Tin Man Games, purveyors of interactive fiction on iOS with their excellent Gamebook Adventures and Fighting Fantasy series, is back with another interactive novel with a bit of a different twist.

It's called Trial of the Clone [$5.99], and it's a campy, humorous sci-fi adventure written by Zach Weinersmith of 'Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal' comic-strip fame. Even cooler is that the entire gamebook is narrated by none other than geek poster boy Wil Wheaton. Cool. You can get an idea of the humor and tone of Trial of the Clone, as well as Wheaton's sultry voice in the following trailer.

If you've enjoyed Tin Man's previous Gamebook Adventures or the Fighting Fantasy series, Trial of the Clone uses the same engine which provides all sorts of nifty extras like a bookmarking system, an automated Adventure Sheet, adjustable fonts, and more. This digital conversion also contains exclusive new death endings written by Weinersmith which don't appear in the print edition of 'Trial of the Clone'.

It all sounds pretty sweet, so if you dig the choose-your-own-adventure style interactive novels and are craving a new adventure, check out Trial of the Clone or cruise by our forums for more impressions.

  • Thaurin

    Big fan of audiobooks here. This looks interesting!

  • q8719

    I bet this is a sign of what's to come, app games becoming so popular that the famous start to do more and more voice overs.

  • http://tarasis.net/ Robert McGovern

    Not heard of this before, I do like FF style books though not sure about the WW narration.

  • drloony

    I'm digging the concept of having these books narrated, not into the genre of this specific book but want to play it to experience the narrated aspect and see how the package works together. I hope they do this with more of their books

  • pdSlooper

    Tin Man Games, Weinersmith, and Will Wheaton? That's a trifecta of awesome.

  • MrSHakerEsq

    These boys should be concentrating on bringing us all the excellent FF game books to iPhone and iPad not writing whimsical flights of fancy such as this.

    • Nick

      People like you drive me crazy.

      Why can't people do things they like? And have you played this yet? Or did you just write it off because it seemed a little more light hearted?

      It was a physical book, and it's here now with added stuff.

      Just because it's not a FF game doesn't mean it's not awesome, and trust me some of the books they have done were far from great.

      Whimsical flights of fancy, really now.