I feel like I've said it a million times by now, and probably most recently (and most publicly) discussed the idea in a recent episode of the TouchArcade show where we got on the subject of how your iPad is basically as powerful (if not more so) than the PC's we played "classic" MMO's on a decade ago. So, where the heck are the shared experience MMO clients that let me take my game with me regardless of where I am or what client I'm connected with?! Sure, there's a couple of them (Spacetime Studios is particularly killing it.) but nowhere near as many as you'd think there'd be. The just-released Vendetta Online [Free] seems like it's just what the doctor ordered.

It's a huge-scale space MMO that's giving me some serious Freelancer vibes, which is definitely a good thing. The payment model is cool too, as your initial 99Β’ download gets your access to the game for a month, then after that it's just another dollar a month if you want to keep playing. That seems super-low risk, and really agreeable if you want to keep playing.

Oh, and there's even a "Player Contribution Corps," per the iTunes description, where you can directly contribute to content that gets added to the game if you become a hardcore member of the community. Getting started on a new MMO is intimidating, that's for sure, but this one is tickling all the right places for me and I'm stoked to spend some time with it. For more info on the game, check out the official web site which has downloads links for the Mac, Windows, and Linux clients as well as the thread on our forums.

  • Dephin

    Curse my inability to notice "ipad only" this is something I've been quietly looking forward to! Ah well, always got the pc πŸ™‚

  • PureRumble

    Buuuhuu huu huu huuu ipad only! πŸ™ πŸ™ :'(

    • tonyctitan

      Why does the video show them playing on a phone? It says seamless transition.

      • metalmandave83

        It's an old game. It has been on Android forever and a day. The phone is probably an Android. They will probably bring it to iPhone eventually. I don't understand why it's so hard to make universal apps...

      • metalmandave83

        If I remember correctly this used to be free on Android. Not sure if it still is.

      • tonyctitan

        Next question. Is it any good?

      • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

        Hilarious! Why isn't this *THE FIRST* question being asked?!? When you read a review, don't you want to read somewhere "this app sucks" or "this app is great"? Yes, its costs $1 to install, and $1 a month, and possibly $10 a month for 'full version', blah blah blah.
        BUT IS IT ANY GOOD!?!?!??!
        (regardless, I won't be dloading it. I've got a ton of new fun games that I like!)

  • araczynski

    forced pvp? gankfest?

  • Greyskull

    I could be wrong, but does Vendetta feature "real" action? By real I mean you control your ship in real time, like a space sim; not point and click and watch the attack like E.V.E. I think I recall that it does; someone correct me if I'm wrong.

    • Jay Craft

      Yes, Vendetta is "twitch" based, so "real action" it is, it's not point & click like EVE.

      • Greyskull

        Now I'm interested (and I don't play MMO's). This might sound silly but I'd like an option to buy 6 months via iap. If I only spend 99 cents, I worry I might never get around to playing it. A larger investment might force my hand (but, judging by my purchasing habits...probably not). I do have a few paid MUD games and somewhat-less-than-MMO games installed, though.

      • 1ncarnate

        There's actually an IAP option to buy six months of Lite Mode access for $5 (basically $1 off).

  • psk

    I played this for a while during the kick starter. A great thing is that you can login via c or phone and its the same universe. My phone was android though and just felt too small, and playing games on a PC seems hard work to me πŸ™‚ I think he tablet version here may really be the one that gets the game some good attention and new players. Devs seem nice πŸ™‚

    • flashbackflip

      These are my words exactly)) when i first saw this game i could not believe they actually made Elite-like Freelancer-quality MMO, but i had a phone, not a tablet on android, so i checked it, liked it, but could not play on that screen size... NOW IS THE TIME!

  • grits

    I approve of this payment method πŸ˜‰

  • pope22

    I was so excited that I dashed right to the iTunes store link, checked to see it was compatible with my iPad 1, and hit buy. 10 minutes and 2 crashes later, I did what I should have done 1st, I went to the forums. Turns out that it wasn't a fluke, other 1st gen owners are having the same problem. So if your iPad is of the legacy variety, hold off on this purchase.

