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Per the New ‘Leviathan: Warships’ Trailer: “You’re Gonna Ship Yourself” on April 30th

We spent a whole bunch of time with Leviathan: Warships back at the Paradox Conference in Iceland earlier this year, but what once was a nebulous “Yeah well I guess this is coming to the iPad too at some point in the future" has firmed up quicker than instant Jello pudding with the just-announced release date of April 30th. The game is going to have a simultaneous release too, across Mac, PC, and tablets.

There’s even a new trailer:

Our preview is really exhaustive, so if the trailer looks cool to you be sure to check that out as it’s hard to pull one specific thing to quote as there’s just so much to this game. If you’re a strategy buff, keep an eye out for Leviathan: Warships, regardless of what platform you end up playing it on.