This afternoon at GDC in San Francisco, Gamevil swung by and showed us a couple of its upcoming titles. The first was a Diablo 3-ish kinda game called Dark Avenger. It's got a neat art style and an especially smooth control interface. The other game was a weird match-3 that combines traditional matching play with a PVZ Zen Garden-ish persistent plant growing system. It's called Smile Plants.

We've got video of both, if you'd like to see. Our favorite was Dark Avenger, FYI.

  • Karzay

    I thought it was "Game Evil" too. Isn't their logo an evil eye?

    • Karzay

      Maybe "Vil" is short for villain?

    • REkzkaRZ

      E-ville is how some people call Emeryville in Nor Cal. Where are they located?

  • rusty2552

    It means game village

    • REkzkaRZ

      I thought it means game with IAP which breaks the game?

  • jtall

    Liked the way the Gamevil guy avoided talking about iap. lol Of course we know to a f2p gamevil game will have terrible iap

    • Rusothil

      Haha I thought that was funny as well. This game could be premium too and do really well.

  • tahzblade


    • skeblik

      Yes please!!


    No zenonia? That is such a relief! 1,2,3 then stop because screw unbalancing IAP.

  • Nycteris

    I expect to like both of those games.

    Actually don't some of their games say "gameville" (phonetically) when they start up? I was sure I had heard it out loud ...

  • Tyra

    Any dates?
    I really like that PvZ-match-3 thing ^____^

  • Sebastian Gomez

    FYI: F*** You, Id**ts?

    Haha I know that's not what it means... I'm pretty sure it's much worse >:D

    Will keep an eye on Dark Avenger, since the last time I really (kinda) enjoyed Gamevil's games was back when they released Zenonia 3...

    Thank you for this piece of news 😀

  • Nicholas Yu

    I'm starting to wonder what started Brad's fascination with having a skeleton protagonist. I recall his excitement about unlocking Bones in the TA Plays for NimbleQuest.

    • REkzkaRZ

      The marketer/rep *should not* have let Brad drive (operate) the game demo. Hard to see the game shine there.
      B) What's with the heckling? This skeleton fascination is humorous, but not while you're in the first 5 min's of demo'ing someone's game. I wish someone had said, "Why don't you go and make your skeleton protagonist game then?" rather than heckling this game? C'mon Brad!

  • friv2

    Thanks post games. I like play it

  • yepi6

    I like Game Evil. thank you

  • tienlyvankm

    There are too many players here using cheats and bots making it not as much fun for the skilled players trying reach the top lists.
    And making it so that they don't want premium accounts. This is specially noticable in games .

  • Raven

    they need to port their games on a macbook