The ‘Edge’ Drama Finally Comes to a Close as Tim Langdell is Stripped of Trademarks

If you were around for the original Edge ($2.99) drama back in 2009, chances are you know the story of Tim Langdell all too well. If not, Wikipedia does a decent job of chronicling it, and the whole fiasco basically amounted to a guy thinking he owns nearly ever use of the word “Edge" you could imagine. The iOS platformer Edge seemed to get the brunt of this attack, and things got really crazy when Langdell decided to pick a fight with EA. With vastly more legal resources, I’m not sure it was much of a surprise to anyone that the “Edge" trademarks got nuked, but the courts had actually requested that the trademarks be nullified all the way back in October of 2010.

What took so long is anyone’s guess, as according to PocketGamer the trademarks were only officially slain yesterday, but, whatever. Chalk this up to typical US government efficiency, I suppose. It’s great to see this drama (finally) come to a close, and here’s to the guys at both EA, Mobigame, and everyone else who fought the good fight in sticking up to one of the worst trademark trolls the video game industry had ever seen.

[via PocketGamer]