  • Deonaldi

    The game is purely great but the prices aren't. Excuse my language for this but there are alot of hard headed fanboy fags in this. I got this game for 99cents knowing that I'm gonna pay a dollars a month, but what I didn't know was that a dollar a month will only get you the lite version of this. In order to play the normal version of this you will have to pay 10 dollars a month which is outrageously expensive for a mobile version of this. I understand 10 dollars will get you the mobile and pc version but that stupid. I have no intentions of using my pc for games, and others will agree. And if you do want to play this on PC, you better hope you a strong enough, if not it will lag like hell. The developers messed up on pricing this monthly. They should of had to different payments. $2 dollars a month for full(not lite) without PC compatibility would of been fine enough. Those that want the extra feature of playing this on PC and mobile should pay 10 dollars a month. I explained this Recently to some fanboys of this game but it seems they really don't give a Fck on what the prices should be, they only care on what guild attacks who. As for now, I'm staying away from this. Better off playing Dragon Hunter 4 for a year to beat the game without purchasing, probably 1/2 a year if I purchase a weapon that will later on be useless.

    • Nick

      That was an incredibly painful response to read.

      I still don't get exactly what you are saying, can you try and clarify using periods and other punctuation? Please?

    • cosmic68

      'Fanboy fags'?
      That's pretty disgraceful, sorry.

      • Deonaldi

        Sorry about that, I should of waited for my anger to go down. Sorry once again.

      • http://rekzkarz.com/ REkzkaRZ

        @toucharcade-bbc5c6e6f93f9f01ab784fae1fd4204c:disqus - I liked your writeup, esp on pricing. Your 'fanboy fags' was weaksauce, however.
        You'd think people would get a clue with all the changes in what's unacceptable in 2013 society, but guess not.

    • 1ncarnate

      I am the creative director of Vendetta Online, and while I understand the idea of your complaint about "Lite" access, you don't really mention any actual limitations that caused you trouble. There is an eventual level cap for Lite mode, which is not something a newbie is going to have to deal with immediately. That, and you can't create guilds, but you can still join them. Those are currently the only differences between "Lite" and "Premium". You can still go everywhere and participate in 95% of the same game content. We took the route that we did to try and encourage cross-platform usage, we're one of the few MMOs to have a single unified world across all platforms, and I didn't want to exclude people from playing on different devices just by account type.

      Aside from that, it's getting a lot tougher to make the "mobile" vs "PC" case these days, when my veteran desktop players are getting beaten by Android tablet users with bluetooth gaming controllers and the like. We're in the middle of a huge convergence of categories, I don't even know what "PC" is going to mean in five years. In the meantime, the goal of "Lite" was just to create a tier that would make the game accessible to people at a lower price point.

      • badr

        Why charge a buck then for a lite version? Specially one with all the limitations?

      • 1ncarnate

        The simplest answer is that we can't afford to go "Free-to-play" at the moment; it would be very risky for us, even with all the limitations (and keeping accounts unified across all platforms). To do it right, we'd need to spend a *lot* of development time on structuring the game around monetization and micro-transactions; we've been around a long time as a subscription title, so for now this $1/month "Lite" option was this best "hybrid" we could come up with, in the time available, that wasn't super risky to the company. There's actually a big design difference between a game built for subscriptions (created for gameplay alone) as opposed to one built for optimal monetization (designed to get you to spend optional money; an unfortunate but factual reality of "F2P"); and the gap between them is a major development undertaking. The conversion is a bigger time and development investment than our bringing the game to iOS, for instance.

      • flashbackflip

        Stay with subscription model. Dont go f2p. Save your fan-community solidness. Thanx for releasing ios - i was waiting this for years. Call this 'lite' version with another word to avoid misunderstanding and rage (call it 'special access' price for example). Peace and godspeed

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=581076862 Mikee Victoriano

        Thanks for being forthcoming about this. Will be trying out the game. πŸ™‚

  • Deonaldi

    "And if you do want to play this on PC, you better hope your computer meet the recommended requirements to play this. Which basically means you need a $700 gaming computer, if not it will lag like hell."

