to collect the myriad of garage-sale steel you will encounter.

    I will finish this game because of the money I invested in it to actually make it playable (not realizing I was actually sealing my dinky little warrior--sorry, "Battleworn" [/eyeroll]--in adamantium and mithril in the process), and because the game is undeniably pretty, I love the score, I grew up with dungeon crawlers, and I have developed an addiction for them.

    Regardless, this game is undeniably imbalanced as hell.

  • Theunstoppableargonaut

    I actually think 3.5 stars is a totally fair score. The game is a solid effort on a difficult platform. The high production values shine through, and ripping through demon flesh as a Blademaster is quite satisfying. I've had it for three days, and despite my busy life I'm at level 21 and haven't come across any "paywall", in fact I haven't paid a cent. Yes IGP are a repulsive aspect to mobile gaming, but these guys at Gameloft have to pay their bills, and the truth is they can't rely on people fronting cash up front, when the mobile-gaming market is so crowded with free purchases. I actually found the IGP advertising to be relatively unobstructive, compared to the complete bastardry of some other developers, like the already undeservedly wealthy Angry Birds team. Overall, Dungeon Hunter 4 deserves its 70%; gamers could do (indeed, already do) a lot worse.

  • MHz3000

    I don't think it's too bad of a game. Then again "thanks to a mysterious random bug" I have an expensive chest plate somehow... That I didn't buy. I haven't even purchased gems, so I don't know how I got it.

    Pvp is a joke with jail breakers playing. Yep I enjoy fighting someone with no armor that is 5 levels below me that I can't even damage, because he keeps killing me in 1 hit.

  • MHz3000

    Also, the soundtrack? It sounds a lot like two steps from hell.

  • K-Dog

    Hope you all know of the charm merge glitch - gives you any weapon/armour from the shop or crafting offering. Works 100%, it's one of the most popular topics in the TA forum - well done GameLoft on missing such a bug - I've got about £30 worth for free - and the elite arenas are still tough, so the game is still fun even with the glitch - not an easy ride at all. So actually, the glitch has kept me playing the game!

  • scrotally

    I think the game is great. The iap crap is horrible but i just switch to another great free game when I have to wait. I played 4 hrs straight without dying and without having to wait for anything. I say let the suckers throw their money away while I reap the benefits of free games.....granted I am a pc and console gamer so I don't take touch screen gaming that seriously. If I'm gonna spend money on a game it will be for a superior platform.

  • http://www.y8u.org/ Y8 Games

    thanks for 'Dungeon Hunter 4 review. good games

  • 2PacSlave

    Lol when ever i notice a new freemium that I like (especially with dh series) i simply do what every American would and wait for a gems hack and poof. Its a great work around at takes time but in the end is extremelyrewarding.

  • SKamiTheFly

    What they should do? They should do the team fortress method. Make IAPs Cosmetic. If they make it that nice, it'll work out

  • Morgan01

    Nah, they want the IAP to be in your face. They want to keep shoving in your face that you should really buy and keep buying their IAP. That's why I deleted the game. Although good at its core, the IAP model is too overly aggressive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/khristinacarla Khristina Carla Tayao

    Its not loading anymore on my S3 and brings me back to home screen even if i restart my phone 10x! urghh!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dylan.lapenna Dylan Lapenna

    The game is great. I love it. But there's a few problems I wish to point out. 1 is they should allow you to gather void crystals more easily because I'm lvl 40 and void isn't even worth the trouble and I only have 18 of them. And my guy is OP and I kill lvl 65 mobs and only get tier 35 gear??? How is that supposed to help me. It should drop tier level appropriate to the enemy level. I have tier 58 gear that I had to buy with coins and it looks like crap. I want the cool gear but its either gems or the enemy drops it for low levels. I hope someone reads this and agrees :/

    • Morgan01

      If they drop level appropriate gear, then you don't need to use the IAP. The whole game is designed around the IAP so you keep having to purchase current gear with real money.

  • http://www.frivgazo.com/ friv 2


  • Gary Bouskill

    How people rate this game depends to some extent on which system they are running it on. I am using Windows 8.1 and there are problems. The game will lock up at some points. For example, when I try to enter the Ranger Cavern the game freezes and I have to exit. There are definitely bugs in this game.
    The graphics are pretty good but it looks like the resolution is 800 x 600. The menu and skills bars take up half the playing area and are constantly getting in the way. The area by the windmill is higher but your movement slows down a bit. The windmill, basement, and the area with the woman's child are all exactly the same layout. They just have different characters.
    I have seen claims that people have completed this game without spending any money. I don't believe that. There are areas that you can't access without completing a certain area without a weapon of a specific tier (13. 25, 36.37, etc). All of these need to be purchased and chew up a lot of cash. I have some of them. I only bought gems when there was a good on sale price. However you can play for hours without buying any gems and is a lot of fun and would still recommend it but keep your wallet closed. It would be insane to use the $99.99 buy gems button. The game is never going to be worth that much.
    The game doesn't compare to Diablo II which for one reasonable price gives you everything, multiple characters, reasonable inventory size, gold is much more useful, you know how much more experience you need to reach the next level, and more.
    I die too often in some death matches because my keyboard and mouse stop responding.

Dungeon Hunter 4 Reviewed by Eric Ford on . Rating: 3.5