    • badr

      Actually I play this just fine on a $400 desktop, not full blown but to fly in space and kill people you don't need glamour, just a good pair of guns

  • Dreamo84

    Wow it's a full featured MMO for $10 a month. Get over it. You think they'd ask PC users to pay 10 times as much as tablet users for the same game?!

    • Deonaldi

      Then your basically saying that since this game was so well designed for what it offers, you are willing to pay about $60 for half a year(average time to get bored with a game). Well tell me this, are you willing to spend $60 on mostly every well designed Gameloft game out there. Gameloft makes some really well designed games, but the punch line is that you basically gonna have to spend around $50 bucks to have that great experience. I don't know but that's pricy, this is mobile, not console. Console games are suppose to sell for $50-$60 because of what they offer, heck on Steam you can find better games alot less than this. This game is nowhere near that. Especially when they copy and pasted all from the PC to mobile, added some tweak and, it all done. I just brought fangz that was just .99 cents and it was well worth it. 100x more that what this MMO is. Galaxy on Fire only costed about 15 dollars in all and it was the best game I have ever played. Heck I bet if they added Multiplayer they would only charge us $5 for the add-on. Unless you have money, burn it all you want, it ur cash not mine.

      • flashbackflip

        Chill out man. Pay and play or don't. This is a good game well worth the cash if u like space and/or played Elite as a kid. Speaking of Gameloft ( and SpacetimeStudios) MMOs i must say i spent alot more on them. I mean ALOT

  • ssjgoku16

    If i have paid for game already then why should i pay more to play next month.i dont like such things
    If i get full version in 0.99$ then i will buy it i dont want to play a game by paying monthly this isBAD IDEA

    • lavenders2

      Running MMO servers is not free. In order to cover these costs, monthly fees are made. In order to justify it, content is released periodically to keep interest. Every MMO must change all the time or it will die.

      Many players seem satisfied with the content on offer for this game (on their forums at least) so I think the monthly subscription is fine. Just as long as the monthly price holds up against other games.

      I don't understand why every game has to be a 99c cheap fun game. In app purchases or subs can be great when done right *looks at Galaxy on Fire 2*

      • Deonaldi

        Running server doesn't cost much, it usually 1/12 of there budget. This game sold well enough on PC and Mac that it they're probably in there net profits. Lastly they most likely updated everything by now. I quess they only got about 2 just doing small add-ons to this. Anyways this games is not worth my time. Anyways, I just don't like to pay large amounts of money for mobile games, I already spend a shit load on PC per month. Anyways this game is gonna die out the moment Star Citizen comes out, in which looks like a superb MMO with great graphics and content, that's why I funded they're kickstarter for 250 dollars. Anyways the moment it goes out on PC, they're probably gonna have to rely on mobile users. Hey this game is great, so I quess it is worth the 10 dollars a month, especially when i found out that it basically synced together, but it not good enough for me. That's just how I view it. The last thing I need is to be spending the same amount of money on mobile as I spend on desktop. This convo is done for me.

      • badr


    • Morgan01

      It's all a ploy to get you to buy the game. No where in the App Store does it state that the full version is $10 a month, pretty deceiving and underhanded. Even the Gaming websites are stating that the monthly fee is only $0.99. Don't you just love the deceitful tactics that developers use?

  • Morgan01

    Was really interested until I heard the $10 a month fee to a tablet. I'll pass.

  • Borus

    Is it alpha version or something? Because i see asteroids that are nearly equal to bigpoint's Battlestar Galactica online game has - see 0:19-0:21, 0:45-0:47. If it is a release... well, it is a very interesting "business practics" that welcomes here.

  • Quag2000

    I bought a coffee today. It was $5.00 (AU). It was gone in 10 minutes. I gained possibly an hour of conscious enjoyment from it. That surely equates to a few months of on demand entertainment via a game subscription of this type. Hmm. Just saying.

    • Morgan01

      My apologies, but if you do your homework, you will learn that the monthly subscription is $10. The $0.99 a month is only for the "Lite" version, meaning limited play. On the App Store, the "Lite" version of anything has historically always been free. In addition, there are numerous Online game available, for PC, that are Free since they are stripped down version, or lite version.

      • flashbackflip

        U missed the point, dude

  • poohzombie

    I never understand why mobile/tablet gamers feel so entitled. 99 cents is a ridiculously low amount to pay for any game considering the time and effort that it requires to construct such a product. Free, even more so. And here we have a nearly, if not complete, direct PC MMO port (cross platform, mind you) and just because it's being offered on this platform, it suddenly has to have an entirely different pricing structure? While I agree, the devs could be more straightforward with their pricing model, I don't think it's outlandish to pay for the product that's being presented. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but gee golly, if ya don't want to pay $10/month, you really don't have to. It seems to be a pretty robust experience just for the 99 cents/month "lite" version . . . A ridiculously low amount for a game.

    • Morgan01

      Interesting observations. However, there are countless PC MMOs which are free to play "Lite" versions. Completely unlocking each of theses game, obviously has a monthly fee attached to it. Yet, unlike most PC "lite" versions, the one for the IOS has a monthly fee. That doesn't sound like IOS users are being treated the same as PC users are. Lastly, you are talking about the IOS market and community, not the PC community. They are bringing a historically PC specific MMO into IOS to cater to IOS users, yet at PC standards and not IOS standards. Sounds like a hard sell.

      • poohzombie

        Honestly, my post wasn't in response to you, but in retrospect I can see why it might have seemed that way. This thread just seemed to get my hackles up in regards to consumer expectations regarding mobile/iOS/tablet games.
        I can most certainly see your point and while I'm not the developer, I can also understand why it appears their pricing model straddles PC and iOS standards. On the one hand, absolving the $10/month fee for iOS would alienate PC players and on the other, they chose to port to iOS, which you know, took work, and it doesn't seem too crazy to attempt to recoup that cost at 99 cents. It's a niche game, in a market that responds well to $.99 or free games. It's all assumption but they had to know that the subscribe rate on this platform would be low to abysmally low and why not charge an entrance/"lite" fee? I'm not tryin to pick a fight, I just don't think this is all that outrageous considering the amount of content and for the fact it's an MMO.
        Anyway, I'm enjoying it, and I hope other peeps give it a shot. . .cause it's not an MMO if there's no "massively" or "multiplayer".

  • JindoFox

    Why all the bickering? It's a dollar to get in. It's a dollar per month while you level up. If you hit the cap, you've played it enough to form an opinion, and you probably like it. Ten dollars a month, the price of a new paperback book, or a burrito with a drink, is not a lot of money relative to the depth and complexity this offers. If you don't want to pay it, vote with your wallet.

    I tried Vendetta on Linux almost 5 years ago but playing games at a PC feels like work. It's a bunch of fun on the iPad, and even nicer on the featherweight Nexus 7. This would be a great iPad Mini game, and they've also already ported it to OUYA. Cross-platform releases for one subscription price is AWESOME.

    • wojovox

      I'm with you; too much bitching in here. I'm going to pick is game up and play it for a few months as my interest tends to waiver around day 60 in these kind of games. .99 for a month is a great price, lite or not. It will end up costing me $4 for 3 months of entertainment; I just had a beer at a bar that was more than that (finished it in 5 minutes).

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=657405312 Phil Spencer

    Excellent game. The iPad port is just icing on the caked

  • Blindtheeye

    If you can't afford $10 a month GTFO. Go hand out with the crowd that cries over $60 a year Xbox live cost. WWWAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa!

  • Orestes Kyriakos Poulakis

    the game is not iPAD only, in fact it is as universal as it can get (win/mac/lin from the beginning and for some years now , android as well)
    that iPAD Only there probably refers to the link next to which it stands πŸ™‚